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   Chapter 16 Misguide

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The more Daria listened, the more strange she felt. Was the woman talking about Mr. Charles? The woman went to the counter where the wine was stored and showed her membership card to the waiter. "Give me the wine I saved."

"Okay, please wait a moment."

That woman then leaned against the counter and suddenly laughed, with a fierce light flashing in her eyes. "Even if he is gay, I will change him! He must be in my bed tonight!"

Suddenly, Daria felt a gust of cold wind blowing from behind. This woman was really a powerful person. Mr. Charles would be in danger?

The waiter took a bottle of wine and pushed it in front of the two. The woman picked a bottle from it and signaled Daria to push the rest of the wine inside the hall.

Looking at the bottle of wine taken away by the woman, Daria had a bad feeling. Seeing that Daria was staring at the wine in her hand, the woman smiled and said, "I'll take this bottle by myself."

Daria nodded respectfully and walked back. When she arrived at the hall, the foreman took away the wine carried by Daria and said, "Go to the door to greet the guests."

Daria walked out of the hall in a hurry and accidentally stepped on a guest's black leather shoes. She then lowered her head and apologized.

"It doesn't matter." The man who was hit by Daria politely walked past her and went inside. Daria quickly turned around and saw Charles in a royal blue suit walking into the crowd. Thinking of what that woman said, Daria chased after Charles a few steps. On second thought, if Charles knew that she had a part-time job here, it would be inappropriate, wouldn't it?

Charles was so smart that he could definitely get out of danger. Daria comforted herself. Besides, that woman would sleep with Charles at most. He didn't seem to suffer any loss, did he? But what if Charles likes men...

"Why are you still standing there? You don't want the money?" When the foreman saw Daria standing there in a daze, he pushed her. The latter then came to herself and hurried out.

When Daria arrived at the door, she greeted a foreign couple and took the two into the elevator. When the elevator door was about to close, three blonde

foreigners came in. When the three people opened their mouths, Daria was a little surprised because they all spoke French.

Daria had only learned French for a period of time, and could only understand the general meaning. Those people probably thought that no one could understand what they were talking about, so they speak freely.

"Don't be afraid. This man is very handsome. I'll come first later. You must take photos so that you can have money."

Another man fiddled with the DV. "No problem. I'll keep it in mind."

Daria was a little surprised and looked up at the three people. The three men noticed her gaze and looked at each other without saying anything.

When the elevator door opened, three men walked out first. Daria frowned and wondered if they were also here for the birthday party?

After taking the guests to the banquet hall, Daria was sent to deliver the wine, but she didn't see the three men at the banquet. Not far away, Charles was sitting next to that woman, talking about something. It seemed that they were not very happy. On the table was the bottle of wine that the woman had taken away.

"As I said, I didn't publish the news. I don't have the ability to control the media."

"Why did you mislead me on the phone?" Charles looked at her in confusion. He didn't hate this woman, so he agreed to date her when she pursued him, but he still couldn't fall in love with her later.

It happened that she misunderstood the relationship between him and Drake, so he broke up with her. As for being thrown by her, he just hoped that she could vent her anger and feel better so that they had a peaceful closure. As a result, the news that he was a gay go viral.

If it wasn't her, who would it be? Charles's eyes suddenly flashed a cold light. The news that he was a gay seemed to be only good for that person!

"If I don't let you misunderstand me, will you still come to my birthday party?" The woman smiled with self-mockery. "I know better than anyone else how cold and heartless you are. I just want you to celebrate the last birthday with me. Is it too much?"

Charles stood up and straightened his clothes, "Have fun yourself."

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