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   Chapter 30 Parade Through The Streets (Part Two)

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A village chief was a village chief, and his words were indeed much more dignified than an ordinary person, but Olivia smiled helplessly as she listened.

It was a matter of life and death. That was what she thought. Olivia's face changed slightly. "Brayden, you are overthinking things. Olivia just told Brayden her worries. As for whether to do it or not, it depends on Brayden. But life is not a game. Once a storm comes, the mountain will slide. As the village head, can you take the responsibility? "

The question made Brayden's face blush. He pointed at Olivia's nose and trembled with anger. "I'm also the village head. It's not your turn to judge me."

How dare a whore who only knew how to mess with men criticize him. Brayden walked two steps to the door and shouted with a wave of his arm.

"Come on, everyone! Come and see the prostitutes in our village. "

Hearing the two words "prostitute", the neighbors put down their work and rushed over, and all the passers-by stopped. Brayden was a charismatic man.

Soon, Brayden's house was surrounded by villagers. Olivia had tried to find a place to hide in the room several times. But she couldn't hide. Although she knew that Brayden would say something bad when he was angry, a storm was a big deal. She couldn't avoid another discussion or abuse because of herself.

As soon as she came out, she heard a few whispers. Olivia still raised her head and walked out.

"Yes, it's her. The sky is clear, but she said there was going to be a storm and asked me to be prepared. Shouldn't we punish such a whore who seduces the public? "

"Brayden is right!" As soon as Brayden's words fall, someone agrees.

"We should parade her!"

In just a few minutes, Olivia had become like this without saying a word. Looking at the village head who was looking at her complacently, Olivia was a little angry.

Geoffrey was glad that he had come early. He squeezed through the crowd and accurately held Olivia's hand. Before Olivia could react, he said, "as the leader of a village, you are bullying a weak woman here. Our village head Brayden is really good. "

Countless warm currents surrounded Olivia's tightly clenched small hands, and Geoffrey's big hands wrapped around her. But in this case, the village head Brayden would not let her go. She just suggested the village head Brayden to deal with him in this way, not to mention Geoffrey cursing Brayden in front of so many people. However, Geoffrey didn't flinch at all.

Brayden's cigarette dropped on the ground. He wanted to hit her, but he was afraid that he would be humiliated in front of so many people, so he had to jump up and scold, "I'm Brayden, the village head. but you scolded me for a prostitute. Do you believe that I will lock you up and let you parade? "

"Now that Brayden wants me to parade, I have no objection. I just hope that Brayden won't slander my wife again." Geoffrey sneered


The dim yellow shed smelled unpleasant and wet. In addition to the cow that was plowing the ground, there was also a straight body of Geoffrey. He stood there still. There was a chain tied to his hands and feet, and his handsome face was also stained and dark by the village head. Only a pair of bright eyes were particularly conspicuous in the darkness.

Olivia knew that he was reassuring her.

She couldn't help but turn around and run away. She wanted to explain to Brayden and let him let go of Geoffrey.

Geoffrey had to go to Hangzhou to join the army in the future, without any stain on his body. After being locked up by Brayden. If they were parading on the street tomorrow morning, everyone would know that Geoffrey had made a mistake.

Her knees were still aching, but she couldn't stop. Even though she knew that Brayden wouldn't let him go, she still had to try.

When she arrived at the village head's house, the light in his house was just turned off. Olivia had no choice but to stop. her organs seemed to be crushed, making her out of breath.

Every step she took was useless. She covered her face with her hands and squatted on the ground. Her thin body was not conspicuous in the night. But her undulating back was particularly pitiful.

"What should we do? Geoffrey. It's all my fault. It's all my fault. I got you into this. "

Olivia stayed at the gate of the village head's house the whole night. It was not until in the morning that the cock started to whistle. The door of Brayden's house opened.


It was morning. Olivia was a little cold, and her body was a little stiff because of her squatting. But she still rushed up at the first time.

"Brayden, please let go of Geoffrey. He can't be paraded on the street. Brayden! "

Brayden's wife Truda just got up and was about to feed the chicken. she was shocked by the girl in front of her.

She was a little heavy these two days and didn't sleep well, so she got up early. But she didn't expect that. The girl with red and swollen eyes begged her rashly.

When she took a closer look, she was surprised. "Are you Olivia?" Looking at her wet clothes, she wondered if she had waited here all night?

She had also heard about Olivia. There were many misunderstandings about this girl in the village. But she could tell that Olivia was a good girl, and her care for Geoffrey didn't seem to be fake. This time, when Geoffrey was locked up, the girl cried like this and waited here the whole night.

"You can go back now."

"No, Truda. I won't go back. Please tell Brayden to let go of Geoffrey. I have no choice. "

It was true! Truda sighed. It was not easy for this girl.

"Go back now. I'll ask him to let him go."

"Really?" Olivia asked in disbelief.

Truda shook her head helplessly. What a stubborn girl! She patted on Olivia's shoulder kindly and said, "let's go back. I won't lie to you."


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