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   Chapter 9 Get Hurt

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She leaned her forehead against the window. After a while, she said in a low voice, "Marts, you hate me, don't you?" She hadn't called him by his name for a long time. He remembered that she had called him by his name a long time ago. At that time, she said coldly and disdainfully, "Marts, I don't love you anymore."

He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and sneered, "You've just become a model signed by my company. Why should I hate you?"

At first, Marts wanted to retort, but he didn't want to deepen the depression in his heart by saying that.

Mary lowered her eyes. She looked at him with the corner of her eyes. She couldn't help but laugh at herself and said, "That's right. Now you are my boss and the president. I was just a small model. I really flattered myself."

"Why are you doing this, Mary?" Feeling depressed, Marts couldn't help but grit his teeth. Just now, she cried in front of him. Now that the matter was solved, she would add insult to injury.

'Mary, you are really something! '

"I really shouldn't have cotton up to you." Mary took it for granted and tried to smooth her wrinkled clothes with her hands. "Otherwise, if the paparazzi hear it later, I'm afraid that even the KV perfume advertisement will change its smell."

"You're such a glib talker. Did you learn it from Clerk?" The more Marts thought about it, the more confused he became. He was really pissed off when he saw Mary abandon him so cruelly and decisively and now she was so indifferent.

Oh, he was angry.

Mary shut her mouth. She really didn't want Marts to have any fantasy about her. After all, they...

Thinking of this, Mary closed her eyes unconsciously. Those words in the past were really unpleasant to hear. If he knew now, would he still hate her so much?

It was quiet in the car, and it was so strange. Thinking of these messy things, Mary was very sad, and the increased workload in the morning made her feel very tired. At this moment, she was so tired that she fell asleep leaning against the window.

The Maybach drove smoothly to the entrance of the community where Mary lived. The security guard didn't ask any more questions when he saw such a car. He just pressed the switch. Marts parked the car under the unit door of Mary's house.

The slight vibration seemed to wake her up. She opened her eyes in a trance and looked around for a long time before she realized that they had arrived at her door.

When Mary came to her senses, she couldn't help but twitch her lips and said, "Mr. Marts, you are so familiar with the road to my house. It seems that you have come here many times, right?"

Her voice was slightly hoarse when she just woke up. Her words were originally very lazy and pleasant to hear, but unexpectedly, the two words "Mr. Marts" still stung him.

Marts looked around her face and said, "It's not difficult to know where my employees live."

The implication was very obvious, and Mary did not deny it. She reached out to open the door, but found that the car did not unlock.

"Mr. Marts, what else can I do for you?" Mary stopped what she was doing, turned her head sidewa

ys, and smiled enchantingly.

Mr. Marts... It was Mr. Marts again!

Marts couldn't stand it anymore. The next second, his lips pressed against hers.

Mary's nose twitched slightly, and her beautiful eyes flickered a little, but she still closed them.

After a long time, Marts finally let go of her, out of breath.

Her beautiful eyes finally narrowed slightly with complex emotions like thick ink which was unable to dissolve. Marts stretched out his slender fingers to untie her tightly tied hair, and her black wavy hair spread out without warning, emitting a faint fragrance of Gardenia.

"As a gift for your work tomorrow, are you satisfied?"

His big hand stroked her hair, and his big hand was white with the black hair wrapped around it.

But Mary turned her head and said coldly, "If Mr. Marts wants to have sex with me, this method is really not brilliant."

When Marts heard this, he suddenly loosened his grip and went back to his seat. He coldly pressed the unlock button and threw something in front of her. Then he said in a deep voice, "Get off."

Hearing that, Mary was stunned. When she looked at it carefully, she found that it was her wallet. She smiled and said, "Thank you, Mr. Marts."

Then she opened the door and left.

After she went upstairs, she stood behind the closed curtain and saw the Maybach turn around and leave at top speed. She thought the driver must be very angry.

She sighed slightly. When she was about to go back to the bedroom to change her clothes, her phone screen lit up. It was from Clerk.

Thinking of what Lisa had told her this morning, she finally had a knot in her heart. After answering the phone, she heard a worried voice, "Mary, did you see Marts?"

The KV perfume advertising site was still chosen in the studio. In order to show the elegance of the brand, the black curtain was used as the background.

After making up, Mary changed her clothes and came out. The chief director nodded with satisfaction when he saw her dress.

She only wore a long red dress, whose neck was only tied with a thin belt, revealing a large part of her fair and smooth skin on her back. Coupled with her vintage makeup, her appearance amazed everyone.

Because it was an advertisement of the Ye Group, many models were invited to watch. Even Nova, who had been competing fiercely with Mary before, was also invited. Of course, it was not until she felt a sharp gaze that Mary found that she was also here.

Mary shook her head with a smile, but she found an uninvited guest in the grandstand.

Wearing a handmade Italy suit, Marts sat in the front seat, with his hands crossed and his eyes deep.

Mary withdrew her curious gaze. She didn't believe that the CEO of the Ye Group would come to see her in person.

"All right, get ready!"

The director's voice pulled Mary's thoughts back. She immediately stood in front of the curtain, and the perfume had been sent over. She adjusted her state, and the flashlight was turned on, shining on her body like in daytime.

The contrast between red and black made her more charming, and her low bun added elegance to her.

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