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   Chapter 42 It's Not What You Want At All

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Isn't it too risky to bet on the marriage of the next generation?

She was not the biological daughter of Graham. It was reasonable to utilize her to exchange benefits. After all, Lucas was their own son.

"I'm Lucas's mother. Of course, everything that I have done is for his good. In this world, only by building the company and laying a good foundation can one be loved and respected by others."

Hearing what Perrin said, Mrs. GU also got excited, as if Perrin was satirizing her selfishness as a mother.

"Auntie, this is what you own think. Not what you want is what Lucas wants."

As soon as Perrin finished her words, the bedroom door was suddenly opened.

Lucas looked coldly at the noisy people in the living room. They hadn't seen each other for a few days. There were light stubble on his face and his hair was getting in a mess.

"Perrin, what do you think I want?" Although Lucas's eyes were cold, Perrin was surprised to see a trace of frustration in his eyes, which disappeared in an instant.

"You... What you want..." Perrin didn't know what to say. After hesitating for a long time, she said, "Anyway, I know what your mother arranged for you is not what you want at all."

"Perrin, don't try to sow discord between us. I know exactly what my son needs the most. Do you need to comment?" Mrs. GU sat up angrily and stared at Perrin.

Perrin was polite to Mrs. GU out of respect, so when she heard this, she turned her face away and ignored her.

"So... Perry, can you give me what I want?" Lucas looked at her and said in an unprecedented soft voice.

Perrin lowered her head and said, "I have made it clear that night."

"Ha-ha." Lucas sneered helplessly. "You came here today just to ask our family to tell the reporters that there is no connection between our two families, right? Well, Perrin, I'll fulfill your wish. I'll let you leave me."

"Lucas, what did you say? Are you crazy? The engagement between our two families can't be cancelled. We can't get them take advantage of Graham." Mrs. GU walked to Lucas nervously.

But Lucas still fixed his sight on Perrin, who was standing still.

Perrin looked at him in surprise. When their four eyes connected with Lucas, did the man in front of her really let her go like this?

"Lucas..." Perrin suddenly felt a little guilty and intended to explain something, but she was interrupted by Lucas before she could say anything.

"However, our family's industry is not as big as the AN group. After all, we are also highly concerned by the media. Therefore, even if we want to cancel the engagement, we need to hold a banquet to inform the people in the industry."

Lucas's words caught Perrin off guard.

A banquet? The engagement needed to be held at a banquet, but she had never heard that it was necessary to cancel the engagement. Wasn't that ashamed?

"Okay, I promise you. You can be responsible for that. I will definitely take part in it, and I will tell media reporters that you take the initiative to terminate the engagement."

Perrin was a thoughtful one. If she terminated the engagement in front of everyone, that would definitely disgrace the GU family As long as she could get free, it didn't matter to herself at all.

She didn't want to have a feud w

red to each other. Even if Perrin couldn't hear them, she could even guess what they were talking about.

"You hate me so much?" All of a sudden, Lucas was seriously asking Perrin.

Perrin was a little annoyed. How could she answer such a question at the moment?

Don't hate? Is that love? Hate? But the engagement had been canceled. There was no need to be so tit for tat, right?

After all, they were in the same city. They would meet each other again in the future.

"What do you want me to say?" Perrin looked at him with her charming eyes and asked.

"Of course you should say you love me." Lucas said with a snicker. Taking off his expensive suit, he looked like a hooligan in the market.

The scene of the two people quarreling was seen as flirting and with much love.

Hearing that, Perrin's face suddenly changed. She knew that Lucas was not kind-hearted at the banquet today. As expected, things came as she thought.

"Lucas, it's a joke that you want me to say the words "love you". It's never possible." Perrin was getting a little angry, so she said in a very decisive tone.

All of a sudden, Lucas's face turned pale. He stared at Perrin and said, "Perrin, since you chose Rory, I will make you regret for the rest of your life."

Seeing that there were more and more people surrounding them, Perrin pretended to ignore that and walked directly to a place with fewer people.

The party had begun for a while, but there had been no activities. She really didn't know what Lucas was going to do.

"Please calm down, everyone. I'm holding the party today to tell you a news that Lucas, I have broken up with the daughter of the XIA family, Perrin. From now on, we are two people who are not engaged. We don't interfere with each other and we don't owe each other."

Lucas walked to the stage and said without warning, which caused people to whisper and look at Perrin.

Feeling the strange eyes around her, Perrin looked calm. She didn't expect that Lucas would really announce that.

"But whether we are together or not, we will wish each other happy." Lucas ended his sentence casually, walked down the stage and came to the side of Perrin.

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