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   Chapter 26 A Legitimate Couple (Part Two)

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Her white and tender skin turned red and swollen because of the injury, and the surrounding area of the wound also began to swell up. Although the wound had scab, it was not treated early, so it turned out a little.

Olivia's skin was so delicate that her knee was red and swollen just by kneeling down.


Olivia couldn't help but lean back.

"Does it hurt? I'll be gentle. "

Geoffrey had tried his best to be careful, but he still didn't want to touch the wound.

Olivia nodded. "I didn't notice it last night. I didn't expect it to hurt now."

In front of Geoffrey, Olivia didn't want to hide herself at all. She wanted Geoffrey to care about her. Seeing Geoffrey's distressed look, Olivia felt very happy.

"Silly girl, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Olivia pouted. "I don't know it's so serious. If I had known it, I wouldn't have exerted so much strength."

Geoffrey felt very guilty. Olivia could kneel down to his parents for him, but he didn't notice her injury in time and let her stay up all night. And the wound must be cleaned carefully.

he picked up Olivia and was about to leave, but he was refused forcefully by Olivia.

"I... I can walk myself."

Geoffrey shook his head helplessly. It must be those people's words that made her uncomfortable.

Suddenly, a voice came from beside the tree. Olivia immediately ran out. She didn't know if she was too sensitive. She always felt that it seemed to have something to do with her.

As expected, Aunt Fay was chatting with someone with a basket in her hand. A woman was asking Aunt Fay what she thought of Olivia. But Aunt Fay disliked her.

"Ask me? How could I know? "

"Didn't you go to see her? And she saved your girl. "

Aunt Fay pulled a long face and said to the woman, "it's hard to say her. I don't think she is a bad guy. But I don't like her either. She's so beautiful. I don't think she's a quiet girl. "

Olivia asked herself that she had never offended Aunt Fay, and she had never thought of returning her favor for saving Catherine. Moreover, she had cooked a table of delicious food for Aunt Fay last time. She didn't expect Aunt Fay to put in a good word for her, but she didn't expect that she was still restless in Aunt Fay's heart.

'restless? That's good. To put it bluntly, it's just seducing people everywhere?

"Aunt Fay!"

Aunt Fay turned around and saw Olivia and Geoffrey standing behind them. Olivia looked at her disappointedly.

Olivia didn't want to waste her time on Aunt Fay. Although she tolerated Aunt Fay, it didn't mean that she had no temper. she walked up to Aunt Fay.

Olivia said, "I don't dare to ask Aunt Fay to thank me for saving your daughter. Please don't damage my reputation everywhere!"

Aunt Fay felt a little embarrassed. But she didn't shrink back. "It's Ada who said you had an affair with Andrew. I just heard it. Don't take it too seriously."

After saying that, she left slowly and hurriedly, and other lady shook her head and went about her business.

Olivia wanted to kill Ada now. How could she be with her everywhere! If a tiger didn't get angry, she would treat Olivia as a sick cat!

"Olivia, don't be so reckless," said Geoffrey, grabbing Olivia's arm

Olivia looked at Geoffrey in disbelief. "No! I'm going to find her! Why should she slander me everywhere? Let go of me. "

Olivia kept pushing Geoffrey away, and Geoffrey endured it. He wanted to push her hard, but he couldn't. If he didn't push, he was afraid that Olivia would really run away. Finally, he managed to bring Olivia home.

"Let go of me!"

Olivia became irritable and shook off Geoffrey.

"Why are you pulling me? Do you also think they are right? !"

Women were always unreasonable when they got angry. In fact, what he said at this time was mostly angry and brainless.

Olivia really didn't understand why Geoffrey didn't let her go to find Ada, but she regretted after saying that.

"Olivia, am I such a person in your heart?"

Geoffrey's eyes were sore and his heart ached. Was he such a person in her heart?

alright, he allowed people to talk about her, allowed her parents to misunderstand her, and never considered her feelings or even stood up for her.

Taking a look at Olivia's disappointed face, he turned around and walked out without looking back. It seemed that it was time to end the relationship today.

"I'm really angry!"

Looking at the figure walking far away, Olivia sat down on the chair and muttered to herself. After a while, Aiden rushed in.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing the anxiety on Aiden's face, Olivia suddenly had a bad feeling.

"Sister in law, brother is fighting with Andrew!"

Fighting with Andrew?!

As she ran all the way, Olivia wished she could have a pair of wings so that she could fly to the side of Geoffrey as soon as possible. If Geoffrey was hurt, she would not let go of Andrew, no matter how powerful he was.

Olivia had completely forgotten that Geoffrey had beaten that bastard to a pulp.


The crowd was bustling. From afar, Olivia could see the tall figure of Geoffrey, who was surrounded by the crowd. With his height, even if he was surrounded by three floors inside and three floors outside, she could still see him at a glance. She walked close to the crowd and shouted.

Geoffrey also saw Olivia flying over at first glance and stopped moving the first time.

Pushing through the crowd, Olivia was so tired that she was out of breath. "Geoffrey, let's go home. This kind of person doesn't deserve you doing this."

"Olivia, Olivia, you're here. I'm fine. I'm fine. "

Andrew, who was knocked down by Geoffrey, stood up unsteadily and began to get close to Olivia as soon as he saw her.

"Shut up! Who allows you to call my name? " Olivia immediately ordered sternly.

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