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   Chapter 10 An Accident

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The camera had been raised high, and all departments had been fully prepared. Even Marts in the grandstand narrowed his eyes.

She was indeed the most suitable person. Only she could show the elegance of KV.


The director's voice sounded, and the air blower immediately began to operate, but there seemed to be a little strange sound mixed with it.

"Crack! Crack!"

The faint sound accompanied by the slight shake of the incandescent lamp above their heads made the shooting process a little stopped.

What's going on?

Everyone's attention was instantly attracted by the voice, and Marts raised his eyebrows.

Just as everyone was at a loss, the incandescent lamp hanging above their heads suddenly exploded.

"Bang! Bang!"

The explosion happened in an instant, and the broken pieces of glass spread out in an instant. Mary with thin dress stood right under the lights. Seeing that the sharp light brought by the shiny glass debris was about to fall, a black shadow flashed by in the blink of an eye.


The shelf could no longer hold on to the weight of the incandescent lamp and fell heavily.

Mary was held tightly by a man and rolled aside. Her eyes went dark and the next second, warm liquid slid down from her hands on the man's shoulder.

She suddenly opened her eyes wide and screamed, "Marts!"

"……" There was no answer from Marts.


"The ambulance is coming soon."

"Don't wait for the ambulance. Send him to the hospital directly!"

The scene was chaotic. The man's delicate face was oozing a thin sweat, and the fresh red blood dropped. The combination of glass debris and blood made people involuntarily terrified.

Marts' face turned paler and paler, and his consciousness gradually disappeared. He saw a pair of tearful peach eyes in a blur. The sadness in them was so heartbreaking. Well, this woman was really good at pretending.

'Mary, why are you here?'

Marts endured the wound on his arm and kept silent all the time. When he saw her in danger just now, he almost subconsciously rushed over.

Was she still the obstacle that he was difficult to overcome?


That woman had left so decisively at that time. In that case, why did he show mercy to her everywhere.

"Marts! Are you okay? " Mary lay still and stiffly.

At this moment, her voice was trembling, and the large amount of blood on her hands was not hers!

Most importantly, it was from him!

Mary's blood seemed to have solidified all over her body, and the person on her body was motionless. She could not help but feel flustered and asked nervously, "Marts! Say something! "

Marts looked at Mary helplessly, but there was a hint of extreme anger in his eyes. Mary was stunned for a moment, and a low and hoarse voice rang in her ear. "Am I poisoned by a poison of you?"

His voice was so soft that almost no one could hear it, including Mary. It was like a wisp of green smoke floating and disappearing randomly, and even she could not hear it clearly.

When Mary looked at him, someone helped him up. Only then could she see how bad his face was.

"Let me do it!" Mary pushed away the man who was supporting Marts. She didn't know where she got the courage and strength.

The attendant was about to stop her, but was stopped by a cold glance from Marts in the night.

Since the boss had acquiesced in it, let the powerless woman support him.

Mary supported him all the way to the parking lot, followed by a group of people and the driver had opened the door.

When she sent Marts to the car, she breathed a sigh of

relief. Then she subconsciously realized that she didn't feel tired at all.

Although she supported him all the way and it seemed that Marts had rested his whole body on her, in fact, it was not the case.

Mary took a look at Marts, and the four eyes met. Marts looked out of the window first.

Marts didn't say anything all the time, and Mary didn't know what to say. No matter he agreed or not, she directly got in the car.

"Bang!" She slammed the door, and Marts' eyes happened to meet hers. With a big smile on her face, Mary said to the driver, "Let's go. The wound will be infected if we delay for too long!"

At night, Marts closed his eyes. It was obvious that he had consumed too much physical strength. He had really delayed for a while.

The driver rushed to the nearby hospital at the fastest speed. Mary suspected that the driver had once been a racing driver.

He had been driving too fast all the way. Mary afraid that Marts couldn't bear the speed. When she was about to ask the driver to slow down, they arrived.

The assistant quickly got out of the car and opened the door for them. As soon as Mary helped Marts to the door, some medical staff surrounded him.

The medical staff directly pushed Mary away and left with Marts.

Mary didn't know what was going on. Seeing that the figure was about to disappear, she immediately followed him and became a little depressed.

"Miss, please wait aside. Don't disturb the normal operation of the medical work." A nurse said in a disdainful tone, squinting at Mary.

In fact, Mary didn't get in their way.

She retreated to a small corner for a long time before she was informed to enter.

With a guilty conscience, Mary opened the door and inadvertently caught the surprised eyes of Marts on the bed.

"Why are you still here?" At night, a smile appeared on Marts' face. His face was pale because of excessive loss of blood. On the contrary, it was a kind of vampire temptation.

Mary sorted out her thoughts, organized her words and said in a low voice, "I'm sorry!"

"Sorry for what? Sorry for screw up this activity or for ruining my expensive suit? " Marts was like a resurrected Satan from the hell, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, which made people feel cold.

Mary didn't say anything for a while. As he looked at the ruined suit, she naturally found his swollen right hand wrapped in the coat.

"Your right hand is injured, so it's troublesome for you to do anything. Anyway, I don't have anything else to do, so I'll stay and take care of you."

It was supposed to be normal, but when it came to Marts, it was a kind of invisible awe inspiring, even if the other party was laughing.

Marts squinted his eyes and looked at Mary up and down. The red sexy dress was slightly wrinkled, but it didn't affect its beauty.

Her face was delicate, and a pair of peach blossom eyes flashed with a faint light. Her hair was scattered, and it became a little messy in the wind, adding a wild to her originally elegant makeup.

"Mary, do you still like me?" He still said in a calm tone, but this time she heard it clearly.

"You got hurt because of me. It's reasonable for me to stay and take care of you. If you think it's love, but your love is too cheap." Hearing what he said, Mary couldn't hold her breath.

"I got hurt not because of you." "Oh." Said Marts in a low voice. Then he thought for a while and continued, "You are the model and spokesperson of my company. If anything happens to you, it will be harmful to our company. How can you say that it is because of you?"

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