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   Chapter 58 Redo It

Please Pay Off Love Debt, My Sweetie By Er Duo Characters: 10224

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Was there something wrong with her own nose? Perrin doubted in the heart, but she didn't say anything. She forced a smile and said, "Really? Are you too picky?"

"No, it's just not delicious." Said Rory with a straight face. It was always frightening when she looked at him. When she looked at him like this, Perrin was very afraid.

"No, I won't. let me have a try." Perrin directly picked up a piece of fish meat with Rory's chopsticks and put it into her mouth.

But when Perrin had a taste of the fish, she didn't find it tasted bad. The fish was tender and delicious, and the ingredients of sweet and sour were also very proportioned, even it was a little worse than those cooked by the chefs. But it was impossible to say that it bad.

"It tastes all right." Perrin argued helplessly.

"If I say it tastes bad, then it is bad. Redo it. Call me when it's done." After saying that, Rory left without taking a look at Perrin.

Her ambiguous posture with another man just now kept echoing in Rory's mind. How could he have the mood to eat if he didn't vent that out?

"How could it be? I think it's delicious." Perrin murmured in a low voice.

"What are you waiting for? Do you want to starve me to death?" With a straight face, Rory looked like he was going to eat people.

Perrin had no choice but to do as he asked. This time, she must make him unable to criticize. Perrin made a decision in her heart, and at this time, she became more stubborn.

If it were an ordinary girl, she would not serve him, but Perrin was different. If someone was hypercritical to her, she would do her best, so that others could not comment anything.

That was why Rory dared to make things difficult for Perrin.

Seeing that Perrin hesitated for a while and went back to the kitchen, Rory smiled secretly, but the smile disappeared quickly and then his face was calm again.

This time, Perrin was not careless at all. She washed the fish for five times. If she was not afraid of losing the nature of the fish, she would not be free for ten times.

After washing, she began to mix the soup. Every procedure was careful and meticulous. It could be said that she had put all her heart into it. Presumably, even the royal chef in the ancient times hadn't prepared so carefully.

After the dishes were ready, Perrin tasted them by herself. This time, the dishes she cooked were indeed much better than last time. Presumably, the chefs of the Top Hotel would feel ashamed in front of this dish.

With a smug smile, Perrin put the plate on the table again and said confidently, "Master, please have a taste."

Without taking a look at it, Rory stared at the magazine, as if the content of the magazine was particularly attractive to him.

However, Perrin clearly remembered that the magazine she bought a long time ago was about women's clothes. Generally speaking, Rory was not interested in it.

To be honest, Rory was not interested in it at all. He didn't even know what was on the book after reading it for a long time. He had been thinking abou

y. It seemed that he still took Lucas's concern for Perry seriously. However, Perrin didn't think too much. After all, she was now nominally the fake girlfriend of Rory.

Logically speaking, it was really a disgrace for his girlfriend to be cared by his ex-boyfriend.

"How could it be possible?" Said Perrin in a low voice.

What happened today was clearly known to Rory, but when he saw that Lucas was so intimate with Perrin, he felt a little uncomfortable.

There was a flash of displeasure on his face, but it disappeared soon. He let go of Perrin and said, "Well, you go to have a rest. I'll go inform my mother to let alone these things in the future."

"No, if you say so, she will definitely think that I have told you, and then her misunderstanding to me will be deeper." Perrin explained worriedly.

"Well, I know what I'm doing. You don't have to worry about these." Rory turned around with deep eyes.

Perrin knew that Rory wouldn't listen to her. No matter what she said, it was ineffective. Anyway, only if she had a clear conscience, he could do whatever he liked.

Rory left home and went straight to his mother. His mother was in a good mood when she saw her son.

"Rory, I know that you will never drop your mother away. Don't you know that I was so irritated by Perrin today? You also witnessed that she was so intimate with another man in front of so many people. You must stay away from such a woman."

Rory's mother began to complain when she saw Rory, but Rory didn't listen to her at all.

"Mom, it's my own business. I'm not a child anymore. I know what I'm doing." There was no smile on Rory's face.

Rory's mother could tell that he didn't look well.

"Rory, I did it for your own good. How could you talk to me like that?" Rory's mother pretended to be sad.

"I don't mean to be against you on purpose. I just talk about the matter. I ask you if you have make trouble to Perrin today." Rory questioned. As the woman in front of him was his mother, he was not particularly indifferent.

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