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   Chapter 25 A Legitimate Couple (Part One)

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They were husband and wife, and there was nothing wrong with their relationship. it's not an inappropriate relationship.

"Ignore them."

Olivia didn't push Geoffrey away. She's open and aboveboard, what's there to be ashamed of?

"I don't want to care them."

They two went to Jacob's ward together.

they didn't expect to see the doctor wearing glasses yesterday as soon as they entered.

"Well, you are right. The patient is much better now."

Hearing this, all the people gathered around. Knowing that Jacob was fine, Olivia finally felt relieved. Looking at the girl who didn't sleep well last night, Geoffrey felt sorry and warm in his heart.

The doctor also felt strange. "Little girl, what kind of medicine are you feeding?"

That's what Olivia was afraid of, she couldn't tell the doctor that she'd lived it all over again. Seeing that Geoffrey also looked at her with an inquisitive look, Olivia felt that it was necessary to be more shameless.

"Nothing. I just wrote this in a book and took some medicine according to my father's symptoms. Fortunately, the effect is the same as that in the book. "

Seeing that Olivia was well-educated and gentle, the doctor knew that she had studied a lot. Besides, the doctor thought that it must be because Olivia had a good observation of Jacob that the Lu family was so lucky to have such a daughter-in-law.

"Well, he can leave the hospital today." After another examination, the doctor concluded. This made the Lu family extremely happy.

Jacob's face was still a little pale, but his eyes were full of spirit. Obviously, he was an old man with spirit. Looking at Olivia who was feeding her medicine, Jacob also looked at Olivia from time to time. But he didn't say anything.

After drinking up this bowl, he could consolidate his condition. Olivia smiled. "Dad, what do you think?"

Jacob turned his head and said, "much better."

As long as he was willing to talk to her!

Olivia grinned from ear to ear. "Dad, the doctor said you can leave the hospital today. It's my fault. I made you angry. Please forgive your daughter-in-law for my thoughtlessness. "

Geoffrey stayed beside her all the time. His wife didn't sleep well last night and even decocted medicine by herself. Although he didn't know why Olivia made the prescription, his father did feel much better after taking the medicine.

From the doctor's words, he also knew that Jacob's illness could recover so soon, and the medicine of Olivia played a key role.

He's not stupid, it's not like he can read a book and then he'll be able to dispense the right medicine, let alone dispense a prescription.

He held Jacob with one hand and put the pillow on Jacob's back with the other, so that Jacob could talk more.

Jacob also knew that he was already not feeling well. This time, it was just in time for Olivia. He also knew that it wasn't Olivia's fault.

He didn't expect that Olivia would be able to do this after he was seriously ill in bed, which meant that she was indeed a good child. His son was so lucky!

With a nod, Jacob leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. Although it was just a small movement, Olivia was al

ready satisfied. She excitedly grabbed Geoffrey's hand and leaned against his chest.

At first, Flora had a lot of complaints about Olivia. But this time, when her husband was sick and saw that Olivia was busy for her father-in-law, she was less angry. She wanted to say something, but was stopped by her father's eyes. Until Flora left the hospital, she didn't say anything bad about Olivia.

It was at night when they left the hospital. It was inconvenient and they couldn't hire a car. it's much better when they got home. After a while, they got home by the car back to village.

After getting the medicine in the hospital in case of need and settling down Jacob, Olivia finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Through this matter, Olivia knew that Ada had already begun to ruin her reputation, and had been stirring up trouble between her and her parents in law.

She knew that her parents in law didn't like her, but she still played such a trick on purpose. 'What on earth did I offend you? Ada. Why did you do this to me.'

Everyone in the village was working on the ground, and only one or two people were left at home to cook and deliver food. Jacob had just been discharged from the hospital today, so he couldn't go to the ground.

She also wanted to go outside to have a look. At that time, she would give up a plot of land in advance to grow sweet potato. She would communicate with her parents in law and ask the villagers to take action as soon as possible. Olivia felt that she still couldn't have time to rest. After all, it was not an easy thing to do.

Walking on the lane in the countryside, Jacob was discharged from the hospital with a gentle breeze. Olivia was especially happy today. It was because her knees hurt so much when she knelt down last night. She had been busy all night last night, but now she felt pain even when she relaxed and walked.

"What are you thinking about?"

Olivia pursed her lips and took a deep breath when hearing Geoffrey's voice. "Dad has left the hospital. I'm finally relieved."

Geoffrey also felt a little guilty. Seeing that Olivia was busy, he felt sorry for her. Although he was curious, Olivia didn't take the initiative to talk about the prescription, so Geoffrey didn't ask. When Olivia was willing to tell him, he didn't need to ask. he would know. He thanked to have a wife who was so capable.

Seeing that Olivia couldn't walk with much strength, Geoffrey suddenly understood. He pressed Olivia on the stone seat beside him and squatted down himself.

"What's wrong? Keep me here. "

Olivia rubbed her knees and looked in puzzlement at Geoffrey, who was squatting in front of her, half short of her.

Without saying a word, Geoffrey lifted up Olivia's trouser legs. Now there was no one here, and there were two big trees blocking it. No one would see them.

Last night, Olivia knelt down in front of Flora without saying a word. The sound was still ringing in his mind. Needless to say, Olivia's knees must have been broken. But the little fool kept silent. If he hadn't seen her walking in a wrong posture just now, he wouldn't have thought about it. it was his fault. It was his negligence.

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