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   Chapter 24 Send To The Hospital (Part Two)

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In the end, there were still some medicines that were not complete, but it didn't matter. With the main medicines, it was easy for him to get better. At this moment, Olivia went to the pharmacy to decoct medicine in a relaxed mood.

After an hour, Geoffrey had been watching from behind for an hour. he had visited Jacob two times in the ward. Olivia was still standing by the side of the medicine when he came back.

It was not until he saw Olivia pour the medicine carefully that he couldn't help but go up to help her.

The nurse who had been looking at the medicine helped Olivia before, so Geoffrey had to go back.

In the ward, Flora was not there. Maybe she had gone to rest outside. Aiden and Bid were sleeping on the edge of the bed. Although Jacob was getting better, he was still in a coma. She couldn't help but feel worried.

"What are you doing?"

When the medicine was almost finished, she was suddenly frightened. Olivia glanced at the doctor outside the door, who was looking at her in confusion.

In case of being interrupted by the doctor, Olivia directly fed him all before standing up.

The doctor approached aggressively, took a look at the medicine bowl at the bottom, picked it up and smelled it again

"What did you give the patient to drink? Don't you know that the patient is still in a coma? he can't take medicine at will! If anything happens to the patient, can you take the responsibility? "

"I'll take the responsibility."

Looking at the man Geoffrey who was separating her from the doctor, Olivia swallowed the words in her mouth.

"Who are you?" Looking at the tall and imposing young man, the doctor raised his glasses and asked.

"I'm the eldest son of the patient. My wife painstakingly made this medicine for my father, and the nurse in the hospital personally caught it."

In fact, Geoffrey's heart was beating fast. But he didn't see it for a while and his wife finished feeding the medicine.

Whether the medicine was useful or not, she had to get the doctor's permission before using it. Unexpectedly, after the medicine was fed, the doctor was asking what it was.

But he believed in Olivia. He had personally seen her make that medicine. As for Olivia, she had been very serious from beginning to end.

Looking at this scene, Olivia felt that she was indeed a little reckless.

But the patient didn't wait. If she really waited for her explanation to everyone, the medicine would be cold.

"Doctor, please check on my father first. If he is fine for the time being, please excuse me."

Olivia's calm voice reassured Geoffrey. He looked at the doctor, who was also serious.

After the examination, the doctor nodded with relief.

"You can't feed the patient medicine without the doctor's permission in the future."

Olivia said yes with a smile.

Following the doctor out, Olivia said, "doctor, please check on my father tomorrow morning. I'll feed him again tonight. It will work then. "

After the doctor heard her words, he said, "Hey, you little g

irl, it seems that you have forgotten as soon as I finished."

"Don't worry, doctor. As you can see, the medicine has no bad effect. It's just some Chinese medicine. "

The doctor held his glasses again, sized up Olivia and thought about it before saying, "Okay, I'll come in tomorrow morning for a checkup, I'd like to take a look at you! What magic can a little girl's medicine do."

Olivia also smiled. "Don't worry, doctor. My father will be fine tomorrow."

The doctor just took it as a joke and left after rolling his eyes at Olivia.

At three o'clock in the morning, Olivia fed Jacob the medicine again and stayed by the bed all the time.

Early in the morning, she fetched food for her family from the hospital canteen and poured some water for Jacob.

"Hypocrite! If it weren't for you, he would be fine now. "

Flora grabbed the cup from Olivia's hand and pushed her away.

Planting crops was a labor-saving job, and Flora had always been healthy. Compared with her mother-in-law, Olivia was just like a sheep.

Olivia knew that Jacob had calmed down. Looking at her mother-in-law's upset face, she had to leave slowly.

From afar, Geoffrey saw Olivia walking out with her head down, and he quickly chased after her.

There were people coming and going outside the hospital. Olivia looked at the sky and then at her feet, not knowing where to go.


The lonely figure made Geoffrey's heart ache.

"Don't be sad. Mom didn't mean it."

Hugging her tightly, Geoffrey's guilt hit him.

his parents were so angry with her that he came to comfort her.

Olivia felt that Geoffrey was really too good to describe, and the bit of grievance in her heart disappeared.

"Well, I'm not sad."

Seeing the adoration in her crescent eyes again, Geoffrey smiled dotingly.

his wife was so easy to be coaxed by him. If she didn't love him and understand him, what was it?

"Isn't this the couple of Geoffrey?"

Hearing this, Olivia turned her head.

It might be villagers in the village who came to see a doctor.

She didn't care about it and was about to go in with her hand holding Geoffrey's. But she didn't expect to hear more about her. another conversation about her drilled into her ears. Her voice was so loud that she couldn't hear it.

"It's this Olivia who has an affair with another man."

"Everyone in village knows what happened to her. With her face, she seduced the man's soul. Look, who is holding a man's hand like her? "

" A person should know his action..."



The voice continued. Olivia took a deep breath and managed to stand firm. There was no way for Geoffrey to hit a woman, because some of them were getting older.

He tightly covered Olivia's ears to protect her in his arms, but didn't dare to get too close, waiting for the people to leave before Geoffrey let go.

He put his hands on her shoulders, and that strong little face covered with frustration and resignation. Finally, he held her in his arms in front of everyone.

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