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   Chapter 21 Never Mind

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When Perrin came to the film set again, she looked at the scene in front of her and felt a little guilty. Recently, a lot of things had happened, and she hadn't acted normally for several days. If it weren't for the protection of Rory, she must have been fired many times.

"Director, I'm sorry. We can get shoot today." Perrin pursed her lips and apologized. She had never seen that the director had to follow the arrangement of the actors.

Seeing that everyone on the film set had nothing to do, the director was a little annoyed, but the next second when he saw Perrin, he immediately smiled.

"Miss Perrin, you are here. There's nothing to be sorry. Let's get started." After saying that, the director signaled his hand, indicating the staff behind him to turn on the machine.

"Miss Perrin, I'll go there and arrange it." The director pointed at the computer room not far away.

"Okay, go ahead with your work. Don't worry about me. Just call me when you are ready."

Perrin took two steps forward and found a quiet place to read the script. She vaguely heard someone whispering behind her.

Her intuition told her that what they were talking about must have something to do with her, so she listened carefully.

"What's wrong with our director? He doesn't want to shoot a famous movie, but chose to take this bad script. I don't think he can make money from his investment in the future." One of the female staff had already been impatient with the tepid shooting process.

"Yes, not to mention the script is bad. If they could find a good actress, maybe we can make a hit, but unfortunately..." The people next to her said and looked at Perrin.

Perrin held the script tighter and her face turned pale.

This script was written by her mother for countless nights. How could it be worthless in the eyes of these people?

"Perrin, did you hear what they said? It's not just the two of them who think so. Everyone here, including those who will watch this play in the future, will consider it a bad script. Only you take it seriously."

The disgusting voice of Shawn came from behind.

Hearing these words, Perrin suddenly loosened her grip on the script. She was already unhappy. Did this man come to insult her?

"Well, Shawn, although you are a big star, don't forget that you are also just an actress regardless how popular you are. Your duty is to act well with money. Other things seem to have nothing to do with you, right?"

Perrin squinted her long and narrow eyes. She was not a professional actress and might accept ridicule from others, but if someone mocked her mother's script, she would never ignore it.

"Huh!" The corner of Shawn's mouth tilted to one side and he sneered. If he was not under the cover of a star, he would look like a hooligan.

"Don't you know that, Perrin? If it weren't for the director's sake, I wouldn't have taken this bad play. I have to cooperate with you to come to the set every day, which really makes me helpless."

After saying that, Shawn leaned against the leather sofa with a disdainful look on his face, as if he had been holding these words in his heart for a long time and finally released out.

Perrin's face was deathly pale. She bit her lower lip tightly and her body trembled. She only could feel that the temperature around her was dropping rapidly.

"Oh? It turned out that you could take part in this movie only for the sake of the director? No wonder your acting is so bad. It turns out that you are not good at acting at all."

Standing at the gate of the film set, Rory looked leisurely, shaking the goblet in his hand for several times. His fingers were so slender that the ordinary wine glass looked so high-end.

Perrin didn't see anyone and just knew it was Rory from the voice, but Shawn was not familiar with his voice.

He turned around and acted like a star, "Who is it? How dare to say that? Don't you want to...?"

Hearing what Rory said, Shawn held back his anger. Even though he was a famous star, he was not as powerful as Rory.

It seemed that there were few people in the country who could compete with the strength of Rory.

"What are not you thinking about?" Rory walked up to him and asked coldly.

"No... Nothing." Shawn didn't want to bow to anyone, but he had to.

He took the play for the sake of the director, but the director lived for the sake of Rory AN. If he really angered him, he might be banned from the entertainment circle.

The reason why Shawn dared to be against Perrin was that he didn't know whether Rory would get angry because of this woman or not.

After all, Perrin was not outstanding in appearance and did not have a strong family background.

"How dare you come, a man, speak haltingly? How did you grow up?" Rory's tone got much colder.

Looking at the scene in front of her, Perrin felt that all the staff on the film set had been dissatisfied with her and didn't want to cause any trouble again.

"Mr. Rory, forget it."

Rory looked at her in surprise. Obviously, he was on Perrin's side. If he didn't take this opportunity to teach Shawn a lesson, how could he let him go?

This woman was really distinctive.

The color drained from Shawn's face. There were always many onlookers around him. How could a man work if he was scolded in public in the future?

"Forget it? It's not impossible, but the leading actor of the play I invested

needs to be changed."

There was no sand accepted in Rory's eyes.

"What?" Obviously, Shawn didn't expect such a result. He had thought that Rory would show mercy to him considering his identity as a superstar, but he didn't expect that he was really as cruel and decisive as the spread said.

Even Perrin, who was standing aside, was surprised.

It was not easy to change the leading role of a play. How could he change it so easily?

"Don't you hear what I said? I ask you to get out." Rory said with the firm expression.

The director in the distance sensed that something was wrong here. He hurried over and asked, "Mr. Rory, what happened?"

"Well, we'll recruit another leading actor later and ask this delicate star, Shawn to get away from us."

"Yes, yes, I know. I'll do it now." The director didn't dare to ask what the reason was, so he had to listen to it.

Looking at the pale face of Shawn, Perrin guessed that it must have been his most insult. However, it was just right for him to say that he deserved it.

The afternoon sunshine shone on the pink table of the cafe. Through the window, it could clearly be seen that the person inside frowned tightly and looked anxious.

"Star Shawn, what can I do for you?" Today, Sasha wore a simple Camisole casually, and her long hair was braided into a ponytail, making her extraordinarily pure and beautiful.

Shawn laughed. "The topic between us is nothing more than Perrin. I'm not reconciled to the last failure of our plan. How about we cooperate again? How do you think?"

Then Shawn took a sip of coffee, pretending to be calm.

Sasha still had a lingering fear when she thought of what happened last time. It was not good for anyone to meet her, but for Rory. If Rory knew that she was the one who instigated her behind the scenes, she would really be in trouble.

"If I'm not wrong, you should have left the film crew, right?" Sasha LUO asked bluntly.

The veins on Shawn's hands stood out. "How do you know?"

"Ha-Ha, Shawn you are also a famous star. If you can come to cooperate with me, you must have encountered difficulties. After all, you are an adult. Why are you so impatient? I've stayed around Rory for almost five years. I'm not as anxious as you."

From what happened last time, Sasha had already known what kind of person Shawn was. Even if her plan succeeded last time, he would still do something to get rid of her.


"Me. For what? What happened to you today is all caused by Perrin. If you are still a man, you can vent your anger on her. I don't have time to waste on you here." After saying that, Sasha stood up and left directly.

Sitting alone in the coffee shop, Shawn vented his anger on his hand and crushed the cup with force.

"Perrin, I will return all the humiliation today to you." Shawn looked out of the window ferociously and squeezed the words between his teeth.

"Mr. AN, who do you think is suitable for the leading actor of this play?" The director stood aside and asked humbly.

Shawn was asked by the director last time, so this time he wanted to confirm with him first, in case such a thing would happen again.

Rory sat on the sofa lazily, his long legs still putting on the tea table in front of him regardless of the image, drinking the tea slowly.

In fact, both Rory and Perrin knew that this script was different from those in the market.

As for the core story, most of the movies or TV series were similar, while this script was absolutely different. That was why Rory invested in it.

"Perry... Which one do you think is more proper?" Rory looked at Perrin, who was wandering around.


Only Rory would call her like this. Her friends, and even Graham, would call her formal name.

Perrin rolled her big eyes and asked doubtfully, "Do you have to find a famous star? I think many of the movie stars left their impression on the audience in the play that made him famous, so it's difficult for them to surpass that image in any movie in the future."

Hearing this, Rory was as quite interested. "Oh? So you mean you don't want to find a star?"

"Yes. He is not a star, but professional. One of my classmates was an actor, handsome and was absolutely powerful. I think he could be capable of acting in this play..." The more Perrin spoke, the more excited she became. She praised her classmate as if he was a scholar coming out of a painting.

Rory had never heard of any praise from Perrin, so he was also interested in the man she was talking about. He would like to see what kind of man could make Perrin praise like this.

"It will be him."

Before Perrin finished her words, Rory interrupted her.

She blinked her big watery eyes and asked in surprise, "Really? Mr. Rory, you have the eye for beauty. My classmate won't let you down."

In the small restaurant downstairs of the XIA family, Perrin looked aimlessly at the people passing by the door. She had been waiting for half an hour, but no one came. Was this Sean MO too unreliable?

"Here I am, Perry. I'm sorry to have you waiting." Sean ran in as the wind and rubbed Perrin's dyed hair like the elder generation.

Summer was already dry, and Perrin's long hair was rubbed by his big hand, which immediately caused the static electric shock, which stood up restlessly one by one.

"S-e-a-n MO." Did she have to greet him in this way every time they met?

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