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   Chapter 14 Irrefutable Innocence (Part Two)

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"But that's not what Andrew said." Ada immediately retorted.

"Is what Ada said true?"

Jacob and Flora asked almost at the same time. Olivia took a step back. She couldn't believe that Geoffrey's parents in law were bewitched by Ada like this.

"uncle and aunt it's true. Andrew is really worried about Olivia."

"Ada Si!"

The irritated voice of Geoffrey scared her. Olivia was also worried.

"Tell Andrew that Olivia is the daughter-in-law of the Lu family. Tell him not to talk nonsense. Besides, Ada you seem to have a good relationship with Andrew? Then why don't you marry him? "

Frightened by the coldness in Geoffrey's eyes, Ada clenched her fists tightly. she was even more jealous of Olivia. But the last sentence made her blush, She knew it was not good to offend Geoffrey, so she had to go back first. She was not reconciled to go out of the door. she turned around and said, "Olivia, I really envy you. Even if everyone knows that you have lost your virginity to Andrew, they all know that you are impudent. How could Geoffrey still defend you like this?"

"Nonsense! Ada! When did I lose my virginity to Andrew? "

Olivia couldn't stand it anymore and almost roared.

However, Ada didn't care about it at all. Instead, she went too far. "Olivia, if you make a loud noise, you won't be able to clean up your body. I'm afraid you won't be able to make clean it that for the rest of your life."

Looking at the hateful back of Ada, Olivia was heartbroken. Was her reputation really ruined

last life Ada can not see her good, this life she will certainly not let her better, Olivia had been well prepared for this.

But she didn't expect that she was easily hit by a few ambiguous words of Ada.

"you will never be able to prove your innocence."

These words had been lingering in her mind, making her unable to feel relieved.

She didn't care that her parents in law misunderstood her, but she didn't want Geoffrey to misunderstand her. All Olivia wanted for the rest of her life was to hand over a clean Olivia to Geoffrey, instead of Unclean herself!!

When she was about to enter the room, she brushed past Geoffrey. She blurted out, "where are you going?"

Somehow, she felt something was wrong with Geoffrey. Are you still angry?

Geoffrey didn't know what was wrong with him and suddenly wanted to go out to breathe some fresh air.

When he heard his wife call him, he stopped and turned around in silence. His resolute face was unprecedentedly dispirited. His skin was not white, and his frown and dark face made him look more and more unapproachable.

Olivia knew that he was angry, so she hurriedly explained, "don't believe what Ada said."

Geoffrey raised his head and wanted to ask, but he didn't know how to say it.

Olivia was also a little anxious. "Geoffrey, if you have something to say, just say it."

Seeing that Olivia was still impatient and her tone was still the same as before, Geoffrey took a deep breath and pretended to be relaxed. "I don't have anything to say. I'm going out for a walk."

The buzzing sound was obviously in a fit of pique.

Olivia had to stop him. "Come back early."

After Olivia saying that, Geoffrey slowly walked out of the door. The lonely back made Olivia sad. She knew that Geoffrey was really angry.

Olivia knew that although her parents in law disliked her, what they said was enough to hurt her. But Olivia believed that as long as she had a good heart for Geoffrey and a good daughter-in-law. One da

y, her parents in law would accept her from the bottom of their hearts.

In the days when Geoffrey was not at home, Olivia almost displayed her cooking skills every day, wishing to give full play to her cooking skills. Aiden and Bid two praised her cooking.

She got up early in the morning to cook and made the mung bean soup in the afternoon. Every time she made it, she would send it to the ground on time.

Olivia wanted to explain to her parents in law that no matter how much they disliked her, she would try her best to be herself.

As soon as she entered the room, she saw her mother-in-law rubbing her shins with a painful expression.

Olivia turned around and went to the kitchen to get some hot water. After a while, she carried a basin of hot water into the house of the two elderly people. She wanted to wash her mother-in-law's feet without saying anything.

Flora was surprised and avoided it carefully. She was brought up by rich family. But when she thought that she was her daughter-in-law, she took it for granted. But she still turned her face away and said, "hypocrite, why don't you go to the family of Andrew?"

Olivia had never done such a thing before. She was at a loss at first, but when she heard her mother-in-law's words, her eyes were filled with tears. But she didn't stop what she done.

Thinking that Jacob liked to smoke cigarettes that day, Olivia went to the market to buy some good cigarettes for Jacob. During this period of time, the distribution of food, stamp and other tickets had been limited. Gradually, they could buy things with money.

Father-in-law's dry smoke smelled very strong nose, she thought it will not be very good to health. The one she bought was relatively expensive, so it might be better. Her father-in-law didn't smoke much at ordinary times, so it could be regarded as a pastime.

But Jacob still looked pale after he got it. He turned his back and said, "I can't take it."

Olivia could only force a smile. "This is a gift for you."

Olivia was a little discouraged and sat on the bed silently in a daze. But she heard a cheerful voice.

"Olivia, you are all at home."

Before she arrived, her voice came. Who else could it be if it wasn't Aunt Fay.

Flora was puzzled, but when she saw Aunt Fay carrying a basket of eggs, she immediately smiled and said, "come in quickly."

Olivia didn't know Aunt Fay well, but they barely knew each other after she saved Catherine that day. She didn't know why she came here today.

She came out with her head down and greeted with a smile, "Hello, Aunt Fay."

As she was about to pour a glass of water for Aunt Fay, Aunt Fay laughed and talked to Flora. "I told you that I would come to visit Olivia. Now that I don't have anything to do, I come here to have a look. On that day, it was Catherine who saved Olivia in time. Otherwise, Olivia's reputation will be ruined! "

Hearing this, Olivia felt extremely depressed. Looking at her mother-in-law's completely pale face, she weakly leaned against the wall. she couldn't help saying, "on that day, Geoffrey stayed with me all the time."

Aunt Fay looked at Flora and said with a smile, "that's right. If Geoffrey is late, the consequences will be terrible!" The exaggerated expression seemed to be seen by her own eyes.

Olivia couldn't figure out whether Aunt Fay came to see her or to make her angry.

"Aunt Fay has a unique way to visit people. Take your time. I'm going out. " After saying that, Olivia kept running out.

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