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   Chapter 58 What If You Beat Him To Death (Part Two)

Rebirth: Double My Love For You By Huang Xiaohuai Characters: 5687

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:03

This was the place that Andrew took her to that day.


The sound was similar to the sound of water spraying. Olivia had no choice but to keep approaching until she was next to the window of the broken room.

"Stop! Stop. Please, Geoffrey! "

The wail and pleading from the Andrew shocked Olivia.

she looked over quietly and found that Geoffrey's eyes had turned red. he ignored Andrew's begging. Blood was all over the bodies of the two. The voice that Olivia had just heard was the sound of spitting blood from Andrew. The blood fell on the wall, wh

uy. It's not a big deal to beat him a few times! "

His companions also agreed, "that's right. I can beat ten people like him. let alone Andrew."

Hearing the two people's comments on him in silence, Andrew really wanted to go up and distinguish them. It was obvious that Olivia liked him, but he was replaced by Geoffrey.

But now he felt pain all over his body, especially his face and neck. He couldn't even lift them. he didn't know what that woman Ada was doing now.

his face must be very swollen now. he needed to go to find Ada and bind it up first.

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