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   Chapter 12 Familiar With The Process

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When it was time for the meeting, Daria followed Charles into the meeting room with a laptop in her hand to take notes.

As soon as she sat down, her hair fell from her forehead. Daria hurriedly tied them up with the paper clip, but it fell down again soon. Daria was depressed. She had to type, and it was not good that her hair to fall all the time.

A senior executive was talking. Daria was busy typing on the keyboard and her hair kept falling, which so irritated her.

Suddenly, a piece of paper ball flew on the keyboard. Daria was stunned and looked around the table quietly. When she saw a pair of smiling eyes, she thought, 'Perry?'

Perry looked at her with a smile, indicating her to open the paper ball in her hand. Daria quickly lowered her head, held the paper ball in her hand, and opened it under the table. There was a small black clip in it. How could Perry have such a girlie thing?

Daria couldn't help but take a look at Perry, but the corner of his mouth moved upward slightly and seemed to be saying, 'You're welcome.'

Daria quickly fastened her hair with a clip and her unruly hair was finally tamed. But when she saw the mouse pointer flickering on the computer, Daria's heart miss a beat and she continued to type. Would Charles find out that she had missed some content of the meeting?

Thinking of this, she secretly looked at Charles, but she met his deep eyes. She quickly looked away and raised her arm to cover her face as if nothing had happened. It was so horrible that Charles looked at her so affectionately.

Looking at Daria's face, Charles was somewhat absent-minded. Wearing contact lenses, Daria looked like the person in his memory.

Finally, the meeting was over. Daria put away her notebook and walked out behind Charles.

Suddenly, Daria's arm was grabbed. She was startled. She then turned around and saw Perry looking at her with a smile. Daria took off the hairpin and handed it to him, "Thank you."

"It's yours. I don't need it anyway," said Perry.

Daria shook her head, "No, thanks. I have some on my desk. I just forgot to take it..."

"If you feel embarrassed, just invite me to meals and thank me."

Daria stepped back subconscious

ly. Was it a date?

"We are not familiar with each other..."

"It doesn't matter. We have met each other for two times. It's the third time we meet." With a smile, Perry took a step forward. Daria bit her lips and looked embarrassed. How could she have the extra money to treat him for meals?

"If you don't want to invite me, then I'll invite you."

Walking out of the meeting room, Charles instinctively turned around but didn't see Daria following him. The senior executive of the same industry beside him was still talking about something. Charles raised his hand and gestured for him to stop. "Mr. Wang, you'd better write a report on this matter to me."

"Yes, Mr. Charles." Mr. Wang saw that Charles was not interested in their conversation, so he left.

Charles walked back, "Daria?"

Hearing Charles's voice, Daria breathed a sigh of relief. "Mr. Charles is looking for me. See you next time." As she was about to leave, Perry grabbed her wrist and put a blue business card into her hand. "My phone number."

Daria withdrew her hand in a hurry and bumped into Charles who was turning back at the door of the meeting room. Seeing her red face, Charles couldn't help but look inside. At the same time, Perry also looked at Charles, with an unreadable smile flickering in his sharp eyes.

With an expressionless face, Charles turned around and walked forward. Daria followed them in a hurry. Suddenly, Charles asked, "Did he just send you a note?"

Did Mr. Charles see it? It was so lucky to be discovered by the boss when she was absent-minded in the meeting. Daria smiled awkwardly, "It's not a note. He threw me a clip."

"Are you familiar with each other?" Charles paused. Daria shook her head and said, "No, we're not. I just met him three times."

"It's good that you are not familiar with each other. Employees are not allowed to be in a relationship in the company." After saying that, Charles strode forward. Daria was stunned and wondered when the employees of the company were forbidden to be in a relationship? In the past few years, she had attended several weddings of her colleagues. However, looking at the cold back of Charles, she could not ask him these questions.

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