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   Chapter 50 She Was Insensitive To It (Part One)

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There was a man and a woman standing in the elevator. The man put one hand on the wall of the elevator and cornered the woman with his arms. He bent over and pressed his face against the woman in his arms. Obviously, he was kissing her.

Although she could only see his side face, Daria still recognized that the man standing there was Perry. The woman in his arms was wearing a red clingy dress and high-heels. She was blocked by Perry so Daria could tell who she was.

When the elevator door opened, Perry let go of the woman in his arms. The woman looked out of the elevator subconsciously. Daria was stunned. It was Vickie.

Perry also slowly looked out of the elevator. When he saw Daria, he smiled playfully and then leaned against the elevator. His lips were still stained with red lipstick. It could be seen that they had kissed passionately just now. He put one hand on Vickie's waist, and she looked shy.

Although Daria had stepped into the elevator with one of her feet, she wanted to leave instinctively. But when she saw the playful smile on Perry's face, Daria didn't know what was wrong with her and walked into the elevator and pressed the button of the floor where the sales department was.

The elevator began to run slowly, and it fell into eerie silence. Daria felt a little regretful. She should have waited for the next elevator, so the atmosphere would not be so embarrassing.

Vickie held Perry's hand and said in a relaxed tone, "My parents want to see you. When do you have time? Can you meet them?"

"Aren't we too anxious to meet parents since we are just start dating?" Although Perry was talking to Vickie, he looked at Daria through the reflection of the wall of the elevator.

Vickie bit h

y put down his hand.

"Short hair suits you very well."

After saying goodbye to Perry, the smile on Daria's face faded away. At the thought that Perry would be nice to other women in the future, Daria suddenly felt very reluctant.

But she knew that no matter how reluctant she was, she had to let go. It doesn't matter. It's not the first time anyway. After losing so many things and people in her life, she would become insensitive to it one day and won't be so painful anymore.

Daria went to the sales department and solved the problem about the file cabinet. There was something wrong with the vegetables in the canteen, so Daria hurried there.

After work, Daria wanted to sneak away, but it seemed that Charles had expected her to escape and waited downstairs.

Charles didn't drive the car because he had to get his car back from Daria's house, so he went on a bus with Daria. Daria looked around and found that it was rush hour and the bus was crowded. Most of the people in the bus didn't know Charles. Without his privileges in the company, he was squeezed in the crowd, but he was tall and straight, too eye-catching in the crowd.

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