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   Chapter 16 You Are The Only One In My Heart (Part Two)

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After she choked with sobs, Olivia's face was covered with tears, and her body was like the catkins floating on the river. She could hardly stand and began to shake.

She only liked him in her previous life, this life, and next life!

'Geoffrey, what virtue have you accumulated to make this woman like you so much?'!

he looked at the woman, who was so weak and beautiful, but cried so sadly. Her delicate face turned pale. Her long eyelashes with tears blinked, but she didn't look at him.

Geoffrey's heart seemed to be stabbed hard by something. From time to time, he stepped forward and held her in his arms. The soft touch made his heart ache more. His guilt almost drowned him.

What the hell was he doing! Why did he make his wife so sad?

"I'm sorry, Olivia.. It's all my fault."

Holding her in his arms, Geoffrey felt that Olivia really belonged to him. He knew that from this moment on, Geoffrey would never leave Olivia again.

Olivia slapped and pushed hard, trying to get out of his arms, but she couldn't do it with all her strength. But she was held more tightly, almost unable to breathe.

"Olivia., it's all my fault. As long as you can forgive me, you can do anything you want!"

After a long while, he finally held Olivia in his arms. Geoffrey touched her face and kissed her on the forehead. Finally, he gently kissed her on the red lips, one, two, three times. As if he was facing a rare treasure, he didn't want to use too much strength.

"It's my fault. I won't leave you alone again."

Olivia stared at Geoffrey with her clear eyes and cried, "really?"

Holding her in his arms, Geoffrey rubbed her hair affectionately, bowed his head and tried to keep the same height with her. Then he nodded heavily, "really, I won't."

Seeing Geoffrey accommodate herself to her like this, Olivia suddenly smiled through tears. She felt that she was so easy to coax. Olivia slapped Geoffrey's chest hard and said, "I'm lucky, Geoffrey."

"I'm so lucky."

Seeing that Olivia finally smiled, Geoffrey was completely relieved. He held Olivia's hand tightly. In this way, the two of them walked back home under the villagers' fervent gaze.

When they were about to reach the door, Olivia stopped and looked at Geoffrey with embarrassment. "Aunt Fay is here today."

Seeing that Geoffrey looked at her in confusion, Olivia repeated what Aunt Fay had said today. That was why she went to the river today.

Knowing what had happened, Geoffrey felt that he was more and more wrong. His wife had really been wronged, but he still ignored her. No wonder his wife was so sad.

He comforted her in a soft voice, "good Olivia. As you said, it's others' business what they want to say, but when they come to visit you, it's also a good intention. After all, you saved her daughter. "

When Geoffrey said this, he didn't even blink, fearing that he would say something wrong to piss his wife off again. But at the same time, he believed that a kind wife would not be angry. He just needed to wait for his wife to speak.

Sure enough, Olivia looked at him with "wha

t should we do" eyes.

In fact, as soon as Geoffrey finished his words, Olivia felt that she had gone too far when she ran out before. She thought for a while and said, "how about I cook and entertain Aunt Fay well?"

Geoffrey nodded and said, "I'll help you.".

As soon as they entered the room, Flora warmly greeted her son Geoffrey, of course. Olivia could only stand by and watch. Aunt Fay stood aside and said with a smile, "good for you, Geoffrey.".

Thinking of what Geoffrey had said, Olivia calmly walked up to Aunt Fay and said, "Aunt Fay, I didn't speak in a good tone before. Don't blame me. I'm going to the kitchen now. Please have a good seat, and don't leave until you finish your meal."

Flora glanced at Olivia with an unreadable expression. Then she pulled Aunt Fay to sit down and said with a smile, "just stay and have dinner before you leave."

Olivia said sincerely, and her movements were also very efficient. Before Aunt Fay could react, she responded Flora happily.

After a while, the smell of the meal floated out.

Olivia brought dishes on the table, including pickled ham hocks, cucumber, pickled quail, braised pork and rice, which dazzled Aunt Fay.

Olivia stepped forward and helped her up. "Aunt Fay, this is specially made for you. Have a taste of my cooking."

Aunt Fay's face turned red. She remembered that she had said a lot of bad words to her after she left, but now she had specially cooked so many dishes to entertain her.

Looking at Olivia's sincere smile, looking at the delicious dishes on the table, and thinking of the things she had brought, Aunt Fay couldn't help but leave the Lu family's house.

No matter how Olivia persuaded her to stay, she was unwilling to have this meal.


Olivia was angry. Why did he pinch her nose with his hand that had washed her feet? Even so, he wouldn't give her the hairpin. But it was too high for her to reach.

"Give it to me!"

With a little coquetry and complaint, Amanda looked down at the crumpled face and smiled happily. "I won't give it to you until I get it."

Olivia could only jump up again, but no matter how high she jumped, she still couldn't reach Geoffrey's hand.

She crossed her arms over her chest and turned around, pretending to be angry, as if she was the Geoffrey who was holding her arms by the river.

When Geoffrey saw that Olivia didn't speak for half a day, he bent down and said a little apprehensively, "What's wrong wife?"

Olivia took the opportunity to seize the hairpin, she quickly turned over on bed and happily almost jumped up, she showed off, "Is not I to get?"

With one hand touching the tip of her nose, Geoffrey looked at Olivia with a playful look in her eyes. Without any strength, he lifted her up and landed on the bed. "Let's see where you are going."

Olivia became more interested in playing. She took advantage of the inattention of Geoffrey and turned over to press him under her body. Looking at her smiling face, Geoffrey thought she was as bright as a flower. He gently pressed her head against his chest.

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