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   Chapter 53 Enjoy The Sea And Go To The Mysterious Island (Part One)

Billionaire's Perfect Match By Xiao Wang Characters: 5660

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:02

Charles turned to look at Daria, whose face was a little stiff. "I'm going to talk about business. They are French people. They are coming to Q City for an art exhibition. Don't you know how to speak French?"

Daria bit her lips and shook her head, "I... I just know a little bit." Daria had only learned it for a period of time, but she didn't have the energy to continue study, so she only know some simple communication.

"But it's written on your resume." Charles took another sip of porridge, "Isn't it written in your special skill that you can speak French with great fluency?"

Daria was speechless. Nowadays, resume would certainly be exaggerated. How could Charles take it seriously?

"Besides, didn't you save me by fighting against three French people alone last time?" Charles finished the last mouthful of porridge and handed a bowl to Daria, "Another bowl for me."

Daria wished she could put the bowl on Charles's head and whispered, "Don't you have a new secretary?" Why did he still order her?

"Five thousand dollars for three days." Charles wore a smile at the corners of his mouth. Daria's eyes lit up. Five thousand dollars for three days! Then she filled a bowl of porridge for Charles immediately.

On the way to Q City, Daria deliberately went home and found a book about French. When the two of them arrived at the restaurant in Q City, Daria was still staring at the book in her hand. If she made a fool of herself later, the five thousand dollars would be gone.

Charles took away the book from her hand and threw it on the tea table aside. Daria finally came to her senses and wanted to reach it, but her wrist was grabbed by Charles.

"The art exhibi

of the day, and some were carrying their luggage and about to leave.

"I've planned a tourist route for my graduation. This is the first stop." Looking at the sunlight outside the window, Charles's eyes softened, "Unfortunately, I didn't graduate from Z University later."

Looking at their figures reflected through the glass window, Daria was somewhat absent-minded.

"Do you like the sea?" Daria asked again. Daria shook her head subconsciously, "No."

Disappointment flashed through Charles's eyes, "Why?"

"Because I can't swim." Daria looked at Charles and said in a rare playful tone, "If I fall into the sea later, you have to save me."

Charles looked at the light in her eyes, lost in thought for a moment.

The seaside was indeed very lively. The two of them walked along the seaside hand in hand. Charles considerately bought a hat for Daria. Looking at their trouser that had been rolled up, Daria couldn't help asking, "Aren't you going into the sea?"

"I want to take you to that island." Charles pointed to an island not far away, where they could take the cable car and go there from the shore.

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