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   Chapter 19 I Don't Regret Marrying Him At All (Part One)

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"What's wrong, mom?"

Alisha finally realized that her daughter was afraid of her saying something to her husband. But it was impossible for her to change her view immediately.

"Olivia, I have something to tell you."

she wanted to say something to her, not to them. Olivia had no choice but to watch Geoffrey go out with his head down.

Olivia's "boudoir" was very simple, no different from before marriage. Olivia didn't know what her mother wanted to say, but she had always been prepared.

"Olivia, tell me the truth. Is Geoffrey good to you?"

It was not that Alisha had to think too much. With the conditions of the Lu clan and the fact that Geoffrey agreed to marry, she was really worried. If it weren't for grandfather who insisted on returning his favor, and Geoffrey didn't object. She would never agree to the marriage.

Her daughter had been spoiled since she was a child, but now she had to deal with endless farm work every day

"Mom, I know what you are worried about. Geoffrey is so kind to me. I won't regret marrying him at all. "

Alisha didn't expect that Olivia would answer so decisively. In her heart, her daughter must not be able to bear such a life. She was reluctant before she got married, but now she said so.

"Don't lie to me."

Olivia smiled without even blinking her eyes. "Mom, I didn't want to marry Geoffrey at first, but he treats me well. And I am not regret not because I was touched, I really like him. And he is the only one. "

"Is he that good to you? It's only a few days. you like him so much. "

Alisha smiled through tears. Children were children. How could she see clearly what was going on at once? What was the meaning of children's words? she only likes him.

"Mom, it's true."

Alisha paused and turned to look at Olivia in surprise. "You're too young. You'll have a long life. Living life isn't a mouthful."

"I know it's a long life, but some people can't understand it all their lives, but others are sure of it at a glance."

There was someone else, like her, so what if she lived her whole lives and still missed Geoffrey.

However, Ada and Andrew colluded with each other to take away the life that should belong to others, but they got to the end. She hadn't seen it clearly yet.

If she didn't have Geoffrey in the rest of her life, it was not a regret, but a regret. Olivia couldn't say these words to Alisha, but she also hoped that her mother could understand that Geoffrey would be a good husband and a good son-in-law.

In the evening, it was the first time that the mother and daughter had slept in the same bed since Olivia grew up. It was also because Olivia really wanted to have a good talk with her mother.

She had been reborn, but she had already married to Geoffrey. It was impossible for her

to take care of her mother everyday again. She could only try her best to make her mother happy and fulfill her filial piety as a daughter.

Olivia had told him a lot about Geoffrey, almost everything. Seeing that her daughter was immersed in love, Alisha calmed down and listened.

From childhood to growing up, and from next door neighbors to yellow earth.

However, at this time, in a room alone, Geoffrey couldn't fall asleep.

Outside the window, the moon was hazy and shyly hidden in the clouds from time to time. The pampering and tolerance of Geoffrey seemed to be close in front of her. Thinking of this, Olivia felt so shy that she went straight to bed.

Finally, she tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. Afraid of disturbing Alisha, she put on her clothes and walked into the yard.

Although the night was breathtaking, the temperature at night was obviously much lower. Many flowers in the yard were not as beautiful as the day, as if they were extremely tired. They all lowered their heads and lowered their ears.

Olivia bent down to pick a rose. The red petals were much darker against the night, and the faint fragrance made her happy.

She couldn't help thinking of herself, who was so sad in her previous life. The beautiful flowers, which could have been happy, were destroyed in the end. Fortunately, God was willing to give her a chance to stay with Geoffrey again.

She wondered if Geoffrey had fallen asleep. her mother didn't give him a good face today.

Unknowingly, she walked out of the room of Geoffrey. When she realized it, she raised her hand and was about to knock on the door.

She took back her hand suddenly and cursed herself in her mind, 'how can I be so impatient?'. It was just one night. It didn't matter if we didn't see each other.

She turned around quickly and thought it was better to go back. As soon as she stepped out, she heard the door open behind her. Such a harsh voice sounded in the dead of night.

Olivia turned around and saw that Geoffrey was looking at her in surprise and joy. Before she turned around, she was held in his arms.

His embrace was as warm and broad as ever, which always made her easily fall in love with it.

The kiss, tender and loving, sweet and happy, as if an electric current ran through all the limbs, unbelievably soft.

When she opened her eyes, the tip of Geoffrey's nose was pressed against hers. The night gradually darkened, but Olivia could clearly see a strong desire in his eyes that were very close to her.

Olivia was afraid that he would have her in the next moment, but before she could figure it out, Geoffrey hugged her again. She didn't know when the rose in her hand had fallen to the ground.

A hoarse voice was heard. "Olivia, you may not know how much I love you."

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