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   Chapter 17 Return To Her Parental Home (Part One)

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"Bang! Bang!"

There was a knock on the door. Olivia looked at Geoffrey in confusion, and he shook his head. He swore he really didn't know why anyone was knocking at the door.

Ignoring Geoffrey, Olivia stood up to clean up and shouted, "wait a minute."

When she came out with Geoffrey, she saw Jacob sitting there with a long face. She wondered if there was something wrong.

Geoffrey gave Olivia a reassuring look and asked, "Dad, what's up?"

Jacob sighed heavily, with more wrinkles on his face. He looked at Olivia and said, "pack up your things. It's time for you to go back to your mother's house."

Hearing this, Olivia's heart sank. She turned her face to the other side, trying not to let Geoffrey see through her face. Then she said, "Okay, I'll pack up my things right away."

Geoffrey held Olivia's hand and said to his father, "I'll go back with Olivia."

Seeing Geoffrey's firm attitude, Jacob knew that once his son made a decision, it was impossible to change it. He stood up and waved his hand. "Go ahead."

Olivia opened the cupboard and packed out the clothes to be worn and the carry-ons to be used. In case it was inconvenient to use it.

Standing in front of the dowry's big box, Olivia was in a dilemma. The box was too big and heavy to drag out. But she still gritted her teeth and was eager to have a try.

However, the box didn't move at all.

Seeing that Olivia's small body was fighting with the big suitcase, Geoffrey wrapped his arms around Olivia's thin waist from behind and kissed her on the face. "Let me help you."

Seeing that Geoffrey helped her pack up all the things expressionlessly, Olivia had mixed feelings.

From the moment they started to pack up their things to the time they were about to go out, Geoffrey had never smiled.

Olivia pretended to help Geoffrey tidy up his clothes, and at the same time, she was observing Geoffrey. His face was tense and he didn't look good either. Olivia knew that although he took the initiative to go back to her parents' home with her, this man still rejected her parents. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so nervous.

On the way, Olivia looked at Geoffrey beside her with a long face. She exhaled a breath and seemed to think of something else and immediately put on a smile.

Olivia gently poked at Geoffrey's chest and said shyly, "Geoffrey, do you know what I was thinking when you were cooking in the kitchen that day?"

Seeing Olivia's curious eyes, although Geoffrey was not interested, he still carefully thought of the scene that day.

When Geoffrey was deep in thought, Olivia was naturally happy. She nodded secretly. It was good to distract his attention.

"Are you thinking how to vent your anger?"

That day, as soon as Olivia entered the kitchen, she was "teased" by him. Perhaps she had already been thinking about how to "revenge" him.

As soon as he finished his words, he felt an unfriendly look shooting at him. Looking at Olivia's pursed lips and her fierce eyes, Geoffrey shook his head helplessly and complained, "what a narrow-minded woman!"

Such a look obviously made Olivia dissatisfied, and she poked his chest with extra force, "Are you trying to say that I'm narrow-minded?"

This time, it was Geoffrey's turn to be surprised. He looked at Olivia up and down as if he had discovered a new continent. He tutted and said, "I didn't expect my wife to be so smart."

"I'm already smart, okay." Olivia wasn't angry at all. Instead, she was unusually generous.

With Olivia's reaction, at this moment, Geoffrey was really curious about what Olivia had thought when she was in the kitchen.

"Then tell me, were you thinking about how to 'abuse' me at that time?"

Olivia knew that Geoffrey's attention was finally drawn out by her.

Was she so fond of "mistreating" him in his heart?

Olivia clenched her fists in secret. She really wanted to beat up Geoffrey with all her might. When her shoulder accidentally touched Geoffrey's strong arm, she quietly put it down.

'Forget it, it won't hurt him in the end.'.

Geoffrey pretended to know nothing about Olivia's actions. Looking at her naughty and slightly forbearing face, he endured it in his heart. He told himself not to laugh.

Olivia didn't continue to play the puzzle with Geoffrey. She said slowly, "that day, I couldn't help but take a few more looks at you when I saw you cooking. When she wanted to take another look, a surge of hot blood rushed over her head. At that time, I was thinking that if I continued to look at Geoffrey, I would have a nosebleed. "

Hearing the sweet words that were different from those by the river, Geoffrey turned his head and stared at Olivia.

Her face in the sunlight was covered with fine fur, and her mouth was open and closed. From the side, it was the most perfect arc. She was immersed in her own words, but she didn't know how grateful Geoffrey was to her.

Not knowing whether it was a tacit understanding or not, she turned back, he also bowed, the meeting of their eyes, as if bursting out of a thousand sparks, sparks flying, and like a feather tickling two tightly snuggled hearts.

With a weird smile, Olivia gently put her index finger on Geoffrey's chin. With a little force, she gently lifted his chin that seemed to have been carved.

She teased, "Geoffrey, will you marry me?"

Olivia's index finger hooked slightly, and her smile was weird but not intimidating. But his blurred and aggressive eyes made him absent-minded.

Holding the feeble index finger, Geoffrey said, "okay!"

he replied firmly and sincerely, as if he hadn't thought about it at all. Even he himself couldn't believe that he was flirted by his wife like this.

Olivia was stunned for a moment. Regardless of anything, she threw herself into Geoffrey's arms and said, "you're so nice, Geoffrey."

Can't be nice. No man would let his wife flirt with him without getting angry. And promised to marry her. In other men's eyes, such kind of words were "forbidden", but he didn't care about it at all when it came to Geoffrey.

Only Geoffrey.

Olivia's adoring eyes warmed Geoffrey's heart. The depression that he was going to see his parents in law disappeared. He pecked gently on the Olivia's mouth before letting Olivia lean against him.

Olivia knew that her goal had been achieved. She narrowed her eyes and smiled. She tilted her head and the sun shone on the two people, leaving a long shadow. Step by step, they walked towards her mother's house.

Alisha was the daughter of a rich family. Although she had married into the countryside, she was well maintained and spoke in an unusual way. Compared to an ordinary family, the Qin family has strong family traditions. Under the management of Alisha, although it was in the village, it was the only one.

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