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   Chapter 21 Fooling Around Outside (Part One)

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In fact, the special products that Alisha gave Olivia were not special, but some fungus and mushroom. She also gave them a lot of sweet potato. Sweet potato was really a good thing.

In her previous life, the drought broke out in the village, so there was almost no harvest in the whole two years. It happened half a year after Geoffrey went to Hangzhou to join the army.

Although Geoffrey hadn't joined the army yet, with her rebirth, she knew that many things wouldn't go on the original track in history, but natural disasters like drought couldn't be avoided. In order to prevent future trouble, Olivia had to find another way.

Sweet potato could effectively deal with hunger. During the long period of time, the farmer in the mountain area had planted sweet potato, and the yield was quite high. It was good for people's health to eat it.

As long as they planted it in advance, they were not afraid that they would not be full when the drought came. This was also what Olivia thought of when she saw sweet potato.

Olivia kept thinking in her mind, while Geoffrey kept his head down and didn't say anything, as if he was deep in thought.

If it weren't for the fact that she poked Geoffrey's arm on a whim, Olivia wouldn't have even noticed that this person had been sullen.

Olivia walked quickly to Geoffrey. Fortunately, he stopped in time when he saw her.

"What's wrong with you, Geoffrey?"

Geoffrey was a little annoyed. Olivia's grandfather had suggested him to join the army in Hangzhou. He just said that he would think it over.

However, he felt that he had just gotten married, and Olivia had committed suicide for another man, so he wanted to temporarily stay at home and keep this matter in mind.

It was not easy for the two to like each other now, but this time when he went back to her parents' home with Olivia, Alisha's attitude, the gap between the Qin family and the Lu family, and his inner desire made him a little depressed, so he couldn't get rid of the idea of joining the army.

But in order to give Olivia a better life in the future and to make himself worthy of her, he felt it necessary to join the army.

He bent down and looked at the person in front of him. His eyes were bright and smiling like the sun. He didn't want this little fool to suffer with him.

There was nothing he could do about it. For the sake of the future, a temporary separation was nothing. he believed that Olivia could understand him.

"I want to join the army in Hangzhou."

His calm tone, however, had gone through countless times of deliberation.

Olivia's smile immediately disappeared. Sure enough, she knew it.

Would the drought come as scheduled?

She didn't think there was anything wrong with joining the army. In fact, she also wanted Geoffrey to go there. She knew very well about Geoffrey's achievements in the army, where he was glowing and would achieve something step by step.

But now she suddenly heard that the first thing she thought of was the danger the army would encounter and the mission they had to complete.

Grandpa was the leader of the army base. He had worked hard on the battlefield to get the p


Even if there was no war now, she didn't want to let Geoffrey take the risk as long as she thought of the mission and responsibility of a soldier and the scene that Geoffrey rushed to danger without hesitation.

Such an affirmative tone came out of the mouth of Geoffrey. Olivia knew that Geoffrey had already made up his mind. Although he was asking her, he was more informed of her.

His eyes were full of hope. There was no one else there except her. Everything was for her!

Olivia touched his resolute face with her hands. "When are you going to set off? Are you in a hurry? "

With a smile at the corners of Geoffrey's mouth, she put her hand in her palm and said, "Grandpa said that I have to tell him if I have made up my mind."

Olivia knew that it must have something to do with her grandfather. As expected, she said, "let's go back and clean it up."

"I thought you wouldn't agree."

Although Geoffrey had some misgivings, he still hoped to get Olivia's opinion. Not long ago, he had promised Olivia that he would never leave her alone again.

he didn't expect that he would break his promise so soon.

He didn't think things would go smoothly. After all, Olivia was becoming more and more dependent on him.

"you call me fool every day. I think you are the fool. As a soldier, it's your duty to establish a successful career. I will only support you and will not disagree with what you want to do. "

Olivia wouldn't tell him that she wanted him to be with her every day. She had no choice but to swallow the sentence.

At the same time, Geoffrey was happy, but he didn't want to leave her. Regardless of whether there was anyone else on the road, he said affectionately, "Olivia., I don't want to leave you."

"I don't want to leave you, but I want you to have your own pursuit."

she hugged him back, she might not be able to see Geoffrey for a long time. But she also knew that for her and for the future, Geoffrey had been working hard.

It was getting dark when they arrived at Lu family. "Brother, sister-in-law, you are back," said Bid happily

Seeing that Geoffrey had a lot of things in his hands, Aiden took them over.

They didn't have much work to do today, so they came back early. Aiden held the food in his hands and asked curiously, "brother, did sister-in-law bring a lot of delicious food?"

Olivia also smiled. Different from her parents in law, Aiden and Bid had always been nice to her.

"Yes, there are a lot of delicious food."

Before returning to her parents' home, her father-in-law had been very cold, and her mother-in-law hadn't even said a word to her.

Although she didn't hope that her parents in law would change their attitude a little, it also showed that the Qin family's attitude was a kind of recognition and attention. She hoped to have a good talk with her mother-in-law.

Moreover, in order to deal with the drought, they had to be prepared in advance to plant sweet potato. This also needed the approval of her parents in law.

Thus, Olivia took the sweet potato from Aiden's hand and said to the two of them, "what do you want to eat? I'll go to see mom and dad."

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