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   Chapter 13 Listen To The Story Before Going To Bed (Part One)

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Contract? Perrin looked at the several pages on the table with her big eyes. It seemed that the agreement had a lot of content. Was it a contract for shooting?

"You should sign the contract for shooting with the director. What can I do for you?" Perrin calmed down a little.

"This is not a contract for shooting. You can check it, but it's not up to you whether to sign it or not." Rory said like an order, looking at Perrin with a complicated expression.

Perrin hesitated for a moment, stretched out her fair fingers to take a closer look at the contract, and almost fell from the chair.

Contract for pretending to be his girlfriend?

'What do you mean by that?' Perrin was totally confused, but she looked down with great interest and saw the gorgeous white and black words clearly written on it.

'When she is pretending to be Rory's girlfriend, she couldn't be too intimate with any other man.

Make sure that she is on call for Rory.

You need to cooperate with each other no matter what happens when you are Rory's girlfriend.'

The corners of Perrin's mouth trembled twice. What was going on?

Why did he sign such a contract with her for no reason, and it was unilaterally. It was not good for her.

"Why do you think I will sign it?" Perrin asked simply.

Rory smiled faintly, "Remember, I never do anything without absolute certainty."

"You..." Perrin angrily held the contract tightly, which was wrinkled.

She even forgot about it. Since she knew Rory, it was she who asked him for help first. She didn't expect that he would get something on her.

Perrin looked out of the window, hesitated for a moment, tapped the table and said briskly, "Okay, deal, but I also have a few requirements..."

Before Perrin finished her words, Rory stood up and said, "You can bargain with me when you have the ability."

Then he left directly, leaving a gorgeous back to Perrin.

She sat by the table and looked at the unreasonable contract in front of her. What the hell was going on? She wondered if she had been unlucky recently, so that she could meet such a messy thing.

Besides, wasn't this man too decisive? Wasn't the contract supposed to cooperate? Why could he just ask her to cooperate with him?

Being hit hard, Sasha didn't leave the filming site. She knew Rory's temper, so she cleverly dodged and swaggered around after Rory leaving.

"Perrin, if you are a smart woman, I think you'd better leave Rory wisely. I have been engaged to him since childhood, and no matter what shameless thing you do, nobody can destroy it."

Frowning, Sasha looked at Perrin angrily. As soon as this woman appeared, her dear brother, Rory, had changed a lot.

In the past, Rory was a bit patient with Sasha, but now he was so cold. How could the spoiled Sasha bear such a humiliation?

Perrin raised her head and looked at her coldly. She had heard what had happened just now. How dare this shameless woman appear in front of her?

"Sasha LUO? Since you are his fiancee, why did you come here to play tricks? Instead, you just got scolded. Don't you have any confidence in yourself? Otherwise, why do you follow a man every day?"

Perrin retorted bluntly. She was never a person who would swallow insult and humiliation.

Sasha gnashed her teeth and squinted her eyes, as if she was going to eat Perrin. As soon as she opened her mouth, Perrin seemed to hear her grinding her teeth.

"Perrin, I have never seen a woman shameless as you. Haven't your mother told you that you can't steal a married man?"

"Ha ha! It's my business whether to take it or not. It's your own business whether you can k

eep it or not. Why do you come here to make a fuss? It will only show your incompetence in front of me."

Perrin said coldly. Being disturbed by the photo incident for no reason today, she just felt depressed and vented the anger on Sasha.

"You... Perrin XIA, I won't let you be complacent for a few days. I, Sasha LUO, will never let go of anyone who is arrogant." After saying that, Sasha rolled her eyes and turned away.

"Wait a minute, beauty." When Sasha walked out of the filming site, she heard a man's voice from behind.

She turned around and saw the super star, Shawn "Hey, isn't this the super star? What do you want from me actively?" Affected by what had happened just now, Sasha was not very friendly to Shawn.

"Of course I have something to tell you. And I know you will be very happy." Shawn walked to her with interest.

Sasha smiled faintly. Now nothing was worth celebrating unless something that could make Rory change his mind.

"Are you bored since you have no chance to shoot? I don't have time to talk with you here." After saying that, Sasha turned around directly and was about to leave, but her cold little hand was held by Shawn.

"Sis. Sasha, don't worry. Let me finish..." With an evil smile, Shawn approached Sasha and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

Suddenly, Sasha's eyes lit up and the smile on her face deepened. She slowly approached Shawn and said in a spoiled tone, "Oh, I thought you were just an idol star, but I didn't expect you to be so smart. It's settled then. If you come up with an idea, I'll find someone to take action."

"Ha-Ha, thanks for your praise, Sasha. We will have a pleasant cooperation." Shawn said proudly.

That night, as soon as Perrin came back home, she hadn't taken off her coat yet. When she received the phone call from Rory, she had no choice but to walk out of the house.

'What unreasonable rules? On call whenever?' Perrin gritted her teeth and regretted signing the contract today.

He called her in the middle of the night. Was this man a psychopath?

Perrin cursed Rory thousands of times in her heart and then finally arrived at the place.

Holy shit! This is Rory's house. In the dim light at night, it can still see the luxury of his villa. What is the Imperial Palace? The hall in front of her was the luxurious.

This man was so good at enjoying life, wasn't he? Only he, one person lived in such a big house.

"Hello, this is the AN's family. You are not allowed to enter randomly." As soon as Perrin took two steps forward, she was stopped by the security guards.

Perrin was happy in the heart. That's good. She happened to want to rest in the middle of the night, but she didn't expect to be called here by this freak man.

But now, it was not that she was not here, but that the security guards didn't allow her to enter. It was completely two different concepts.

"No enter for no reason? Is it really the case? That'd be great. I'm leaving now." Perrin turned around and was about to leave after saying that.

The security guards of AN family stood in the night, confused. This woman was so strange. Why was she so happy for not letting her in?


Although it was summer now, the breeze at night was not cool at all, but hearing this cold voice, Perrin only felt that there was a "whoosh" cold wind behind her.

"Let her in." Rory ordered to the security guards calmly.

With her back to him, Perrin looked miserable, but it was still too late.

"Miss, our master asks you in." The security guard said politely and pressed a button similar to a remote control in his hand.

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