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   Chapter 51 She Was Insensitive To It (Part Two)

Billionaire's Perfect Match By Xiao Wang Characters: 5308

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:02

Daria was safe in his arms. She raised her head and could only see his chin and side face. Although he was squeezed in the crowd, there was no anger on his face. He seemed to be like an active volcano that could erupt at any time only when facing her.

After getting out of the car, the two walked towards the apartment rented by Daria. The streetlight drew the two people's shadows long. Since Daria got off the car, she had put her hands behind her back and kept a distance of about one meter from Charles.

When Charles took a step towards her, she took two steps back in a hurry. When he took another step, Daria took another two steps back in a hurry. Charles approached her again, and Daria was about to retreat but she stumbled. Fortunately, Charles grabbed her arm in time.

Daria was so frightened that she patted her chest. Thinking of something, she tried to push him away. Charles let go of her and held her hand, "Why are you hiding from me? Can I eat you in the street?"

Daria tried to break free from his grip and failed. She looked around subconsciously. There was no car, so they were safe. When Daria arrived at her apartment, she pointed at the car parked downstairs and handed the key to Charles, "Well, you can drive it away."

"Why don't you invite me upstairs?" Charles refused to take the key. Daria then forced a smile which was uglier than crying, "My house is too messy. I'm afraid you'll laugh at me."

"I promise I won't laugh." Charles said, holding her hand and walking into the building. When they reached the entrance, they found that there were

r place for you."

Daria was so frightened that she pushed away his hand in a hurry. "Why should I live in your house? They won't come again. It's safe here." Most importantly, the rent here was cheap.

"Who told you that they wouldn't come again? Since they succeeded this time, they would do it again. What if you are in danger?" Charles said firmly, "You have to listen to me. Clean it up quickly. I'll take you to my villa later."

"I'll listen to you in everything except that!" Daria took a deep breath. If she lived under the same roof with Charles, it would be easy for him to do something to her as they lived together day and night. What was more, she was afraid that if she lived with Charles, he would be in danger because of her.

"Well, if you don't want to leave, I'll stay here with you." Charles bent down to pack up her things. Daria grabbed his arm and said anxiously, "I don't want you to stay here with me. Hurry up and leave here!"

"Either you go home with me, or I stay with you. You can make a choice." Charles said firmly.

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