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   Chapter 29 Parade Through The Streets (Part One)

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On the second day, all the family members worked on the farm and Jacob insisted on working there. After the family persuaded Jacob again and again, he agreed not to work too long. The only thing they needed to do now was to remove the weeds and water the plants, but they had to be busy for a while.

Olivia and Bid were cooking at home. After dinner, it was a little cloudy outside. The blazing sun at noon was also hiding in the clouds.

After Olivia told Bid to stay at home, she hurried to the farm with the food. The weather had been unusual for the past two days, there was going to be a big storm soon and she would have to find a way for the village to prevent it.

Today's weather was even hotter than yesterday. There were sweat stains on Olivia's back, which made her feel uncomfortable. She wiped the sweat on her forehead and rushed to the place.

As soon as she entered the farmland, she saw the village head humming a song and walking back and forth with a dry pipe in his mouth. He must be here to supervise the situation.

In order to prevent the whole village from a storm, it really needed the village head to mobilize. Thinking of this, Olivia put the rice on the ground and walked up to him with a smile.

"Brayden, are you busy?"

The village head turned his head and held the cigarette in his hand. He glanced at Olivia and was confused. Without looking at Olivia, he continued, "I'm going home for dinner."

[秦霜略] thought for a while and decided to tell the village head directly. It was better to be prepared in advance and would not delay anything else.

"Mr. Yang, I think the weather is not normal these days. It may be raining heavily. As the heavy rain is coming, a storm is inevitable. Brayden, you have to be prepared early. "

If she could just tell the village head that there would be a storm, Olivia wouldn't want to talk so much nonsense.

"Okay, I know. Go ahead. " The village head Brayden answered without stopping.

What kind of heavy rain and strong wind? The weather was a little stuffy, but he was not a three year old child. Did he need a woman to remind him? An ignorant village woman!

Seeing that Brayden didn't take it seriously, Olivia was a little anxious and quickly followed him.

"Brayden, I mean it. There will be a storm. You should mobilize everyone to be well prepared, especially the villagers at the foot of the mountain. "

The others were fine, but once the residents at the foot of the mountain encountered heavy rain and strong wind, they were very likely to be flushed by the mountain slide. If they were warned in advance, at least they could avoid it. As for houses and precious things. they would try their best to take it out if they could.

Brayden finally stopped and said impatiently, "Olivia, am I the village head or you. You don't have the right to command me, the village head! "

Olivia patiently explained, "Brayden, how can I command you. It's really going to rain heavily. If those villagers at the foot of the mo

untain haven't been transferred in time, it will be a great loss. "

"All right! I said I knew it! "

Listening to Olivia's utterly irrelevant words, the village chief became more and more irritated, shrugged his not-long sleeves and strode away.

Brayden was not young, but he had a strong body. he disappeared in a few steps. Looking at the dishes on the ground, Olivia had no choice but to bring some food to Geoffrey.

"What did you just say to the village head?" Geoffrey asked Olivia after receiving the meal.

He had been watching Olivia coming over. Although he didn't know what Olivia had said, the village head seemed to leave with a cold face. He was afraid that the village head Brayden would use his power to suppress them.

Olivia was also puzzled by the village head's attitude towards her, but she still said honestly, "if there is a storm, I tell the village head in advance to prepare."

Looking at Olivia who was eating quietly, Geoffrey had more questions in his heart. 'when will my wife be able to predict?'.

But he still tried to control his emotion and said, "Brayden, doesn't he believe you?"

Olivia put down the bowl and felt a little depressed. It seemed that he didn't believe her. Yes, she was a newly married girl. She suddenly went to tell the village head that there was going to be a storm. In the village head's heart, she was a liar.

But she still hoped that Brayden could take it seriously. If Brayden still didn't use initiatives in a few days, she had to tell him that life was not a game.

"Don't worry. If Brayden doesn't prevent it, we must find a way."

Olivia nodded. It was still Geoffrey who knew her well. That was exactly what she thought.

Seeing that Olivia was about to squat down, Geoffrey stopped her and said, "your legs haven't recovered yet. Sit on my legs first."

Then he stretched out one of his legs.

Olivia sat down rudely, revealing her white teeth and laughing happily.

Two days later, there was still no movement from the villagers at the foot of the mountain. Olivia was anxious. It seemed that the village head Brayden didn't take her words seriously.

She ran to Brayden's house desperately. As soon as she entered, she saw Brayden humming with his legs crossed. he was still in the same condition as two days ago, without any worry.

"What's the matter?"

A figure rushed in and he took a closer look. Brayden was surprised. Then he remembered and took a sip of tea.

Olivia sighed slightly. Although she knew it would be difficult to persuade the village head Brayden, she still had to do it.

"A storm is coming. The villagers at the foot of the mountain haven't moved yet." It seemed that she was talking to herself and obviously asking Brayden.

Brayden frowned, put down the teacup and stood up abruptly. "What happened? 'what? As the village head, do I have to listen to your nonsense? Ridiculous! "

He had to believe what she said. If he was led by a little girl, he would not be the village head.

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