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   Chapter 61 Gastrorrhagia

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"Director, I'm sorry. I won't stay here to act for your staff. If you want to shoot a big hit that gets people admiration, first of all, your employees and actors should be harmonious, or else, they will definitely take bad emotions into the movie."

After saying that, Perrin walked out of the film set and headed for the AN group.

She was angry as she walked. What happened? It was really unlucky that so many things took hold after a good trial.

"Miss XIA, Mr. Rory asked you to go to her office." Seeing her, Riley walked up to Perrin and said softly.

Perrin nodded, not knowing what this man was up to, "Oh, I see."

"Mr. Rory, what can I do for you?"

With a smile on his face, Rory looked at her downcast face and knew that the audition would never pass.

"What's wrong? Unhappy? In my impression, you can make others unhappy." Then Rory folded the file in his hand.

"No, I'm not unhappy. It's just that I didn't want to act in the play." Perrin told the truth and directly sat on the chair opposite to Rory.

"It doesn't matter. I just got a call. A director wants to invite you to an audition. Dear star, can you have a try?" Rory was in a good mood today and even had the mood to joke.

Perrin took the business card from Rory and looked at it carefully. It was a famous director. If the play in his hand could choose her, it must be a big hit for her.

"Okay, thank you." Perrin felt complacent in the heart. She didn't want to work in the AN group at the moment. If she took part in the play, she had the reason not to come to the company.

When Perrin was about to leave, she suddenly turned around and said, "You don't look well. Are you sick?"

Rory's face was a little pale, but the coldness in his eyes did not decline at all. "I'm fine. I just have a stomachache. You can go ahead with your work."

Hearing this, Perrin was a little worried. After hesitating for a while, she took out a piece of warm pad from her bag and handed it to Rory, saying awkwardly, "Attach this on your stomach. It's very warm, so that your stomach will feel better."

Rory had never used such a thing before. Looking at it carefully, he seemed to be intrigued. Suddenly, he looked up at Perrin with an ambiguous look in his eyes.

"Perrine, are you caring about me?"

Hearing that, Perrin's face turned red. Was her behavior really so obvious? No. How could she care about such a man?

"You... If you don't need it, just give it back to me." Perrin tried to grab the warm pad back, but she lost the balance and fell into the arms of Rory.

"Ouch..." Perrin shouted in surprise.

"You threw yourself to me. Besides, I haven't done anything to you yet. Why are you shouting?" Rory said with an evil smile.

Perrin's face was as red as her neck. She tried to break free from Rory's arms, but found that the man's embrace was so hard that she could not even move a little.

"Perrine, when can we have another time?" Rory touched Perrin's hair on her forehead meaningfully.

'What did this freak say? What do you mean?'

However, apparently Perrin didn't understand what he meant, but her heart was beating uncontrollably, and

mulated over a long time. Such a man must not feel well at ordinary times, so he would not tell others, would he?

Thinking of this, she felt so sorry for Rory. For the first time, she felt that he was also a pitiful person.

Mrs.AN was looking at the situation inside through the window. The concern in Perrin's eyes was absolutely not fake, but unfortunately, if she really liked Rory, so what?

If Perrin's family status could be better, she might have a chance to think about it.

"Auntie, look at that woman. Even the doctor spoke for her. That's too over." Sasha pouted and complained with discontent.

Mrs.AN glanced at her coldly. "Anyway, she really cares about Rory. Unlike you, you only blame when something happens and never really cares about him."

"Auntie, what did you mean?" Obviously, Sasha was surprised at such words.

"Sasha, don't you understand what I mean? I'm telling you that I want to find a suitable match for my son, but you have to love him with true heart. Obviously, you are not that one at all."

Mrs.AN said firmly. After all, Rory was her son. She would choose an appropriate person, which could promote the cooperation interests of the two families and also take care of his daily life.

"Are you kidding, Auntie? Why am I not suitable? I really care about Rory. Otherwise, why would I come to the hospital with you far away?" Sasha felt guilty and didn't know where to look.

"Don't say such nonsense with me anymore. I'm not blind. I can recognize something clearly. You can go back now." Mrs.AN was in a bad mood and asked her to leave.

Sasha wanted to say something more, but Mrs.AN had already entered the ward.

"How is Rory?"

Hearing the voice, Perrin immediately stood up and said, "The doctor just said that Mr. Rory will faint for a period of time. Aunt... Don't worry. I will take care of him."

Mrs.AN walked slowly to the bedside of Rory, her eyes full of love, but when she turned around again to look at Perrin, her face was still cold.

"You don't need to take care of my son. Someone will come to take care of him tomorrow."

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