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   Chapter 7 Leave WS Group

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"My sister made it by herself. Would you like to have a taste?" The boy looked at Charles with a smile, blocking the sunlight, and his eyes were like stars. "Look at the 'Ding' in the middle and the two hearts beside it. It form into a smiling face. You will feel happy if you eat it."

Charles narrowed his eyes and thought the boy's smile was more attractive than the lunch box in front of him. He took the chopsticks from the boy with a smile and took a bite. The boy looked at him in surprise and said, "That's the chopsticks I used."

"What? We are good brothers. Do you think I'm disgusted?"

"But it's not clean." The boy scratched his head shyly. Charles put his arms around the boy's neck with a smile. "So what? Your sister is really good at cooking. You should introduce her to me another day."

"Okay." The boy held Charles' hand and looked at him with a smile. "But you may be shocked when you see my sister."

"Why would I be surprised? Is she ugly?"

"Do you think I'm ugly?" The boy asked jokingly. Charles picked up a mouthful of rice with the chopsticks and put it into the boy's mouth. He didn't understand why the boy suddenly asked this. Charles then smiled and said, "You are not ugly. You are the most handsome boy."

"Really?" The boy smiled sheepishly. Charles couldn't help but touched the boy's head gently. "Is your sister more beautiful than you? If she is more beautiful than you, I will pursue her to be my girlfriend."

The boy smiled brightly. The sunshine fell on his face, making Charles absent-minded for a while.

Charles opened his eyes and came back to his senses from his memory. It turned out that there were really two people who looked the same but had different gender in the world.

Daria took the resignation application form and carefully filled it in. It was close to noon break, and no one came to take over the work. She thoug

ht that it was very likely that Therese would be here to take over the work. After all, Daria had just been here for one day, and she was still strange to the work.

After packing all the things in a box, Daria walked out of the WS Group with it in her arms. But it rained heavily outside. Daria found several plastic bags to pack the cardboard box in her hands, opened the pink umbrella and rushed into the rain.

She ran to the bus stop quickly and wiped the rain off her hair. There were many employees of WS Group standing in the bus stop. The bus didn't arrive yet. Not far away, an old man who was collecting waste was riding a tricycle. He went up the slope with difficulty, and his whole body was wet by the rain.

Seeing this, Daria put the cardboard box aside and ran after the old man with an umbrella. She put the umbrella over his head and helped him push the car with one hand. When the old man saw Daria, he immediately said, "Thank you, kid. The rain is too heavy. You'd better go home now."

Daria shook her head with a smile and said, "It's okay, sir. I will help you push the car up the slope."

The rain was getting heavier. Daria walked forward with difficulty and had to hold an umbrella for the old with one hand. The old man had no strength left. He got out of the car and pushed the tricycle up with difficulty. Looking at Daria's wet clothes, he was moved and said, "Kid, you'd better hold an umbrella for yourself. You get wet."

"It doesn't matter. It's already wet." Daria continued to push the car up, but the old man suddenly slipped. Daria hurried to help him, but the tricycle lost its support and fell down the slope.

Daria supported the old man and tried to catch up with the car, but she was too weak to do so. She could only watch the car slide down helplessly. At this moment, a man suddenly grabbed the falling tricycle and pushed it back.

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