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   Chapter 6 A Slim Chance Of Survival

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"No, Mr. Marts knows me. Please don't do that!"

Mary was also anxious, but the follower didn't listen to her explanation at all. Instead, he sneered, "Don't be so arrogant just because you are good-looking. Be careful that I will ask someone to throw you out. Why are you so shameless?"

"You... !" Mary was so angry that she didn't know how to explain it.

However, at this moment, a clear voice came, "What are you arguing for?"

The voice was very familiar, and there was a hint of clearness in it. Hearing it, Mary felt relieved. She looked up and saw Lisa who was wearing a green business suit and walking gracefully in high heels.

"Miss Lisa!" The man's attitude changed dramatically. He bowed to Lisa and apologized, "I'm sorry to bother you. I didn't deal with her well."

The subordinate was flattering her, but Lisa frowned with displeasure and said in a blaming tone, "Mr. Marts is dealing with business. Why are you so noisy here?"

Lisa had always been strict. Now that she said so, the security guard and the minions here didn't dare to make a sound. She stared at the two people, and when she was about to turn around, she saw Mary standing there.

"Miss Mary?" Lisa was a little surprised, but when she thought of the quarrel just now, she understood and asked, "Why are you here?"

Seeing Lisa come out, Mary seemed to have grasped a life-saving straw. She looked at her sincerely and asked, "Lisa, is Mr. Marts here? I want to see him. "

"He is still busy." Lisa answered without hesitation, but when she saw the anxious look on Mary's face, she couldn't help feeling pity for her. She took a look at the CEO's office not far away and said, "Well, you can wait with me for a while."

As soon as she finished her words, Mary nodded and followed her gratefully.

At this time, the little guy who was still holding his head high in front of Mary had been stunned. He couldn't say a word for a long time. If he had known that Mary was Lisa's friend, he wouldn't have dared to talk to her in such an attitude. But now that such a big mistake had been made, he had to lower his head and pray that Lisa hadn't heard his rude words just now.

However, things didn't go as he expected. Lisa and Mary suddenly stopped when they passed by him. Lisa frowned and said to the security chief, "Dismiss him."

The captain of security guards was also panic stricken. Now he understood that it was inevitable, so he had to nod and agree, "Yes!"

Mary took a deep breath. As expected, Marts didn't pick the wrong person. Lisa's way of doing things was also ruthless.

However, this recognition made her feel more uneasy. If that was the case, then Clerk's current situation...

She didn't know how to think about it, but there must be a slim chance for her to survive now.

Lisa walked fast and soon took Mary to a lounge. Worried, Mary couldn't help asking, "Excuse me, how long will it take for the CEO to finish his work?"

Lisa's eyebrows twitched. She turned around and fetched a glass of water for her. While walking, she said, "He has been being very busy these days. He may not have time to see you now. You'd better wait here patiently for a while. I will find an opportunity to t

alk to the CEO about you. "

Hearing Lisa's promise, Mary felt a little relieved. She moved her lips and said gratefully, "Thank you, Lisa."

Hearing this, Lisa just nodded silently. Seeing that Mary didn't have time to change her clothes, she thought it was normal for the security guard to stop her, but...

Lisa frowned and couldn't help but persuade, "Miss Mary, with all due respect, please don't be as impulsive as last time when you see my boss."

Hearing this, Mary couldn't help clenching the paper cup in her hand and said, "I know. I was too impulsive last time."

Seeing this, Lisa sighed and comforted him in a soft tone, "Mr. Marts is not a cold hearted person. You'd better watch your mouth later. He won't be so angry."

Her actions that she was able to cancel the advertisement of KV perfume had already impressed Lisa. But she had heard a lot of things when she waited at the office door before. Although it was not under her jurisdiction as a secretary, she still felt sorry for her.

Mary took a sip of water silently and nodded. Last time she indeed said too much, and that was why Clerk was involved. How could she make the same mistake this time?

Seeing this, Lisa felt relieved. She said a few words, turned around and leave. There was only Mary in the big waiting room. The quiet environment really made her upset, but she had no choice but to wait here.

About two hours later, the door was finally opened again. Mary immediately looked at the door and saw the expression on Lisa's face. She greeted, "Miss Mary, my boss invites you in."

In a hurry, Mary put down the glass of cold water. Only then did she notice that her clothes were a little shabby. But she couldn't care about it anymore. She simply tidied up and followed Lisa out.

At the door of the CEO's office, Mary took a deep breath and then opened the door handle.

Lisa didn't follow her in, which made her a little flustered. But it was quiet in the office, only Marts was there.

The huge desk was piled up with mountainous folders, and Marts was busy checking them behind a computer. When he heard the sound of the door, he just raised his head and looked at her, without saying anything. He didn't even change his posture. He just put down the folder in his hand, and kept typing on the keyboard with his fingers.

Mary didn't know what to do. Even though it was only a short glance, she still saw the indifference and dislike of Marts from his eyes. It seemed that she had been poured cold water from head to toe. But she didn't care so much now. She just said in a low and polite voice, "President."

"What's up?"

There was no emotion in his voice. He stared at the screen and looked very serious. But even so, Mary still noticed the dark circles under his eyes. It seemed that what had happened in the past few days had bothered him a lot. Her heart ached slightly. In the end, she still cared about him, but unfortunately...

She spoke again in a softer voice, "Mr. Marts, I'm really sorry for what I did before..."

"If that's how you apologize." Marts said, releasing the mouse and casting a cold glance at Mary who was standing below. He didn't accept her apology. "Then please leave."

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