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   Chapter 19 The First Time To Care About A Person's Mood

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After saying that, Rory held Perrin's hand and was about to leave.

Perrin was confused and wanted to say goodbye to his parents with an apologetic face.

Suddenly, Jason's cold voice came from behind, "Your mother and I are preparing for your engagement ceremony with Sasha LUO. You'd better make some preparations as well."

Perrin clearly felt that his hands holding her were getting tightened. Through his palms, she could feel the anger in Rory's heart.

Rory turned around and suddenly bent down to kiss Perrin's beautiful lips. The coldness was unreal.

Perrin was shocked. Was this damn man really taking her as his girlfriend?

Before Perrin could push him away, Rory finished this shallow kiss.

He looked at Jason and said straightforwardly, "From now on, Perrin, she is my woman. I won't marry anybody but her."

Perrin was shocked. She knew that Rory was really angry with his parents, but her heart was beating fast.

"You such shameless woman, how dare you do such a thing in front of the elders. Children from small families are uneducated." Rory's mother was so angry that she almost roared.

Perrin squinted her eyes and looked very confused.

However, everyone who was familiar with Perrin knew that she would get angry if she acted like this. She tried her best to restrain the anger and walked up to Rory's mother elegantly.

"Auntie, I admit that I'm from a small family. I wanted to learn from you what education is, but I didn't expect... It turns out that shouting in front of the guests is being educated?"

Perrin was still worried that she would irritate Rory by shouting to his mother. After all, there was a kind of person in the world who could retort impolitely to a person, but others could not do as well.

But when she looked back, she saw a faint smile on Rory's face, as if he was sort of appreciating it.

"You... Is this how you talk to your parents?" Rory's mother trembled with anger.

Perrin lowered her head. As far as she could remember, she didn't talk to Graham normally, let alone talk back. She kept learning all the time. Graham was always afraid that she didn't deserve Lucas.

"Mom, these topics are useless. I brought her here today to inform you. Since you know, we are leaving." After saying that, Rory left with Perrin without looking back.

Back to the luxurious Rolls-Royce, Perrin lowered her head and was not in a good mood.

"What's the matter? Did my matter affect your mood?"

Perrin might not feel anything, but this was the first time that Rory had taken the initiative to care about a person's mood.

"No, I think your parents are right. You are a descendant of the rich family, and it's important for you to be a couple with someone from a family of equal social rank. Besides, why am I not happy? I'm not your girlfriend. I'm just fake." The more Perrin spoke, the lower her voice became.

"Do you also think it's important to marry a person from equal social rank?" Rory's words seemed to have a deeper meaning.

"I think so." Perrin lowered her head and didn't say anything. Nobody knew what she was thinking about.

Back home, looking at the dim light in the living room, Perrin felt that the atmosphere was a little strange. Graham should be skimming documents in the study at this time every day? Why did he turn to watch TV today?

"Dad, you at home?" Perrin blinked awkwardly and wanted to go back to her room by saying hello casually.

But she was stopped by Graham two steps after she changed shoes.

"Perry, the birthday party of Mr. GU will be held next week. Prepare for what you will do at the birthday party."

Graham's so-called performance was to make Perrin sing, dance or paint in public, so as to show that she was elegant from a famous family.

However, both of them knew clearly that Perrin was not the daughter of the XIA family.

Perrin stopped, hesitated for a moment and said, "I have nothing to do with Lucas anymore. I don't think I need to attend his grandfather's birthday party, right?"

"No way. You decided to break up by yourself, but they didn't agree. As long as the GU family didn't mean to cancel the engagement, you are the daughter-in-law of the GU family." Graham stared at Perrin with eyes wide open.

If Perrin didn't become the daughter-in-law of the GU family, then what was the use of raising her up?

Perrin lowered her eyes and felt very sad, but she said nothing and then turned to go upstairs.

The colorful birthday party was held, and the French glazed chandelier was sparkling.

The birthday party was packed with people, and the GU family was quite influential. Grandpa's birthday party was so grand.

Perrin looked at the beautiful girls around her, and then looked down at herself. She felt like passing by with pass-by, which was totally not suitable with the luxurious birthday party at this time, because Perrin did it on purpose.

"What do you mean, Perrin? Look at what you are wearing today. You are even not as good as the nanny in the GU family." Graham was busy with such an occasion and finally had time to take a look at her. He didn't expect her image to be so shocking.

With a faint smile, Perrin reached out to hold the thick glasses in front of her and opened her red mouth.

"Ha-Ha, dad, didn't you say that I should behave well today? I think as the daughter-in-law of GU family, I have to wear the most fashionable clothes, so I wear this suit. It'

s the latest style of fashion week."

Graham looked at Perrin up and down and found that he looked terrible. She wore denim trousers with horn legs, a red peony shirt and a pink bow knot on her fair and slender neck.

From the smoky eyes, that can be noticed that she didn't usually wear heavy smoke makeup, and her makeup was even more eye-catching.

"You... Did you do that on purpose? Go and find a dressing room to wash your face." Exasperated, Graham pushed Perrin to a place with fewer people.

With an innocent look on her face, Perrin said, "Dad, didn't you tell me to show up solemnly? I got up early and spent hours on the makeup. Why need I wash it off so soon? I'll try much longer."

Graham was so arrogant that he didn't dare to say anything more for fear that Perrin would misunderstood him again.

"Wash it off quickly. Don't come out before you wash it off. And... I'll have someone send you a suit of clothes later. If you dare to come out before that, I'll freeze all your economic sources." Graham nervously paced back and forth in front of the dressing room.

He also hoped that Perrin could attract the attention of Lucas so as to explain for what happened last time. He didn't expect that this woman would be smarter than him.

At this time, not far from the two people, a pair of deep eyes like a lake were watching this scene with amusement.

Rory didn't have to attend the birthday party of the GU family. AN and the GU family didn't have any business cooperation, so he could find an assistant in the company to represent.

However, the reason why Rory came here this time was to see how Perrin could get rid of the identity of the daughter-in-law of the GU family.

He didn't expect that this woman could always surprise him.

In the dressing room alone, Perrin took off the wig on her head, and her long hair, like a waterfall, instantly fell to the shoulder.

She looked at herself in the mirror with heavy makeup and smiled faintly. If the GU family saw her dressing like this just now, they would definitely take the initiative to cancel the engagement.

Unfortunately, she didn't have time before she was asked to stay here.

Perrin took out a piece of tissue from her cheap small bag, slowly wiped the thick lipstick, removed the black and thick false eyelashes, and returned to her original delicate appearance.

"Why do you remove your makeup? I think it looks good now."

Suddenly, a man's voice came from behind, which startled Perrin. She turned around in a hurry and asked, "Who is it?"

With a playful look on his face, Rory held Perrin in the middle of the mirror with one hand and asked, "We haven't seen each other for a night. Have you forgotten?"

Every time Rory appeared suddenly, Perrin could smell the faint mint scent on his body, which was very special.

There was a faint Mint smell on his body, but it didn't seem to be ordinary perfume.

Perrin's mind was wondering. Was it because of the scent of his body?

Which many women don't even have a good scent?

Perrin shook her head desperately.

Looking at the strange look of the woman in front of him, Rory said with interest. "Your makeup is quite beautiful. Why do you take it off?"

"Did you see everything? Is it interesting? Your aesthetic sense seems a little abstract." Perrin was glad that she had wiped off the heavy makeup in time. Otherwise, he would be scared to death if he looked at her closely.

"Really?" Rory asked indifferently.

Just then, two people came in the dressing room. Perrin looked at Rory nervously. This was a place for women. In such a public place, most of the dressing room and bathroom were connected.

But they were scared to death when they saw a man standing here?

As Perrin's mind was working fast, she was suddenly pulled into the bathroom by a strong hand.

The woman's bathroom was divided into two small sections. It was a little crowded for them to squeeze into one.

Rory leaned against Perrin tightly, who frowned and whispered, "Why are you so close to me? It's very hot here."

For today's image, Perrin wore very thick clothes, and now her white hot smile turned red.

"I have no choice. The space here is too small. You'd better shut up now, or you will hear me outside." Rory said indifferently.

Looking at the large empty space behind Rory, Perrin was about to say something when she heard the two women outside talking.

"Hey, did you hear that? Mr. Rory might come to today's birthday party. I'm so excited. I'm here for him." The woman said as she applied lipstick to her face in front of the mirror.

Pursing her lips, Perrin looked away at the complacent expression on Rory's face with disdain.

The woman standing next to her heard it and said with an anthomaniac expression, "Wow, really? I'm so lucky. I've never seen Mr. Rory before. People who have seen him all say that he's handsome."

"Ha-Ha, that's right. Numerous women can't catch up with him." The woman picked up her eyelashes and looked at herself in the mirror. She confirmed there was no problem, then she walked out as she said.

At the first time, Perrin reached out her little hand and pushed Rory out. "Those two women are really talkative. The space is so small."

Rory leaned against the wall, looking at her thoughtfully.

Noticing the strange look in his eyes, Perrin asked curiously, "What's the matter with you? Didn't I clean up my make-up?"

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