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   Chapter 17 I Want To Kick Him Hard (Part Two)

Please Pay Off Love Debt, My Sweetie By Er Duo Characters: 5551

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"Ha-Ha, you look like a loser." Perrin was amused and blurted it out without thinking.

All of a sudden, the expression on Rory's face became even colder, and the temperature around her was rapidly dropping.

Feeling that the atmosphere was not right, Perrin smiled stiffly and said, "Mr. Rory, do you have something to deal with in the company? Then I won't disturb you. You are busy. I'm leaving."

As soon as she finished the words, Perrin ran out of the room in a hurry.

Through the window, Rory looked at the small figure downstairs, which ran out like the wind, with a faint smile on his face.

Perrin hadn't been home since she became the main character of the play.

As soon as she arrived at the film set, she saw Tia waving at her from a long distance. Perrin's heart skipped a beat. Tia was her assistant, so she wouldn't look so anxious when there was nothing serious.

"Perrin, you are finally here." Tia breathed heavily because of her hasty steps.

"What's wrong? Has the shooting started?" Perrin looked around in confusion. The facilities were well placed in distance, so she guessed that the filming hadn't been started.

Tia calmed down and said worriedly, "Your father is here. He doesn't look well. The director asked me to tell you that it's not in a hurry to shoot. You should solve the family problem first."

"What? My father is here?" Perrin was shocked and looked around with her watery eyes.

Graham XIA had always been indifferent to her. There must be something important that he could come to the filming site today. Did he already know that she broke up with Lucas?

"Dad..." Perrin stood in front of Graham uneasily, lowering her head and not daring to look into his eyes.

Graham looked at Perrin up and down and snorted, "How dare you call me dad? You don't even listen to me. I don't have a daughter like you."

Perrin lowered her head and said, "Dad, I really don't get along with that Lucas. We will be apart in the future even we get together."

Hearing this, Graham got angry instantly. "Perry, it's not easy for me to raise you up. Although you are not my biological child, I have never asked you to do anything since you were a child. I only arranged a marriage for you, but you made such a joke to me."

Perrin pursed her lips. There had been a lot of things happening recently, so she hadn't noticed that the media had spread the unclear relationship between her and Lucas in the past few days.

Seeing that she didn't say a word, Graham's face darkened. He said gloomily, "Didn't you have a good relationship with Lucas before? Did you have a fight? Since it's a quarrel, there's no need to make a scene. You should care the comments outside."

After saying that, he threw a thick stack of news

papers on the table. Perrin picked it up and had a look. It said clearly, "The daughter of Xia family has caught the son of GU family, but she dumped Lucas GU since she seduced the top-level golden Bachelor Rory AN."

What the hell was going on? It was nothing serious that the people around said so, but why was it still on the newspaper? Would everyone in the city know it?

No wonder Graham would be angry. Such a matter had seriously affected the business cooperation between the XIA and the GU family.

Perrin frowned slightly, as if something was wrong. The GU family must keep the secret that she broke up with Lucas.

A big family was more likely to worry about reputation, and with his family's strength, it was impossible to let this news spread.

The only possibility was... It was Lucas who put obstacles in the way.

Lucas was a stubborn man. He only cared about his own gains and losses, while didn't care about the pro and con of the company.

"Say something." Graham pounded the table with his big hand, and the water in the cup spilled out.

Perrin was shocked. Anyway, it was impossible for her to be with Lucas. No matter what her father said now, she would not have anything to do with that man.

She made up her mind and said directly, "Dad, no matter why you decided to have me marry with him this time, I won't be with Lucas. You have raised me for so many years, and you can ask me to do anything you want, but marriage is exception."

Perrin's tone was so absolute that she didn't want to listen to Graham anymore at all.

Graham stretched out his big hand and pointed at Perrin tremblingly, "I raised you up for the marriage with the GU family. Aren't you too heartless to make trouble for me at this moment?"

Perrin lowered her head and didn't say anything. She had never controlled her own fate.

She had known since she was a child that she grew up in the XIA family and was completely a pawn that could be used by anyone. The XIA family had trained her to speak many languages since childhood, so that she could become an outstanding lady in order to match up with Lucas.

To Graham's surprise, when everyone thought the marriage was settled, Perrin didn't listen to him.

Perrin bit her lower lip tightly, which had already oozed dark red blood streaks. She was restless in the heart. She knew that her existence in the XIA family was a chess piece, but she had to thank Graham for his charity.

At least, Graham was much better than that hateful man. At least, when she couldn't live on her own, she had nothing to worry about life.

"I'm sorry, dad. I really appreciate your raising. I will do my best to repay you in the future, but I will never take my feelings as a bargaining chip in your business."

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