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   Chapter 59 I Want You Now (Part One)

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Ada thought she was so unlucky.

Because of the intoxicant incident, Andrew was beaten up by Geoffrey in front of everyone. Although Ada had been happy for a long time because of Olivia's injury, she didn't expect that the bruises all over Andrew's body would become like this again.

Ada took out the gauze she got from others and bound up the wound for Andrew at one point one. It was said that the gauze was taken by Olivia from Bid. It was also used when Geoffrey was injured. Now she just got it and it was used up by Andrew.

After she exerted her strength on Andrew on purpose, she couldn't help cursing, "you're really useless, Andrew."

Andrew snorted, but finally didn't say a word.

Of course, Ada wouldn't stay here to take care of Andrew all the time. She had a lot of things to do, and the first thing she needed to do was to clear up the misunderstandings between her and Geoffrey. Therefore, she had been doing her own things very well these days, and rarely visited the same peaceful Andrew

As soon as Andrew got home, he fell asleep without going out for two days.

"Andrew, come out!"

When Andrew, who was sleeping soundly, heard someone calling him, he suddenly sat up from the bed and quietly hid behind the door to see who was coming for him. He heard more than one or two voices, or he wouldn't be so scared at his home.

As a result, they took him directly to the Lu family and asked him to apologize! Why should he apologize? He hadn't settled accounts with Geoffrey yet, but instead he made trouble of him. Although Andrew was unwilling, he still went to the Lu family, because of the pressure of the public opinion in the village.

"I'm telling the truth, Geoffrey. There's nothing between Olivia and me. I was talking nonsense before. Think about it carefully. If something really happened between us, we would have run away together already."

Standing outside the gate of the Lu family's courtyard and apologizing to the gate, Andrew was patted on the head the next moment. "What are you talking about? You should apologize! If you

hin the next time she saw him.

In order to have a grandson, Flora was afraid that Olivia would be tired, so Bid and Aiden were the most tired.

Bid couldn't bear it, but Olivia couldn't bear to see Flora's dignified face. She didn't dare to say anything more when Flora said she was not allowed to go out. Olivia only knew that Bid's weakness was this. She just smiled and couldn't straighten up.

The weather was still hot, but the temperature varied greatly in the morning, so Olivia got up at 4 o'clock. At the same time, Geoffrey also went out after Olivia got up. Originally, Olivia thought that Geoffrey would only go out for a walk and then come back. But she didn't see Geoffrey until everyone finished eating.

Just as Olivia was in a hurry, she saw Geoffrey wandering around the gate of the yard with his head down.

Just a little closer, Olivia could feel Geoffrey's depressed mood. Holding his arm, Olivia asked cautiously, "what's wrong? Did he see Andrew again? Or did Andrew mess around again? "

Olivia's worries were very serious, but Geoffrey chuckled and gently rubbed the tip of her nose. "Silly girl, how could it be possible? Now he has no choice but to run away when he sees me. "

After saying that, he heaved a sigh of relief and looked into the distance. His eyebrows frowned, which made Olivia even more worried. "Then what makes you so upset?"

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