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   Chapter 60 Pretend To Be Sentimental

Please Pay Off Love Debt, My Sweetie By Er Duo Characters: 10710

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"What?" Rory looked at her in surprise, with an unprecedented cold sight in his eyes. Was his mother going to be so aggressive?

"Rory, don't be too surprised. I think it's good. You can live with me, and with two nannies, we will be very happy." While saying that, Sasha glanced at Perrin meaningfully.

Perrin held her hands tightly and stared at the scene in front of her.

"Sasha, I only tell you once. Get out of my house and never show up again." Rory warned her word by word, which scared Sasha to step back.

Even the servants who was behind her with luggage didn't dare to enter.

"Rory How dare you! Sasha will be your wife from now on. How can you talk to her like that?" Jason stormed in and walked up to Rory with a questioning face.

"Uncle... Did you hear that? Rory, I'm so sad that you asked me to leave." Hiding behind Uncle Jason, Sasha squeezed out a few tears, pretending to be sentimental.

"Well, Sasha, don't cry. Uncle will help you."

"Dad, since when did you get involved in my private affairs? Isn't it enough for my mother to intervene with it?" Rory's tone remained indifferent, but there was an imperceptible respect in his eyes.

"Well, I heard that your mother can't care about your business now, so I have to stand out. No matter what you say, Sasha will live here from now on. You have to treat her well." After saying that, Jason took a look at Perrin and left directly.

Sasha snorted and said to the servants behind her, "What are you looking at? Hurry up and go upstairs."

After Sasha went upstairs, Perrin walked to Rory, "Mr. Rory, I think I'd better leave here."

All of a sudden, Rory put his hand on her shoulder and asked her firmly, "Perrin, are you going to tell me that you want to give up? I asked you to come here at first. No one can drive you away without my permission."

Perrin was stunned. Hearing the noise upstairs, she suddenly had an idea that it might be a good idea for Sasha to accompany her to kill the boring time.

"Dinner is ready... Sherry's hand is injured. I'll cook for these days. I asked her go home and have a rest." Said Perrin as she walked out of the kitchen with a plate of dishes.

Rory put down the documents in her hand and sniffed a while, "It smells so delicious. Your cooking skill seems to be much better."

"Certainly. My cooking skill is not exaggerated. As long as it goes out of the pot, you can smell the fragrance within a few hundred meters." After saying that, Perrin looked upstairs without being noticed.

Sure enough, after a while, Sasha ran downstairs. "Where is the nanny? Where is Sherry? You didn't even inform me when you were eating. You've gone too over."

Perrin sneered, "From now on, you have to adapt to the life without a nanny, because there is no one here for you to shout and shout."

"Ha-ha, aren't you? Don't think you can really be a Phoenix. That's only a fairy tale. Don't be childish. If you don't have a clear estimation of yourself, you won't cook for me today."

After saying that, Sasha sat down at the table impolitely. She picked up the chopsticks and was about to sit down to eat, but she stopped the next second.

Rory coughed coldly and sat opp

oudly. "Ha-ha, alright, let me see what new trick you can make me cooperate with."

The woman stood on the stage. The director waved his hand, indicating the beginning of the shooting. All of a sudden, Perrin knocked the woman down. Before she could react, she directly lay on her and cried out sadly.

"Sister, you died miserably? Why did you leave me just like this? I must find this man and avenge you." Tears streamed down Perrin's face. She was really a talented actor.

Noticing this scene, the director couldn't help laughing, but he didn't dare to laugh out loud.

Although the assistant director beside him was a woman, she was even more irritable than him. No one had embarrassed her in public like this before.

"Waah... Waah Sister, if you are in heaven, you must tell me which man raped you and then killed you. I will kill him."

Perrin was so angry that she didn't want to have a good trial at all. Even if they cooperated with each other, she would be tired of intriguing all day long.

"Fuck off... Get out..." The assistant director suddenly stood up from the ground and shouted angrily for several times.

Perrin wiped the tears on her face and smiled brightly, "Director, how about my crying play? Although it's only a short time, I'm really getting into the play. Now I see the assistant director, as if she has revived."

"You such...I think you did it on purpose, didn't you? How dare you make fun of me in public? Everyone could act in this play except you." The assistant director gasped and her face turned red.

"Ha-ha, I think she did a good job. She is indeed a talented star." The director commented suddenly.

His words surprised Perrin and the assistant director.

"Director, did I misunderstand it? She actually passed? Such a woman doesn't deserve to act for you at all." The assistant director got a little anxious and even acted like a spoiled child when she got close to the director.

But there were too many people around, so she didn't show it obviously.

Although Perrin was willing to see this woman's surprised expression, she really didn't want to stay in this crew.

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