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   Chapter 12 Amazing

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Mary's eyes were somewhat hurt. The orange light fell on her beautiful face, making people involuntarily want to protect her.

Even if she didn't look at Marts, she could imagine what kind of expression he was wearing at the moment. His handsome face must be full of ridicule at the moment.

Marts, who had thought that Mary would argue with him, didn't know what to say when he heard such an answer.

"Mr. Marts insisted on coming to the scene with injuries. He is really dedicated." After calming herself down, Mary smiled.

She was absent-minded before because she had been worried about him. When he really came with no bandage, she thought it was obvious that it had been removed.

"It's just a minor injury. There's no need to delay important things for such a trifle. Have you had enough rest? Let's start. "

A staff immediately moved forward, fetched a chair for him, wiped the chair and said excitedly, "Mr. Marts, sit down please."

Without looking at the staff, Marts handed the document in his hand to Lisa. Then he crossed his legs and held his chin with his left hand, ready to watch the shooting.

They had taken photos for a whole day, and all of them were very tired. It was rare for them to have a rest, so it was certainly not enough for them to have such a short rest.

However, since the president had said so, who else dared to disobey him? They'd better do as he said.

The assistant winked at Mary, hinting her not to make any mistake anymore. She was a little overwhelmed by what had happened before.

"Can you sit far away? Don't you think your position will affect the shooting?" Ignoring the assistant's warning, Mary looked at Marts with her beautiful eyes.

Marts raised his eyebrows and looked at Mary. There was anger in her eyes, and her chest heaved because of anger. Her delicate clavicle was lively like a butterfly that wanted to fly.

He looked up at the photographer and said in a low and lazy voice, "Did I affect the shooting?"

"No, no, no! If possible, it would be great if you could go in the photo together. How harmonious the scene is when you two are in the same frame. You are just the perfect match. "

The photographer who was called got flustered and spoke incoherently. He shut up immediately when he realized what he had said.

There was a dead silence in the hall. All the staff looked nervously at the president, only to find that he had a smile that was not easily noticed, then he became extremely cold. "Mr. Marts, I, I didn't mean that."

"Enough!" Marts suddenly stood up, which scared the photographer. Marts tidied his collar with his left hand and squinted slightly. "Move the chair. As the boss, I really can't disturb your work. I'll stand not far away to supervise."

After saying that, Marts walked a little further, but he saw Mary more clearly from the position he stood.

Mary also thought that his position was too good. Just now, she wanted to drive him away, but he still wanted to stay.

In fact, it was not a big deal, but she felt uncomfortable under his fiery gaze.

Then she took a look at Marts and started the shooting. She tried to get rid of the handsome face and devoted herself to the shooting.

Marts saw the dazzling women on the stage, sexy, charming, elegant, pure and sweet...

She was really excellent. There were some models off the stage who were not selected. Many people came here to laugh at her, thinking that she was just a vase and that she was chosen because of the hidden rule.

But she really did something amazing. Every move of her was extr

emely tempting, and the simplest move was incomparably elegant.

Concentration and seriousness were her basic qualities as a model, and this was also her principle to live.

Marts narrowed his eyes in surprise. His Mary had always been so excellent, no matter it was three years ago or now. However, three years ago, she was his.

A model was almost ordinary in the crowd of models, and everyone had the same training. No one knew better than others about her outstanding and unique temperament.

"She is really beautiful." A girl who looked like an assistant couldn't help but sigh.

The people around seemed to be awakened by this sound, and they all took out their mobile phones to take photos of the most beautiful people on the stage.

Marts coughed. Everyone trembled and looked at him in confusion, but the latter looked calm.

"Remember to send it to my E-mail later." Lisa's shrewd eyes swept through the crowd like X-rays. "Everyone present today send the photos to Mr. Marts please. One send it will get reward, otherwise, his salary would be cut."

Marts' eyes were fixed on the stage all the time, as if he was not distracted at all.

On the stage, Mary was also very focused on work. With all kinds of lights on the stage, she seemed to be living in her own world at the moment, without noticing anything wrong.

As long as there was a camera, she would be the queen no matter where and when!

Just as everyone was guessing whether it was the CEO's idea or not, Lisa smoothed a strand of hair on her forehead and said slowly.

"If you don't hurry up, the shooting will be over."

All of a sudden, the crowd shivered. Some of them took out their mobile phones, some took out cameras, and those who had no phones had no choice but to let others take a few more photos and share one with them.

Lisa nodded with a smile. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw a smile on her boss's face.

She sighed in her heart, indicating how tired it was to be a good secretary and to guess the boss's thoughts, especially her boss was Marts.

Mary cast a glance at Marts intentionally or unintentionally and saw his smiling face.

She looked away in panic and walked on the stage unhurriedly with a perfect smile. She turned her face from charming to innocent with a second.

She did finish it perfectly, but at this moment, Marts felt a little disgusted.

She was indeed such a changeable person. Her performance was so, what she did before was so. Mary, what kind of person on earth are you?

After the commercial shooting, Mary went downstairs to change her casual clothes. The photographer grinned with satisfaction and couldn't help saying a few more words to Marts, who was as cold as ice.

"Mr. Marts, you choose a good model. You're the heroine in my heart. Your figure, face and especially your acting skill are all excellent."

Marts was a little impatient. Lisa stopped the photographer and said, "Thank you for your praise. It's our company's honor to have such a high comment on our model."

Although he was just a simple photographer, he was absolutely the top photographer in the world. Although he always looked casual, he was famous in the fashion industry.

He didn't have a fixed place to live. This time, the Ye Group happened to meet him and invited him to shoot.

Marts attached great importance to this photographer. But he praised Mary too much that Marts was very unhappy to see his eyes shining when looking at Mary.

An assistant quickly walked up to Lisa. A handsome face on the screen caught Marts' attention.

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