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   Chapter 24 I Bought The Clothes For All Year Round (Part Two)

Please Pay Off Love Debt, My Sweetie By Er Duo Characters: 5414

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The girls in front of her unfolded the clothes in their hands, and they looked gorgeous and eye-catching in the sun.

Perrin took a closer look and found that they were all famous brands and limited editions. More importantly... This freak even bought her the clothes for all year round.

She was confused suddenly. It was said that the girl who was kept by others had never been treated so extravagantly, had she?

Perrin really couldn't accept the fact that she was to faint.

"This lady, this is the clothes prepared by Mr. Rory for you for four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and each dress is matched with the corresponding hat and shoes. As long as it is in one season, you can pick and wear it according to the number we have designed. If you have any problem about the clothing matching, you can contact me at any time."

A beautiful woman in work uniform said to Perrin with a smile and handed her a business card.

Perrin stretched her neck and looked at the clothes in front of her. She was so surprised that she grumbled twice and didn't know what to say.

"You... Mr. Rory?"

"Yes, this shopping mall is the property of the AN group." The beautiful sales replied smartly.

Perrin heaved a long sigh of relief. There were always more powerful people. No wonder the rich were wealthier. Rory had industries all over the country, so wherever he went, he was the famous Boss Rory.

"You can leave after putting the clothes behind the car." Rory was satisfied with Perrin's reaction and got on the car directly.

Perrin held her nose tightly. Was this man so narrow-minded? Sean just joked with her.

"Well... Mr. Rory, I don't need to pay for these clothes, do I?" Perrin felt a little uneasy. She'd better be careful with this man. He could do anything.

Hearing this, Rory was the speechless one. He had never seen such a stupid woman beside him.

Didn't she know what it means?

Rory turned around and looked at her seriously. "There is no such thing as a free lunch. Of course you need to pay."

Perrin took a deep breath. This was what she was most afraid of hearing at this moment. Was this man forcing her to buy?

"Well... Mr. Rory, although I usually wear ragged and low-grade clothes, there are a lot of beautiful clothes in my house and I don't need them at all. Please take them back? I'm sorry to interrupt their work. I'll buy them ice cream later."

Perrin tried her best to speak in a calm tone to hide her nervousness.

"Perry... Do you know that you can't take these high-end clothes back after you buy them? If you really don't have money, I can think of a way to help you."

Every time Rory called her name, he was always s

o affectionate, which made Perrin feel strange.

Perrin clenched her ten fingers together and silently cursed Rory's ancestors many times in her heart.

Why did Rory always try every means to make her owe him?

"Tell me, what do you want?" Perrin breathed a sigh of relief. Since she couldn't avoid the God of plague, she decided to make the storm more violent.

"Ha ha." Hearing that she agreed without hesitation, Rory burst into laughter. Obviously, he was in a good mood.

The laughter hit the heart of Perrin, the crazy man. Perrin searched the words she had learned in her mind and found that there was no suitable word could describe the man in front of her.

He must be the worst of the worst.

"Come to work in my company tomorrow. Even if you could make five thousand a month for those clothes, you have to stay in my company for at least five years. Unfortunately, with your ability, you can't make five thousand a month in my company."

Five years? What's the difference between going to jail?

Without hesitation, Perrin got out of the car, took out a pile of clothes and staggered towards the shopping mall.

She didn't want to lose her freedom for five years because of these famous brands.

Sitting in the car, Rory looked at her small figure, the clothes were enough to bury her. He smiled faintly and said, "Perry, if you want to send the clothes back to the original place, then there will be five more years. On the basis that your father's company is safe."

Rory, are you threatening me again? Perrin stared at him and couldn't figure out what this man was thinking.

Why did he help her again and again and torture her like this?

When Perrin returned home, she lay on the bed wearily. Thinking that she was going to apply for a job in the AN group tomorrow, she helplessly got up from the bed, walked to the wardrobe and looked for the clothes she could wear tomorrow.

She took a big bite of the apple to vent her anger today. She really didn't understand what on earth was going on in Rory's mind.

Why did he ask her to work in the AN group? In this way, she could only spare time to do the shooting. Fortunately, Rory didn't go too far, so she only worked half a day every day.

When Perrin woke up in the morning, she was not in the mood to have breakfast at all. She randomly picked out a dress from the pile of clothes yesterday and tried it on. To her surprise, she found that all the clothes suited her.

How did Rory know her size?

All of a sudden, Perrin's face turned red. She recalled the scene at Rory's house that day. Although a few days had passed, when she thought of it now, her face turned red and her heart beat faster.

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