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   Chapter 18 Return To Her Parental Home (Part Two)

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Although Alisha was middle-aged, she had a better aesthetic standard than ordinary people. Of course, this was also based on family conditions.

As soon as Olivia entered the room, she saw her mother greet her with a gentle smile. She wore a white shirt with plaid trousers, and her hair was short with ears as standard. In sharp contrast to her mother-in-law Flora, who was always dressed as a farmer in black.

In this era, Alisha's clothes were very popular.

"Why are you so late?" It was still the voice in her memory, and it was still the person in her memory. Alisha complained anxiously.

Having not seen her mother for a long time, Olivia suddenly wanted to cry. She held Alisha's arm, afraid that she couldn't help but burst into tears in her mother's arms. But if she really cried, with her mother's misunderstanding of Geoffrey, there might be many things happening.

She managed to calm down and said, "Mom."

There were gratitude, love, missing and regret in her previous life.

It was said that a married daughter would soon become someone else's daughter. Alisha felt sad at the thought of it. she couldn't wait to pull Olivia and looked at her up and down. "Well, you are not tan."


That's right. Alisha thought she would work on the ground after she married into the Lu family, and it would be easy to get tan. However, Geoffrey didn't want her to do anything on the ground, so there was no need for her to get tan.

"Where is my father?"

Seeing that her father was not at home, Olivia asked.

Alisha complained, "he is busy every day. he's still at school today."

Olivia looked at Geoffrey, who just nodded at her to reassure her. Then he stood aside and said nothing. As if Alisha didn't see Geoffrey, she just went to the kitchen without saying a word. Olivia felt helpless about this.

Now her mother was just like herself in her previous life. No matter what others said, she would only stick to her own thoughts. She had no choice but to use time to prove it.

After taking a look at Geoffrey, Olivia followed her to the kitchen.

Geoffrey knew what Alisha thought of him, but he had been well prepared since the day he promised to marry Olivia. Therefore, being treated coldly did not make his heart move a little bit.

The Qin family was a literary family, and Alisha was a neat freak. Geoffrey looked around the room and found that there was no dust even in the corners of the bookshelf, let alone tables and chairs. He could only go out into the yard and see if there was any dirty work that hadn't been done, and it was better than just sitting there.

The dinner was served soon, and several dishes were Olivia's favorite.

Looking at the dishes piled up in her bowl, Olivia helplessly looked at Alisha, who kept adding food to her bowl. What's more, Geoffrey added food to her, they were so eager to give all the dishes to her.

If it wasn't for the fact that Alisha didn't even look at Geoffrey, it was as if Geoffrey was transparent. Olivia suspected that the two had made a deal in private.

"Mom, that's enough." Olivia was afraid that she would be full if she didn't say anything.

"That's not much. You were ab

le to eat when you were a child. Now that you're married, you should eat more. Don't you see that you're thinner? "

Alisha ignored Olivia completely. She didn't stop picking up food until she was satisfied.

Geoffrey knew that Alisha didn't like him, so he continued to eat. Normally, he would have helped Olivia without a word. But now, looking at the hill in front of his wife, he thought that his mother-in-law had done the right thing. 'she should eat more, ' he thought. He had to do the same in the future.


Olivia wanted to laugh. How could she lose weight in just a few days.

She could tell that her mother said that on purpose in front of Geoffrey because she was afraid that she would suffer a lot after marrying into the Lu family.

She looked at Geoffrey, who kept his head down and thought about something.


"Come on. You didn't eat this dish when you were at home. It tastes better than before."

Again, it seemed that she really didn't have anything to eat after she married into the Lu family.

"Mom, Geoffrey doesn't have food to eat."

After what Alisha did, all the dishes in front of Geoffrey were gone. However, whether it was intentional or not, the dishes that Alisha picked up were in front of Geoffrey.

She had no choice but to speak.

For a long time, Alisha didn't say anything. Her posture was elegant, and even her movements of eating seemed to be standard and beautiful carved with a ruler. She felt ashamed of herself.

"there are many dishes in the kitchen, he has hands and feet. You don't have to worry about that. You are always busy. "

Olivia was stunned. She had been thinking about it for so long, but it didn't work at all.

'My mother, your face is so dark. No matter how powerful Geoffrey is, he doesn't dare to say anything. '. He only ate the dishes in front of him. Now that the dishes were gone, he couldn't just eat rice.

Olivia had no choice. When she was about to stand up, Geoffrey pressed her seat and went to the kitchen.

Geoffrey was happy now. It was the first time that he was called by his wife without his full name, especially in front of his mother-in-law. Even if his mother-in-law didn't like him, he wouldn't say anything.

Besides, his wife could endure the difficulties of his parents. He saw it clearly that his mother-in-law treated him better. He had no reason to retreat.

There was still the last dish of stewed meat in the pot. Then Geoffrey poured some into Olivia's bowl. Olivia winked at him and wanted him to give Alisha first, but Geoffrey didn't see it at all. After pouring the soup into Alisha's bowl, he only left a small part for himself.

Alisha didn't say anything. When she saw that Geoffrey gave the dishes to her daughter first, although she still didn't speak to him, her cold face softened a lot.

For a moment, Olivia was speechless. She ate the small hill in front of her, and then looked at Geoffrey and Alisha. Although she didn't have a good appetite, she finally ate them all.

After washing the bowls and chopsticks, Olivia was about to take Geoffrey out, in case that he was suffocated by the atmosphere and was called back by Alisha.

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