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   Chapter 61 I Don't Want You To Cry (Part One)

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After coming back, Olivia hurried to pack up for Geoffrey. Tomorrow he will depart, Olivia feels it's very sudden, but she also admits that it is she who is too reluctant to leave Geoffrey.

Flora was very busy. Olivia was very glad that she had cooked a lot of pickles and dried food for Geoffrey in advance. Now she had time to have a good talk with him.

Putting together some essential clothing, she also took the sweatshirt she had made from the cloth she was knitting these days.

"Geoffrey, come here." Olivia shouted at Geoffrey in the yard.

Geoffrey came in and dusted his clothes. There were many pieces of wood on his body when he was chopping the wood just now. He was afraid that it would hurt Olivia.

"What's wrong, Olivia?"

"Come on, try the clothes I made for you."

Geoffrey waved his hands, "I'm too dirty. I'll try again tonight."

However, Olivia didn't agree. It was not dirty at all. It was just a little bit of wood chips?

"No, you can try it now. If you don't try it, you are not allowed to have dinner at night!"

Such a threat was more like a spoiled child to Geoffrey. He knew that he couldn't change Olivia's mind, so he quickly took off and dressed it up. After circling around Geoffrey for two circles, Olivia finally nodded and said, "yes! Good. I'm really good at it. "

Geoffrey looked at Olivia with a bad smile, "Isn't it because of my good figure that I look good in clothes?"


He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and rested his chin on Olivia's shoulder. "Good Olivia. Don't be angry. You know I'm joking."

Olivia's nose twitched. She turned around and hugged him, almost crying. "I don't want to leave you, Geoffrey."

"I don't want to leave you either. Don't cry. It's just temporary."

It was the first time that Ada had walked to the gate of the Lu

he left.

Olivia didn't sleep for almost a night. On the second day, she and Geoffrey got up before dawn. The whole family was busy sending Geoffrey off.

At this time, there was a guest at home.

Olivia was shocked to see Uncle Clark, and Geoffrey went over and carried him on his back.

Clark was wearing a black shirt. His eyes were blazing with excitement. This was what a veteran should have!

Everyone in the Lu clan bowed to Clark, only to find that Flora was a little weird. But Clark was obviously in high spirits, so he didn't care about these details.

If Uncle Clark was surprised, then Brayden's arrival could be called a shock.

"Jacob! You're amazing! Your Geoffrey is going to Hangzhou! "

Jacob smiled awkwardly, "yes! I'm going to Hangzhou. "

Olivia didn't bother to look at the village head Brayden, but he was kind today. She didn't mind pretending to be mean. So she smiled and said, "Mr. Brayden is here."

For the first time, Brayden didn't pull a long face. Instead, he replied politely.

The more they parted, the calmer Olivia became. She thought she would cry and stop Geoffrey from leaving, but she didn't. She calmly looked at the back of Geoffrey, without even saying anything.

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