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   Chapter 23 Send To The Hospital (Part One)

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"Mom, how could I do such a thing?"

"You can't do it? Ada told me that you can wait for Andrew to pick you up and live a good life in the city. You said you are not! "

Huh! Ada!


Olivia knelt down in front of Flora. This action scared Flora, and made Geoffrey's heart ache like a knife.

As soon as Flora stood on the ground, she didn't do anything else. She looked at Geoffrey awkwardly, but Geoffrey's eyes were fixed on Olivia.

"Mother, I know you misunderstand me, but I swear today that I have never thought of that. Please don't be mad at yourself. "

Her firm tone and straight waist proved her stand.

"Well, since you have made a mistake, I won't say anything more."

she turned around and fetched a wooden stick from the outside in a hurry.

The stick was as thick as a fist. It was used to change the hoe on the ground, which was straight and solid. She could even break her ribs with a blow.

"Since you have made a mistake, you should be punished. Today, I'll show you the family rules of my Lu clan. I'll see if you still want to climb up the social ladder in the future."

"Mom, what are you doing? ?"

Geoffrey was anxious. The old generation of the Lu clan had come back from the farm. Where did they get the family rules of the big clan.

He stood still in front of Olivia, as if he was going to protect his wife first.

"You, son, get out of my way!" Flora said impatiently.

"if you beat Olivia, beat me first."

Olivia knelt on the ground. Her knee was so painful that it made her bones hurt into her flesh. She guessed that it must be blue now.

But when she saw Geoffrey stop Flora, she really didn't know what to say. Geoffrey, who had always been filial, disobeyed his parents for her.


"Dad fainted."

Aiden's sobs were full of helplessness, and his flustered voice made the atmosphere suddenly frozen.

Hearing this, Flora staggered with a stick in her hand. Finally, under Olivia's quick reaction, she was supported to the bed.

Geoffrey was always steady, and his body couldn't help but tighten after he heard it. His heart sank when he saw Jacob.

"Aiden! Go to the entrance of the village and hire a car. Hurry up! "

Aiden turned around and disappeared.

"Bid!" Just as Bid didn't know what to do, Geoffrey called her name. She quickly wiped her face full of tears and responded.

"Go and massage Dad first. Wipe his face. Don't stop. Keep wiping. Use cold water!"

Olivia watched Geoffrey standing there calmly and commanding her sister-in-law in an orderly manner, as if she had seen his figure in the army in the future.

Before Geoffrey could call her, Olivia said, "I'll take care of mom. Don't worry."

Aiden ran in, sweating profusely. He said that today's car had gone to the county and did not come back. And it was too late to find a car.

"Thank you."

"Olivia, if you don't have anything else to say, I'll go first. Is this the man you married? "

One of the students who was about to leave turned to ask her pointing at Geoffrey.

Olivia smiled happily. "Yes."

"it's good." Then he patted the back of Olivia's hand.

Olivia smiled. "Yes, it's good."

If she hadn't met her classmate on the way to the town, he would have given them a ride. With Jacob's illness, she didn't know if it could be delayed.

Fortunately, her classmate was not bad. He didn't say anything and sent them to the hospital, which made Olivia completely relieved.

In her previous life, Jacob was also hospitalized, but his condition became worse and worse. Olivia blamed herself.

Today, Jacob got sick because of her.

Although she knew that without her, Jacob would also get sick, but in everyone's eyes, it was because of her. Even if he got sick again in the future, she was still the original sin.

What's worse, if Jacob was not in a good condition, Olivia would be too ashamed to face Geoffrey. At that time, she really didn't know what she would do to Ada.

Her mother-in-law wanted to beat her up just because of Ada's words. Her father-in-law was so angry that he was sent to the hospital.

She had planned to tell her family about planting sweet potato, but now the situation had to postpone the plan for the time being.

Although Geoffrey didn't say anything, what would he do if his father was so angry with her?

In his previous life, Jacob got sick and finally got better after taking some herbs. At that time, the situation was very serious. he just got sick this life. If he used medicine now, it must be more effective.

Thinking of this, Olivia ran towards the counter of the hospital.


"Leave me alone. Take good care of dad and mom."

While Geoffrey was deep in thought, he raised his head and saw that Olivia had already run far away. Although he received a response, he was still worried.

He knew what Olivia was thinking. He didn't blame Olivia. his father's situation had stabilized. he and Olivia sent Olivia's classmate away after seeing his father get better.

He saw Olivia's anxiety and remorse. At first, he was a little angry, but it was not completely Olivia's fault that Jacob fainted. If he was also stubborn, then what was the difference between him and the reckless woman Ada who had hurt Olivia?

Aiden and Bid were there with Jacob. There would be nothing wrong with him as well as his mother, Flora.

If anything bad happened to Olivia, he couldn't imagine if he would go crazy.

On the other hand, he was afraid that Olivia would find out, so he could only quietly follow her.

Olivia carefully recalled the medicine Jacob had taken in her previous life. Although there were a few drugs whose name was not clear at that time, she must be able to recognize them at the first sight when she saw them again.

she talked with the nurse for a long time to make sure that she didn't want to steal the medicine. The nurse was worried and looked at her in person. This was exactly what Olivia wanted. She took the medicine she knew first, and then described the shape and color of other medicine to the nurse. Soon, she bought it.

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