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   Chapter 27 Drawing A Clear Line (Part One)

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This Andrew, and Ada really are a natural pair. One of them hurt her on her back, and the other flattered himself! It had nothing to do with her whether he was fine or not?

"Are you okay, Geoffrey?" Olivia carefully wiped Geoffrey's face. Fortunately, except for the ash on his face, there was no wound. On the contrary, Andrew's face had been beaten black and blue.

Olivia let out a sigh of relief in her heart, but at the same time, she was proud of her husband's strength.

Andrew didn't understand. she was fine before marriage. she was intimate with him before marriage and even committed suicide for him after marriage. Why did she look like a different person these days? She didn't miss him at all. Last time, she even kicked him into the ditch.

This time, Geoffrey came to hit him for no reason. She didn't feel sorry for him, but cared about him as if he was not there.

Did it really change as Ada said?

No, he didn't believe it. He knew this woman best and she would never let him go.

"Olivia, you..."

As soon as he opened his mouth, he was interrupted by Olivia. "Andrew, Watch your mouth.. I'm the wife of the Lu clan's public media. You can't call me intimately. Please behave yourself, Mr. Andrew. Don't always think of bullying a married woman like me."

Then she looked at the crowd again. She knew that some of them misunderstood her. Now that there were so many people here, she could explain it clearly at once.

"Dear uncles, aunts, Olivia knows how many misunderstandings you have towards me these days. We all know that we are now promoting the freedom of marriage and love. Yes, I admit that I was indeed pursued by Andrew before marriage, but there is no innocence. After marriage, I even directly separated from him. "

Andrew panicked, which was totally different from what he had imagined. He hurriedly stopped her, "Olivia, I was wrong. As long as you can forgive me, I will marry you right away. All the houses and cars in the town are yours. Isn't this what you want most? "

Olivia snorted. Was that how he made up her story in private? Was it the idea of Ada or the idea of Andrew? Or the two of them conspired?

Did the two of them collude with each other from the very beginning? Then she was so stupid in her previous life that she had been making wedding dresses for others from beginning to end!

"Shut up!"

"Since everyone is here today, I have to make it clear. I have never thought of remarrying, and I will never divorce with Geoffrey. We have a good relationship. Please don't believe what is being said out there, and don't believe the one side of the story that is being told by Andrew. Geoffrey was so angry today that he slapped the man who ruined my reputation. Please don't blame my husband. Blame this hapless Andrew."

As soon as her words faded away, the people who had been waiting to see the fun began to discuss.

"It seems that the Lu couple have a good relationship."

"Yes! Look, she doesn't look at anyone except her own men. It's probably the wishful thinking of the young man named Andrew! "

A woman didn't think so and retorted, "What wishful thinking, that's all talk."

"My lady, Hearing is believing and seeing is believing. I don't know whether she is an unfaithful woman or not, but it's true that she loves her man wholeheartedly! "

Although there were still some people who didn't believe Olivia, the crowd slowly dispersed, which proved that most of them had heard her words.

Looking at the woman who was wiping the dust and sweat for him, Geoffrey really wanted to kiss her. This little fool still had to speak for him in the end. It was him who slapped other man, but in the end, no one said he was wrong.

When the two of them looked at each other, Olivia smiled gently. Looking at Geoffrey, she couldn't help but blame him, "you don't allow me to argue with Ada. What about you? You hit him directly. "

When Geoffrey heard that Olivia didn't even want to say Andrew's name, he spoiled a smile, and the previous unhappiness immediately dissipated." Good Olivia., I didn't mean it, I just got itchy."

Your hands itchy? Olivia laughed. 'you're so cute, Geoffrey!'!

Seeing the two of them flirting with each other, Andrew felt dissatisfied and unfair. It was only to him before!

Since he was beaten up by Geoffrey, Andrew was a little scared. He seized the opportunity and pulled Olivia over when Geoffrey was not paying attention. "Olivia, you obviously love me..."

Before he could finish his words, he was knocked to the ground by Geoffrey's fist, and Geoffrey didn't forget to protect Olivia behind him.

"Mr. Andrew seems to have a bad ear. Olivia said that she had nothing to do with you. If you dare to touch her again, I will teach you a lesson. "

He squatted down, gently patted the thin shoulder of Andrew, and said a few words from his teeth.

Although he said it in a calm tone, Andrew still felt goose bumps all over his body. he couldn't help but move backward, but he was still firmly held down by Geoffrey.

When Geoffrey came to fight with him, he thought that the other party was overconfident, but he did not expect that he was beaten from beginning to end. his body was still aching.

However, he still didn't want to admit being a coward. He looked at the white and tender girl Olivia and said in an unconvinced tone, "let me tell you. Olivia loves me from the beginning. We are going to get married."

Olivia didn't know what was on Andrew's mind. He didn't understand how he could give up Geoffrey and choose Andrew in his previous life.

Compared with Geoffrey, such a timid and spineless person Andrew was like dust under the ground. She was so blind.

Seeing that Andrew was courting death again, Olivia couldn't help but blurt out, "leave him alone. Let's go back." Then she pulled Geoffrey away, completely ignoring the murmuring of Andrew behind them. After walking a little further, Olivia said to Geoffrey, "leave him to Ada. They will get married sooner or later."

Olivia didn't realize that her words were too affirmative and made Geoffrey confused. She just smiled and continued to walk.

After a while, she heard the sudden voice of Geoffrey, "Why are you so sure that they will get married?"

Olivia was frustrated, what an accidental misspoke. Looking at Geoffrey's eyes which seemed to penetrate through her soul, Olivia admitted defeat, but there were some words that she couldn't say to Geoffrey now.

She hesitated for a long time and did not give any practical explanation. However, Geoffrey only shook his head with a smile and did not ask more questions. He just let Olivia take him home.

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