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   Chapter 20 I Don't Regret Marrying Him At All (Part Two)

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Olivia was stunned. She wanted to say, 'you don't know how much I love you, Geoffrey.'.

Feeling that Geoffrey held her even tighter, Olivia didn't say anything, but Geoffrey just held her like that.

"Olivia, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. At that time, when I passed by your house, you were talking with someone in the yard. Your curved eyes were like the moon in the sky, and your skin was white and tender. You were completely different from the woman in my impression. I was thinking that if I could marry you, I would be contented for the rest of my life. Later, I saved Christopher by accident on the battlefield. I didn't expect that Christopher would marry you in return. "

Speaking of this, Geoffrey suddenly stopped. Olivia tried her best to squeeze herself into his arms.

Geoffrey had never said these words to her. She thought he loved her because he married her. With a responsible character, Geoffrey would be good to her all his life even if he didn't love her. But she didn't know that there was such a reason why he loved her.

It was not because of responsibility, not because they had been together for a long time, nor because she was his wife. He just loved her.

"As a soldier, it's my duty to save people and heal wounds. I should have refused [老爷子]'s proposal. But when I heard that it was you, I agreed. "

Why did he agree? Because he had fallen in love with her for a long time. Instead of asking for something in return.

He knew that he should refuse, but that person was Olivia. Even though he knew that they were not right for each other and that the gap between them was too big, he still agreed, just for her.

She knew that his mother-in-law misunderstood him. He didn't care. It was enough for him to marry Olivia. As for other things, he would try his best to make Olivia live a good life with him.



"Are you confessing your love to me?"

Geoffrey smiled slightly, with an endless amount of spoiling in it, almost spilling out, "Yes."

He had thought that Olivia would be angry after hearing these words. After all, marrying her was not fair enough. However, Olivia didn't think so at all. Instead, she began to tease him.

The corners of Olivia's mouth were about to curl up. How could she think too much before she was happy.

"Geoffrey, if you think I will think too much after saying these words, you are really wrong. I will never leave you."

In her previous life and this life, her only obsession was Geoffrey. As for Geoffrey, he had always regarded her as his obsession for two lifetimes.

They couldn't be separated for a long time.

Geoffrey held Olivia even tighter. The night was so dark that they could only hear each other's breathing and heartbeat.

they didn't wake up until noon. Olivia woke up with a smile. Thinking of

last night, Olivia was extremely happy.

Seeing that Alisha was about to wash the vegetables, Olivia quickly ran over and said, "Mom, I'll help you."

Olivia's childish attitude made Alisha helpless. "You're still young."

"No matter how I grow up, I am still your daughter, unless you annoy me."

In the kitchen, Olivia and Alisha were busy. In the yard, Geoffrey was leisurely in a panic.

The noise in the kitchen was not small, and when Geoffrey heard it, he hurried in. Olivia and Alisha were washing rice.

Some washed vegetables were placed on the chopping board. With embarrassment, Geoffrey said, "well, let me see if there is anything I can help."

"We two are more than enough. What else do you want to do?"

Alisha didn't even look at Geoffrey. She took the rice from Olivia's hand and went to make a fire. This was the first sentence Alisha said to him from yesterday to today. Although she disliked it, it didn't mean anything else. Geoffrey knew it.

Unexpectedly, Olivia pushed him out too. "It doesn't matter. You can sit outside. Just wait for a moment."

Geoffrey had no choice but to go out, and his eyes darkened.

During the meal, Olivia found that there was something wrong with Geoffrey. Different from yesterday, he seemed to be in a bad mood today.

Olivia secretly winked at Geoffrey several times, but he didn't respond. he looked really unhappy. She remembered that when she was cooking, Geoffrey wanted to help, but she and her mother refused. It must be because he was unhappy.

Olivia specially picked up a piece of braised pork and handed it to Geoffrey.

"This is specially made for you."

As soon as Geoffrey raised his head, a piece of red and fat braised pork was almost right next to his mouth. He was stunned and somehow looked at Alisha first.

Seeing the expectant look on Olivia's face, Geoffrey took it over and praised, "Olivia is really good at cooking."

Olivia chuckled. "Mom did this."

Embarrassed, Geoffrey said sincerely, "mom did cook well."

Alisha .'s eyes narrowed slightly and nodded in an almost invisible way. "Eat it quickly. It will be cold if you don't eat it anymore."

But she thought to herself that this son-in-law was not so bad, at least he was honest enough. Alas! Take it easy. she had already married.

After dinner and a little rest, it was time for Olivia and Geoffrey to go home.

Alisha took out all the specialty products that she had collected since yesterday. With quick eyes and quick hands, Geoffrey took them from Alisha.

Alisha also felt a little strange. In less than two days, she found her son-in-law somewhat pleasing.

Olivia had eaten these special products when she was a child. But when Olivia saw them again this time, she had other thoughts in her mind.

Perhaps, she should make a good plan for her future life.

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