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   Chapter 19 I Miss You So Much

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The man dodged in a hurry, and Daria failed to wrest the DV from his grasp. The three men thought Daria couldn't understand what they were talking about, so they began to communicate in French.

"Call that woman and ask her clearly. I don't want to get infected with AIDS for this little amount of money!"

Daria thought, 'What woman? So the three of them were under orders! So the one who planned all these was not that woman? Was it Charles' other girlfriends? How could Charles' girlfriend be so perverted? One wanted to sleep with him, and the other even found three men to sleep with him!

"Will she tell us the truth when I call her?" The other one was a little angry. "It seems that this woman didn't lie to us!"

In order to convince them, Daria grabbed the rope on Charles' body and said, "You even tied yourself like that? I'll kill you this time. Anyway, I'm infected by you and I'm too shamed to be alive. I will kill you and we die together!"

Daria said as she put her arms around his neck. Seeing this, the three men picked up their belongings and ran out one after another. Hearing the footsteps outside disappear, Daria loosened her grip at once. Looking at Charles' livid face, she carefully untied the rope for him and asked, "Mr. Charles, are you okay?"

Looking at the flustered look on Daria's face, Charles's mind was in a mess. He wanted to control the strong urge and desire in his body, but he couldn't.

"Mr. Charles, I was forced to do so by the situation just now. I did it to save you. You are a broad-minded man. Please don't fire me when you return to the company." Taking a lesson from the previous experience, Daria was worried about her future.

After untying the rope, Daria ran

to the bedside, picked up Charles's shirt and put it on him. Just now, she was busy saving Charles and didn't have time to have a look at him. When her fingertips touched his solid chest, Daria noticed that Charles had a good figure, much stronger than when he was in school. He was handsome and in such a good shape. No wonder he had so many weird ex-girlfriends.

It was against the light when she untied the rope for him just now, but now she helped him get dressed under the light. Charles looked at Daria in disbelief. She wore neutral clothes and her hair was hidden in the hat. She looked exactly like the man in his memory.

Charles slowly reached out his hand and held her head. Daria realized that something was wrong and smiled awkwardly, "Mr. Charles, what's wrong with you?"

Charles looked at her mouth and felt thirsty. How could it be? Why was he here? Was it a dream? Charles hadn't dreamed of him for many years.

All the emotions and memories consumed him at that moment. He held her head tightly and kissed her pale lips. Daria's eyes widened with fear, and the softness on her lips reminded her that it was not a dream, but didn't Charles like men?

Charles's kiss became more and more overbearing. Finally, he let go of her lips. Daria then gasped, "Sir... Hmm..." His warm lips came at her again.

Charles blushed. Daria was completely shocked this time. Did that woman drug Charles?

His warm lips finally let go of her. Daria took the time to breathe. Charles was in a trance, and finally showed a gentle smile. He buried his head in her neck. Daria felt a little warm. Did Charles cry?

"Mr. Charles..." Daria tried to push him away, but the man whispered, "Howe, I miss you so much."

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