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   Chapter 28 Drawing A Clear Line (Part Two)

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Before she got home, they met Aunt Fay who was walking towards her. Olivia ignored it. She had nothing to say to Aunt Fay. But Aunt Fay wouldn't let her go.

"Huh! Olivia. It seems that you have got Geoffrey into trouble. "

It was said that Geoffrey had a fight with someone, and it was Andrew mentioned by Andrew. Aunt Fay couldn't resist the gossip and rushed over. Although the fun was over, seeing that Geoffrey was covered in dust and his face could still be seen, Aunt Fay said sarcastically. She thought, 'it's nothing. What is it?'?

Olivia still ignored her and walked past Aunt Fay with Geoffrey. The two didn't even look at Aunt Fay. Aunt Fay was so angry that she stamped her feet and said, "don't be too arrogant.".

What a joke! Olivia had been hurt so many times by accident. If she didn't have this willpower, she would be too fragile. Aunt Fay had underestimated her too much. Besides, she didn't want to argue with Aunt Fay.

People's words were daunting, but one step back was boundless. Besides, Aunt Fay was just bewitched and didn't want to let others know that Catherine had been bullied, but she was the one who saved Catherine. She understood that the reason why Aunt Fay was against her was mostly for Catherine.

"Ah! It hurt! You can't be gentle! "

Andrew who was holding his injured arm immediately jumped up and pushed Ada away. Did this woman want to hurt him to death?

He wouldn't have been so humiliated if he hadn't given it to Geoffrey in this way. He wouldn't have been so humble in front of Olivia. It was all because of the bad idea of Ada. What did she mean by saying that Olivia was going to be with him and forcing Olivia to be with him.

Damn it!

"Don't worry. You know, Olivia has changed. She doesn't listen to me anymore and she is on guard against me. There will always be a chance in the future."

Looking at the angry young man in front of her, the disgust in Ada's heart slowly floated on the surface.

He couldn't compare with Geoffrey at all. If it weren't for her future, she wouldn't have been willing to be with such a person, but

Clenching her two fists, Ada forced herself to speak to Andrew calmly. She had to endure it. Olivia, that little bitch, how could Geoffrey defend her like this? For her, Geoffrey, who had always been calm, had actually beaten up Andrew. she was really afraid that Geoffrey would fall in love with Olivia, and then she would really have no chance.

"There's no such a chance. Olivia is now treating me like a stranger, not even willing to call my name. I really don't know what's going on. She wasn't like this before. "

Andrew couldn't stand Olivia's attitude towards him today. She was even stranger than a stranger to him. It was ignorance, indifference, and disregard. She only cared about Geoffrey and didn't look at him.

Ada took a deep breath. This situation was a little tricky, but she could do nothing about it. She leaned over Andrew and whispered, "well..."

"Is that okay?" Andrew was still confused and didn't want to be beaten up by Geoffrey again.

"Okay, don't worry."

After thinking for a while, Andrew gave a complacent smile, just like Ada.

Olivia, on the other hand, knew nothing about this. As soon as she entered the house, Aunt Fay, who was followin

g her, walked towards Flora in the yard.

"Why didn't you tell me that Jacob was in hospital? I didn't know until now. Come and have a look. "

Looking at Olivia at the gate of the yard, Flora said meaningfully, "it's not a big deal, he was angry with someone." After taking Aunt Fay into the room, she was relieved to see that Jacob looked good. "Brother, you look good."

"Yes, much better."

Jacob replied with a smile.

Not knowing whether it was intentional or not, Aunt Fay felt a little embarrassed and said to Jacob, "today, your son fought with someone later."

Hearing this, Jacob got anxious. Flora scream, "What? !"

"Look at you. Isn't our son in the yard? What's the rush? "

Taking a glance at the two people in the yard, Flora knew that although Geoffrey was fine, she still felt uncomfortable. She asked Aunt Fay.

Aunt Fay told Jacob and Flora what the villagers said about Olivia with some bad words. After saying that, she felt better. She still remembered how cold Olivia had been to her just now.

Hearing this, Jacob flew into a rage and shouted outside, "Geoffrey and Olivia, come in."

When Olivia heard her father-in-law call her, she wiped her hands that were washing clothes for Geoffrey and walked in step by step. As soon as she stepped into the threshold, she heard the abusive words.

"Are you deaf or dumb? Don't you know what others say? As if nothing had happened. Go and explain to them clearly. My daughter-in-law in my Lu family can't be slandered all day long. "

Olivia was speechless

Although he was cursing, the concern in his words was invisible. Immediately, Olivia felt warm in her heart. She smiled and withdrew her feet from the house.

Aunt Fay felt bored and went home after saying a few more words.

When Olivia walked out of the yard, she heard that Geoffrey seemed to be talking to someone. She quietly walked to the side and found that it was an uncle that day. There was even a younger aunt beside him. Not knowing what the uncle had said, Geoffrey replied, "Olivia is fine."

"It's said that your father was so angry that he left the hospital."

What uncle Lambert said really cared about Jacob, but Olivia wanted to laugh. She didn't go over, but wanted to hear what Geoffrey would say.

"It was an accident. Besides, Olivia has been taking care of my father all the time. She is more careful than us. If it weren't for the medicine she prescribed, my father wouldn't have recovered so soon. "

The corners of Geoffrey's mouth lifted unconsciously as he spoke. Serious Olivia, smiling Olivia, angry Olivia, scolding him somehow; he even told everyone that she was his.

No wonder he fell in love with this little woman at the first sight.

uncle Lambert took a drag on his cigarette and knocked on his foot before he said, "if that's the case, you two will have a good life."

Geoffrey nodded and chuckled. When the aunts saw this, they quietly walked away with uncle Lambert. Olivia was so moved that she hugged Geoffrey from behind.

Geoffrey's waist stiffened. Smelling the familiar fragrance, he took Olivia's hand and went back to the room.

their lips were intertwined, full of sweetness and gratitude. Olivia wrapped her arms around Geoffrey's waist, and followed him with her eyes closed.

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