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   Chapter 57 What If You Beat Him To Death (Part One)

Rebirth: Double My Love For You By Huang Xiaohuai Characters: 5833

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"I've long known that you and Andrew are not simple. I didn't expect it to be true." An old bachelor who came from nowhere teased.

The woman took a step forward, but she was a head taller than the bachelor. She smiled and said, "old bachelor, Olivia has said that she has nothing to do with him in the future. Besides, Andrew who hurt people behind them is not a good person. How could Olivia have anything to do with him?"

"Exactly! You're an old bachelor. Don't try to stir up trouble here. Everyone knows that you always hope for other people's sadness. Now it seems that there's another one! " After saying that, she glared at Andrew with contempt, indicating something.

"Yes, old bachelor. Don't be so unkind."

Several uncles spoke for Olivia, and the old bachelor had to retreat resentfully.

Andrew felt ashamed, but he didn't know what he did wrong to be criticized like this.

"Thank you for your trust. I, Olivia, thank you all very much,"

Olivia bowed. She didn't expect that everyone would be on their side. After all, it was Andrew who was seriously injured, and to a certain extent, Andrew was in a weak position.

"Mom, Geoffrey, let's go home."

Holding Olivia in his arms, Geoffrey glared at Andrew. The anger in his heart lasted for a long time.

The crowd dispersed. Kneeling on the ground, Andrew was so angry that he didn't dare to say anything. It seemed that he had to plot in the future.

He didn't expect that Ada would help him!

When Olivia returned home, she could no longer feel the pain in her temples. Olivia pressed Geoffrey on the chair and said, "the food must be cold. You sit down first, and I'll heat it up later."

"Don't go."

How could such a weak person not feel tired? Geoff

o say something, but at the corner, she was shocked by Geoffrey's side face.

It was like a soul locking emissary from hell, and its cold appearance made people feel cold on the soles of their feet.

This kind of Geoffrey made Olivia flustered. No, she had to catch up and have a look.

It was hard for Olivia to catch up with him all the way, but she still had to deliberately keep a distance from Geoffrey. However, it was unknown whether it was because of Geoffrey's high vigilance or because he was used to watching others from afar. Olivia had to retreat from time to time to make sure that Geoffrey couldn't see her. If it weren't for the fact that Geoffrey was in a bad mood, she wouldn't have been able to follow him for so long.

Her feet might have blistered after the torture.

If they wanted to track people, it would be more difficult than tracking Geoffrey. Olivia felt that she could even be a scout.

The more Olivia walked, the more she felt that the place that Geoffrey was going to look familiar, but she still maintained a safe distance. When they arrived at the dilapidated house at the foot of the mountain, Olivia was at a loss.

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