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   Chapter 35 Keep Your Promise

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Daria clenched her phone, "I'm not him. I hope Mr. Charles should be clear about it."

Charles's eyes darkened, and he sneered, "There is only Daria in the world now. Without Howe here, even if I can't tell the difference, so what?"

Daria put away the earphones and said hesitantly, "Mr. Charles, you should move on. You shouldn't always think about the past."

"What if I can't?" Charles suddenly looked at her with coldness in his eyes. Did she think he didn't want to forget the past? In the past, what he thought he could forget it. That man didn't love him and even thought he was disgusting. There was nothing that couldn't be forgotten.

Charles had thought that he could forget that man with hatred, but that man had left the world all of a sudden. His love for that man was still passionate, and his hatred for him had not yet begun. Everything was ruthlessly ended by that person.

Daria was so scared that she clung to the chair. She mustered all her courage and said, "But... He... He is dead. He can't come back to life."

Charles suddenly slapped the steering wheel hard, "You don't have to remind me of it!" After that, he opened the door and got off, followed by Daria.

After getting off the car, Daria looked around and found the place looked somewhat familiar. Charles locked the car and walked forward along the road. Daria followed him and slowed down.

Daria was getting more and more familiar with the environment, which made her a little flustered. There were more and more students on the road. Some of them were in groups. Some were discussing which shopping mall to buy clothes after class, and some were talking about the latest movies and Jay's concert.

When they arrived at the main campus, the road gradually became spacious. On both sides were two rows of green sycamore trees. A gust of wind blew, and the sound of leaves' clattering could be heard.

Charles stopped and looked at the back of Charles as he was walking on the road. Time seemed to go back to the past, as if Charles was still the big boy who liked to wear plaid shirt.

Charles suddenly stopped and turned around. He wore grey casual clothes and sneakers today. His hair was shorter than when he was in school. He looked like a vigorous college student.

Noticing that he was looking at her, Daria collected her thoughts and hurried over. Finally, she couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Charles, why do you take me to Z University?"

"Have you been here before?" Charles turned around and walked forwards, deliberately slowing down, walking side by side with Daria.

Daria replied in a low voice, "Yes." She then added, "Mr. Charles was so popular in Z University at that time." Flattery was also a secretary's principle of survival.

"Did he tell you?" Charles was a little surprised. Charles knew he was popular in the school, but he didn't expect that Daria also knew it.

Daria shook her head, "I'm in A University. My classmates told me that. Besides, you're my brother's classmate, so I know a lot..."

There was only a crossroad between A University and Z University. It was not surprising that she had heard of it. Charles continued to ask, "Except me, what else do you remember in Z University?"

Z University? About Z University... Daria thought for a while and answ

took Daria to the canteen of Z University for lunch. They hadn't been here for a few years. The canteen of Z University had changed a lot, and the dishes had been different.

The two of them queued in the line together, and they didn't look strange among a group of college students. Because of Charles's handsome face, many girls looked at him.

Looking at Charles behind her, Daria couldn't help saying, "Mr. Daria, you can sit there. I'll bring the dishes for you."

"I have hands and feet. Why should I let you fetch the dishes for me?" Charles answered directly.

Daria held back the urge to roll her eyes at him. 'Why? Because I don't want to be stared by others!' Daria thought to herself. Moreover, when she was in the company, she served him tea and water. Didn't he order her very often? Why did he become a gentleman outside?

Of course, Daria didn't dare to say these words. She could only complain in her heart. After the meal, Charles carried most of the dishes, and Daria only held two bowls of rice.

Several girls whispered to each other.

"He is so kind to his girlfriend. He even brought dishes to her. Why am I not so lucky to have such a handsome and considerate boyfriend?"

"This handsome guy seems to be a stranger here. Is he from our school? Why haven't I seen him before?"

"It doesn't matter. As long as he is handsome!" Then the girl took out her phone, took a photo and posted it on the school forum.

Charles ordered four dishes, one soup and two bowls of rice. Daria held the chopsticks and hesitated. Since there were four different dishes, did it mean that they would share the food together? But she heard that Charles was fastidious about personal hygiene and never shared his food with others.

Seeing that Daria didn't dare to eat while holding the chopsticks, Charles picked up a piece of fish for her and said, "Have more. Didn't you say that the food in Z University is delicious?"

But Mr. Charles, how can I eat? Daria took a bite of rice and the fish, then she didn't dare to move. Raising his eyebrows, Charles looked at her and asked, "What? Are you used to being fed by others? Let me remind you. You don't have a boyfriend now."

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