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   Chapter 20 Do You Need My Help

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Before Rory said anything, there was another sound of door opening. When Perrin was about to hide in the bathroom, she found that there was the sound of footsteps.

"Miss XIA, are you inside? Mr. XIA asked me to bring you the clothes. I've put them at the door."

Perrin was very familiar with the woman's voice. She was the nanny of the Xia family.

"Oh, I see. Put it there. I'll be out soon."

After hearing the woman leave, Rory walked up to Perrin and asked straightforwardly, "Do you need my help today?"

"What do you mean?" Perrin was stunned for a while.

Then she thought that she really needed help today. If she did as Graham ordered, she might continue to make the GU family misunderstand her.

Since she had confessed to Lucas, she should do something to get rid of him.


Perrin still had something to say, but before she could say anything, Rory went out and said coldly, "You have five minutes to change clothes."

"……" Again...

Perrin put on the clothes prepared by the nanny and put on a light makeup as soon as possible. Looking at herself in the mirror who was elegant and decent, she felt that light makeup was more suitable.

At this moment, in the birthday party they were already cutting cakes. Lucas sat obediently next to his grandfather.

Perrin walked out of the crowd, and the crowd actively gave way to the platform at the same time.

"Grandpa, I'm Perry." Perrin had seen his grandfather for many times. As he was getting old, he had a bad memory and had the Alzheimer's disease, she had to introduce herself deliberately every time.

"Perry? Well, it's good that you're here. Hurry up and eat the cake." Grandfather's face was full of laughter. Perhaps he didn't even know who Perry was at all.

"Thank you, Grandpa. We haven't seen each other for a long time. Do you miss Perry?" Perrin asked sweetly, trying to cotton up to grandfather.

"Of course. Young people are always busy. If you have time, come back often to see me. I will be happier than celebrating my birthday."

Looking at the amiable look of grandfather of the GU family, Perrin didn't have the heart to continue her later actions, but unfortunately, his grandson did not inherit his merits.

He was him, while Lucas was Lucas. Perrin was rational. She wouldn't give up her happiness all her life to the grandson just because she was softhearted for the second.

"Grandpa, I will often come to see you in the future. By the way, today is your birthday. I have a good news to tell you." After saying that, Perrin subconsciously glanced at Lucas, who was sitting next to her, with a red face.

Lucas was a smart man and seemed to have noticed something. But from what Perrin had done to his grandfather just now, he felt that there seemed to be no big problem and she seemed to have done well.

Maybe the warning last time was really effective, and this woman really deserved it. He had thought that she could be tough for a long time.

"Oh? What good news? Tell Grandpa. I'll let everyone share." He was in a daze and knew nothing. He was very happy to hear that it was good news.

Perrin smiled brightly, with two dimples on her face and pink lips moving up and down. "Grandpa, I made a boyfriend. He is very handsome. Let me introduce him to you."

After being stunned for a while, Lucas seemed to understand something and looked at Perrin with a deep smile.

Was this girl going to surprise grandpa or him? It was interesting to introduce him to his own grandfather in such a way in front of everyone.

"Really? Ask him to come out and let me have a look."

Perrin looked at Lucas complacently. Lucas straightened his tie and was about to get up when Perrin's eyes swept past him and looked ahead.

Rory walked out of the crowd slowly. Although he smiled respectfully in front of grandfather, his irresistible temperament made people around him subconsciously take a step back.

"Oh my God, Mr. Rory? This woman's boyfriend was him? I thought it was the son of the GU family." A woman in the crowd said surprisingly.

"Yes, I thought so. I didn't expect that. But I seemed to see this woman on TV two days ago. She is a new star."

With a calm look on his face, Rory walked towards Perrin. Then he lowered his head and said, "Grandpa, I'm Perry's boyfriend."

"Wow, you're so handsome, even more handsome than my grandson. That's great!" Grandfather smiled, knowing nothing.

Then he turned around and said to Lucas, "Luc, you should keep your mind at bay and find a girlfriend like Perry in the future."

Perrin tried her best to hold back her laughter and looked at Lucas's angry face. She knew clearly that if she did this today, Lucas would not lose his temper on the spot, because his grandfather had the heart disease and making trouble would make his grandfather unable to bear it.

"Yes, Grandpa." Lucas squeezed the words out of his teeth and looked at Perrin and Rory, as if he was about to burst into anger.

With an indifferent look on Rory's face, he held Perrin's hand and gently kissed it, as if telling Lucas that he was the ownership.

After the birthday party, Perrin walked towards the limited edition Rolls-Royce with a bright face. Rory had been waiting for her in the car for a long time. If it was not because the dress was inconvenient to walk, she would not have changed her clothes.

Graham's cold voice came from behind. "Stop, Perrin. Do you think you can leave after maki

ng trouble today?"

Graham's face turned ghastly pale. He was talking about an important contract with a company when what happened just now. If he had witnessed it with his own eyes, he would never let it happen.

"Dad, Grandpa of the GU family has agreed. What else do you want to say?" Perrin felt that the greatest benefit she got today was not that she really disassociated herself from Lucas, but that she had the chip that the grandfather of the GU family also agreed.

"Humph! He is old and confused. It doesn't matter whether he agrees or not. You'd better leave that young man as soon as possible. Lucas is the most suitable person for you in the world." Graham looked coldly at the person in the car.

At this moment, Rory was wearing sunglasses, which was hard to see clearly. Moreover, Graham didn't see him inside. The boyfriend that Perrin mentioned was Rory.

Young man?

Perrin sneered, "Dad, I'm his woman now. Even if I want to be the daughter-in-law of the GU family, I have to ask for his opinion. How about you ask him yourself?"

After saying that, Perrin directly opened the door and hinted Rory to get off the car.

Rory turned around and looked at Graham. Instead of getting out of the car, he took off his sunglasses and said lightly, "Mr. XIA, long time no see."

Hearing the familiar voice, Graham walked closely and looked at him carefully. He was stunned and widened his eyes in disbelief. "This..." Perry, is he your new boyfriend?"

"Yes, father, do you have a problem with that?" Perrin could tell what Graham was thinking from his eyes and asked with a smile.

"What?" Rory was also very curious. He had never seen any girl who declined him.

"No... No, I don't. How can I be dissatisfied with your own love affairs? Are you going on a date? You guys are busy. I'm going back." Graham's face changed instantly. After all, Rory was a hundred times more excellent than Lucas.

More importantly, the property of AN family was much larger than that of the GU. It seemed to be impossible to get such a backer.

After getting on the car, Perrin breathed a sigh of relief. She had been acting all day long, which was more tiring than real filming.

"Well... Thank you so much today." Perrin's long eyelashes trembled. She didn't know why she was so embarrassed every time she thanked Rory.

However, she always owed Rory the favor.

"I don't need you to express your gratitude verbally. It's not time for you to return my favor." Rory said simply while driving.

Looking at the cold face beside her, Perrin didn't know when she would return him the favor.

All of a sudden, the phone rang. Looking down, Perrin found it was from Graham. She breathed a long sigh of relief. She didn't know what else this man had to do. She had been tired all day and had no strength to deal with anything.

"I'll answer it if you don't." Rory was annoyed by the constant ringing of the phone.

Perrin curled her lips. If this man was not so cold, she might be willing to be with him. Unfortunately, she liked a warm man, not such a domineering man.

"Hello... Dad."

"Perry, are you with Mr. Rory?" The curious voice of Graham came through the phone.

"Yes, we are together. What's up?" As far as Perrin knew, there was always nothing important between them, and they seldom contacted each other.

"Nothing serious. I just want to remind you to knock on Mr. Rory's back when you have nothing to do. He is usually very tired, and you should be obedient to him, understand? If you don't want to come back tonight, you don't have to ask for my permission. You can stay anywhere you want."

Perrin was speechless. Why didn't she find Graham care about her so much when she didn't go home at night? He did it on purpose today, hoping that she would live outside today?

The voice of the phone was so loud that Rory could hear what Graham said and smiled deeply.

Seeing the mockery of Rory, Perrin felt more ashamed. She hurriedly said, "Dad, what are you talking about? It's none of your business."

"I'm doing this for your own good. Didn't you always oppose me to bring you and Lucas together? Now that I don't want to make a match, you should be happy. Treat Mr. Rory well and greet him for me."

"Well... Well... There seems to be no signal here. Let's talk about it when I go back." Unable to stop Graham from talking, Perrin hung up the phone in a hurry.

What kind of people were these people? He was just like the weathercock.

"What did Graham say?" Rory called his full name directly.

"Nothing. Ask me to go home early." Perrin blinked her eyes. She would never be able to lie, especially in front of such a smart person.

Rory pulled over the car and looked back at Perrin. He smiled playfully and said, "Really? But what I heard was that he asked you to give a massage on my back."

"Aha, you must have misheard. Now people all go to massage in the health care center. How can I massage the back for you? Besides... As the president of AN group, there must be a lot of people who want to give you a massage, right? How could that be my turn to do it?"

Rory stretched himself and leaned against the chair. "It's your turn now," he said concisely.


'I swear at you thousands of times in my life.'

Perrin had secretly cursed Rory for eight hundred lifetimes, but she still couldn't get rid of her anger. She narrowed her eyes dangerously. One day, she would definitely take revenge.

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