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   Chapter 14 I Have A Good Taste

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When the tone of the message rang, Daria took out her mobile phone in a hurry. It was a message from a friend about the recruitment of temporary employees. There was an opening for waitress of a private party, which required the waitress to speak English well and communicate with foreigners frequently, and the salary was 60 dollars per hour.

It was such a rare opportunity. Daria immediately replied the message, and the other party quickly sent her the address.

At noon, Daria sent a file to Charles, but his office was empty. Maybe Charles took the exclusive elevator inside his office and left. Well, at this critical moment, they should keep it down a notch.

In the afternoon meeting, Daria was a little absent-minded, while Charles was making a speech. Daria looked at his thin lips moving up and down, and when she looked at the wound at the corner of his mouth, she couldn't help but think of something.

After lunch, the wound was on the corner of Charles's mouth. Was it the process too fierce that Charles to be bitten by that man? Realizing what she was thinking, Daria patted her head and thought of that man's face. That man was indeed more attractive than many girls. It was understandable that Charles liked him.

"Knock, knock, knock!" Someone knocked on the table in front of her. Daria finally came to her senses and found that Charles was sitting next to her. Daria held her breath. Did Charles finish his speech? Wasn't his seat over there? Why was he sitting next to her? Besides, why did Charles focus on her computer screen?

Computer screen? Daria also looked at the computer screen. When she saw the name 'Drake Si' full screen of the screen, she was jittery. She searched for that man's information in the afternoon.

Drake Si was 25 years old and a three tier male artist. He was handsome and desirable and didn't have any rumored girlfriends, there was a rumor in the circle that he was a gay. But he had never denied it, so everyone in the circle thought that he was a homosexual.

Daria kept thinking about the scene that Charles was entwined with Drake Si. As a result, she was absent-minded and had been typing his name all the afternoon.

Daria cast a glance at Charles secretly, and then she quickly clicked the delete button. Suddenly, Charles grabbed her hand and said, "Daria, I don't remember I have said thi

s name in my speech."

Daria looked at him awkwardly and quickly deleted all the names on the computer with the other hand. Charles approached her slowly and lowered his voice, "Do you think the news on the newspaper is true?"

Daria shook her head in a hurry. Charles continued to ask, "Do you think I'm a gay?"

Daria shook her head again. Charles then loosened his grip on her hand and said lazily, "The newspaper misled people on purpose. I don't have such a bad taste."

Daria was completely confused. What did Charles mean? He didn't deny that he was a gay, but said that Drake Si was not good enough for him. But from a woman's point of view, Drake Si was very handsome, but maybe from a man's point of view, he was not that kind of good-looking man.

Daria was still in a trance. At the end of the meeting, her computer screen was still blank. Damn it! She didn't take down any notes!

Charles patted her on the shoulder and said, "Daria, put the meeting records on my desk before you get off work."

Daria turned off the computer and nodded, "Yes... Yes, sir." As soon as the meeting was over, Daria had no choice but to ask Mr. Liu's secretary for the copy of the meeting notes.

The colleague asked in confusion, "What's wrong with you, Daria?" Although Daria was not the most capable person in the Secretary Department, she was well-known for her caution and meticulousness and her meeting records was perfect.

Daria touched her head awkwardly, "I have a fever and I'm not feeling good."

When Daria went back to the office, she finally managed to finish the meeting record before getting off work. She knocked on the door of Charles' office, but no one answered. After entering the office, Daria put the record on the desk. Seeing the chair next to her, the picture of Charles applying band aids to her forehead flashed through her mind. She shook her head in a hurry, turned around and walked out.

After work, Daria entered the elevator, stood in the innermost corner, looking at the map in her phone and wrote down the bus route to her part-time job. She would definitely not be able to catch the last bus after work, and she had to take a taxi home.

The elevator door opened and a group of people came in. Daria leaned to a corner and suddenly someone grabbed her shoulder. She looked up and saw the smile on Perry's face.

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