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   Chapter 6 Turn Embarrassment Into Anger

Billionaire's Perfect Match By Xiao Wang Characters: 3547

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"Why did you put on such horrible makeup to disgust me today?" Charles stood up and walked to Daria. The latter was frightened and stepped back. "Mr. Zhou, you misunderstood me. I didn't mean to make you unhappy. I just..."

Before she finished her words, her chin was pinched and she was forced to raise her head. When she met the angry eyes of Charles, she was so sacred that she almost forgot how to breathe.

Daria was 1.73 meter in height was definitely not short among girls, but she had to raise her head in front of Charles, who was nearly 1.9 meter tall.

"What is it?" Charles sneered, "Daria?" As he spoke, he suddenly took off the thick frame glasses on Daria's face. Without glasses, it seemed that she had lost her safety net. Daria's eyes were full of panic. "Mr. Zhou, what are you doing?"

As if Charles couldn't hear Daria's voice at all, he put his hand in the left corner of her eye and rubbed it hard. Her chin was pinched by him, and she couldn't avoid it. She then frowned in pain, "Mr. Zhou, it hurts..."

Charles's movements became more and more urgent and crude. He didn't stop until he wiped off all the powder on the corner of her eyes and her skin turned red. Looking at the heavy make-up on her face, Charles was a little disappointed. He turned around, his tall body emitted an aura of coldness.

"You are fired."

Daria was rubbing her face. Hearing his words, her face turned pale with fear. Although she knew that she must be punished for what she had done yesterday, she didn't expect that Mr. Zhou would really fire her.

"Mr. Zhou, I did it for your own good. You can't fire me for this reason!"

"I'm the CEO of WS Group. Do I need a reason to fire a person?" Charles walked back, "Don't worry. I will compensate you a

ccording to the labor law."

Clenching her fists, Daria's eyes turned red. She asked in a hoarse voice, "Mr. Zhou, please think twice. I really didn't mean to embarrass you..."

She was fired. What about grandma's medical fees? How could she pay the debt? And the rent. She couldn't lose this job.

"I don't like to repeat what I said a second time." Charles sat back at his desk and said, "I'll give you half a day to hand over your work."

"Mr. Zhou..."

"Get out."

Daria bit her lips and looked at the man's cold back. Indeed, this was the company of the Zhou family. He didn't need a reason to fire her. Turning around silently, Daria thought of something and said respectfully, "You have a meeting at eight twenty."

WS Group was well-known in the industry for its good benefits. When Daria entered WS Group, she knew that she had got a job. She had been careful all these years and dared not make any mistake. But in the end, she still lost her job. What should she do in the future? She had to find a temporary worker first. As for the rent, she could afford it for a month.

Daria shook her head, turned on the computer and sent out several resumes. When she saw the photo frame next to her, she carefully took it over. Looking at the same face as herself on the photo frame, she touched the lachrymal mole at the corner of his eye, and a touch of sadness flashed through her eyes.

Charles sat on the chair and picked up the lunch box on the table. When he was about to throw it into the trash can, a vague smile flashed through his mind.

He opened the lunch box and saw the familiar smiling face pattern on it. Those memories that he had tried to forget rushed out. The boy who liked to wear white shirt came to life again in his memory.

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