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   Chapter 42 The Village Head's Family's Apology (Part Two)

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As soon as she arrived at the gate of the yard, a loud sound rang out, and the newly built house in front of her collapsed with a crash. Looking at the collapsed house, Olivia's body flashed and her eyes were almost blurry. It took her a long time to calm down. Looking at the scene in front of her, she almost collapsed and shouted, "Geoffrey!"

"Geoffrey, where are you? no Geoffrey will be fine. You will be fine. " Olivia bit her lips and tried to hold on to the bricks, ignoring her injured fingers.

"No, you won't die. Geoffrey, please come out!"

Her fingers were unconscious, and there was blood stained gray bricks, which were dark red like blooming flowers on the other shore. She was desperate but never gave up hope.

For a moment, all they could hear was Olivia's cries. Someone was pulling her, someone was persuading her, and even an aunt was trying to take her out of the collapsed place. She glared at them with her scarlet eyes and roared, "don't pull me inside. Get away, please! Geoffrey is inside. I'm looking for Geoffrey. "

Tears streamed down the woman's face. She shook her head and looked at Olivia, who was already crazy. She cried and asked someone to pull Olivia away, or the house would collapse.


Olivia turned around. A resolute and worried face came into view through the dust.

"Geoffrey, I thought..."

Before she finished her words, she heard a scream. The next moment, she was carried by Geoffrey and rolled on the ground.

"Bang! Bang! " The beam fell to the ground, and the other end rubbed against the back of Geoffrey.

Geoffrey's face turned red because of his strength. The painful expression on his face made him look much weake

and hands.

June was the season for wheat to harvest a lot. As long as harvesting wheat, she could find a way to plant sweet potato. The drought lasted for two years. Although sweet potato could survive under the drought, it was always good to be well prepared.

The Yellow wheat waved with the wind like a heat wave. The fragrance of wheat spread throughout the whole village. Smelling this fragrance, everyone smiled with satisfaction and excitement, as if they had seen the prosperity of the harvest. Everyone was beaming with satisfaction and excitement.

Geoffrey gently pinched Olivia's nose and kissed her red lips. Then he said, "I have to go to the ground."

"Go ahead. I'll bring you some food later." Olivia said obediently, leaning against Geoffrey's shoulder.

After a short while, Olivia walked to the ground with a basket in her hand. Along the way, she fought hard before the harvest. Almost all the labor in the village was harvested hard on the ground.

As soon as Olivia stepped into the ground, an uninvited guest appeared in front of her.

"Andrew, what do you want to do? !"

Olivia said angrily.

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