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   Chapter 13 Irrefutable Innocence (Part One)

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On the second day, Olivia got up early to make breakfast. She didn't sleep all night, so she was not in a good spirit in the morning. She brushed past Geoffrey several times. Olivia wanted to stop him, but Geoffrey didn't mean to talk to her at all.

She went to the kitchen unhappily, only to find that the person who didn't want to talk to her had extinguished the fire and was standing there with a spade stirring the porridge that was about to be cooked.

As a soldier, it was well-known in the village that Geoffrey had a good figure. It was also because he was tall, strong and handsome. A few drops of sweat slid from his slightly black face to his shoulder, and then to his chest. Such a scene almost made Olivia crazy. In the early morning, she quickly raised her head and patted her forehead, hoping to take back the crazy thought.

When Olivia felt better, she lowered her head and skillfully washed vegetables. But from time to time, she looked at Geoffrey's chest.

She thought she was really poisoned by him. she was poisoned by Geoffrey. Olivia shook her head and hurried to get the washed vegetables out. When she was about to take the kitchen knife, a tall figure flashed over.

she saw that Geoffrey had already reached out his long arm and the kitchen knife was in her hand. Olivia wanted to grab it, but was pushed back by him with his buttocks. The strength was just enough for Olivia to take a step back and then stand steadily.

Olivia was not reconciled. Just as she was about to take the knife, the sound of cutting vegetables came.

Olivia stood there with her hands on her waist for a long time. But Geoffrey ignored her. Olivia was discouraged and had to turn to ladle the porridge.

The porridge had been cooked. It was so thick that it must have been cooked for a long time. Olivia took a bite of the delicious and sweet pumpkin porridge. Glancing at Geoffrey, who was cooking, Olivia snorted, "good cooking!"

As soon as she took the bowl, Geoffrey grabbed it again. Several bowls of porridge were filled and placed on the stove. During this period, Geoffrey would run to the other side to fry a few times from time to time. The breakfast was prepared by Geoffrey in an orderly manner under the gaze of Olivia.

On the table, fried potatoes, jealous melon, egg custard, pork stewed cabbage.

However, when Olivia sat down, Flora put her chopsticks on the table.


Except for the calm expression on Geoffrey's face, Aiden and Bid obviously stopped and looked at her at the same time.

Olivia was still wondering whether Geoffrey hadn't touched her last night. She was shocked by the sudden voice. Then she saw Aiden and Bid, who looked at her in confusion.

She looked at her mother-in-law Flora carefully. In this family, she was the only one who could make her mother-in-law Flora angry.

Olivia didn't know what she had done wrong. she asked tentatively, "Mom, what's wrong?"

Flora didn't sleep because she squatted in the corner last night, and she tossed and turned all night because of the cramp in her calf. However, as soon as she took a bite of the meat, she chewed the pepper and couldn't stand the bitterness in her mouth.

"Why is there pepper in the dish? Get me a glass of water. "

Olivia quickly stood up. When Bid was about to move, Olivia pressed Bid against the seat.

"The water is too cold. Change a cup of hot water."

Seeing the dissatisfaction on Flora's face, Olivia thought the water was really cold. She could only lift it up, but it was warm. Olivia could only pour some more hot water. This time, Flora's reaction really startled Olivia.

"You want

to burn me to death! How can you be my daughter-in-law? "

Jacob even stood up, pounded the table and said, "change a glass of cold water."

He had been hoping that his son and daughter-in-law could have a good time in the bed. But he was disturbed by his wife for the whole night and kept him eyes open until dawn. he regretted that he shouldn't listen to his wife. He was a person who would easily lose his temper if he couldn't sleep well. At this moment, he also took the opportunity to vent his anger on Olivia.

Seeing that her father-in-law was angry, Olivia had to pour another glass of cold water. However, her arm was grabbed by Geoffrey.

"Dad, mom. What are you doing? "

With Olivia by his side, Geoffrey said in an angry tone.

Seeing that her son protecting her daughter-in-law, Flora was in a bad mood, Flora thought there was pepper in the dish! She muttered, "there was pepper in the meat. I asked her to pour water, but nothing happened."

"I cooked the meat. I'll get it for you," said Geoffrey helplessly Flora was speechless. She thought it was Olivia who cooked.

After pouring a glass of water, Geoffrey said to Flora earnestly, "Mom, Olivia is your daughter-in-law and she is a member of the Lu clan. Don't make things difficult for her."

Olivia was tightly protected by Geoffrey, looking at Geoffrey who was defending her. She was both grateful and moved. This man, as always, protected her.

Yes, that was how he had been in her previous life. He had been loyal to her, loving her and protecting her

Olivia felt that she was really happy. With him by her side, it didn't matter no matter what Geoffrey's parents done.

"Auntie, I brought you pickled vegetables."

A harsh voice broke the silence. Looking up at the person who pushed the door in, Olivia's eyes were full of pain.

With a basin of pickles in Ada's hand, she put them on the table and said, "uncle, aunt, this is the pickled vegetables I made early in the morning. I can't eat too much, so I'll bring you some."

Maybe she finally realized that the atmosphere was not right, so Ada looked around and finally held Flora's arm intimately, "aunt, what's wrong? What happened? "

Olivia was furious at the sight of Ada. She asked coldly, "what are you doing here?"

"Olivia, I did it out of kindness."

Good intention? Looking at the hypocritical face, Olivia felt disgusted. However, Flora stood in front of Ada and scolded, "what can she do here? Ada is a good girl. At least she is not like you who cause trouble all day long. "


Olivia was about to say something, but was interrupted by Ada. "Auntie, Olivia is good-looking and gentle. She likes her a lot. Unlike me, no one is willing to come to me voluntarily. You should be happy to have such a good daughter-in-law. "

Was Ada mocking her for her restlessness? 'you are so bad, Ada!'!

"happy! Humph! With such an unruly daughter-in-law, the two of us will live ten years less. "

"Dad, what are you talking about! How could you live ten years less! We all hope that you can live a long life. "

Olivia ignored Ada and flattered her father-in-law, but Jacob. didn't look at Olivia at all.

However, to her surprise, Ada ignored Olivia's darkened face and pulled her aside, pretending to care about her in a low voice, but what she said could be heard by everyone.

"Olivia, Andrew is worried about you."

The few invisible complacency almost knocked Olivia out. Olivia wanted to slap Ada to death. What was going on? What was going on!

"Ada Si! You can leave now. I have nothing to do with Andrew. " Olivia pointed at Ada's hypocritical face.

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