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   Chapter 12 Prove Innocence (Part Two)

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he held her small and cute foot, and the small wound on it had scab. He asked with concern, "does it still hurt?"

Olivia's teardrop fell into the basin all of a sudden, making a light sound. She shook her head, "no, it doesn't hurt at all. You have washed it."

Seeing that Olivia was crying, Geoffrey panicked. He wanted to wipe the tears off Olivia's face with his hands, but Geoffrey remembered that his hands had just come out of the foot washing water and were now holding Olivia's feet. In a hurry, he kissed Olivia without hesitation, slowly wiping away the tears in her eyes. he wished he could take her in his arms at once, he did.

"Don't cry. You are great today."

"But you saved me in the end. If you can't come here, I will regret to death."

Olivia hugged Geoffrey back. Although she knew that Geoffrey believed her, she still asked with uncertainty, "do you believe me, Geoffrey?"

Geoffrey frowned slightly. Although he was a little angry that Olivia would ask him, he knew what Olivia was thinking now. His wife saved other people out of kindness, but she was suspected and almost bullied in the end. How could he not feel sorry for her.

"Who else do I trust except you?" As he spoke, Geoffrey had already clamped Olivia's nose with his fingers. Olivia screamed in pain. However, Geoffrey laughed and said, "my hand that has just washed your feet, it smells good, doesn't it?"

Olivia was so angry that she hugged Geoffrey and threw him on the bed, slapping him on his chest again and again. But her face was full of smile.

The picture of him holding her feet lovingly echoed in Olivia's mind again. Silly baby, how can I dislike you? You are so kind to me.

In the evening, before the door was closed, Geoffrey hugged her from behind.

Geoffrey gently held Olivia on the bed, and his affectionate eyes made the ruby in her heart thump non-stop. Thinking of the scene that Geoffrey had beaten that person up for her today, his tall image made Olivia more infatuated.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her head into his neck. "Thank you, Geoffrey."

Geoffrey's heart trembled. His wife had given him too many accidents today. She used to dislike him, but now she was willing to hug him voluntarily.

***Olivia wanted to step back shyly, but was pulled back by Geoffrey. Olivia also scolded herself in her heart. She had loved him so much that she couldn't live without him for a long time. Now she was playing hard to get.

Geoffrey didn't know what was on Olivia's mind. Geoffrey looked at the woman who had taken his soul away, lowered his head and slowly kissed her slightly open red lips.

Geoffrey said sincerely, "you are my woman. Don't say 'thank you' again."

you are my girl.

What touching words! From the mouth of Geoffrey, Geoffrey is really a man! She must have been beheaded by a pig in her previous life, so she did such things.

Geoffrey immediately stripped himself naked. Olivia burst

into laughter when she saw the eager and anxious look on Geoffrey's face. However, Olivia didn't expect that Geoffrey would suddenly cover her small mouth. If she wanted to speak again, she couldn't speak anymore. Feeling the man's breath, Olivia fell in love with him.

Her neck, shoulder, and collarbone were all kissed by this man. When the hot breath reached her ear, Olivia couldn't help but moan, "Hmm ~"


Deep in her heart, the rumor of the villagers saying that Olivia had lost her virginity to Andrew surfaced in her mind again. She knew clearly that she didn't, but she wanted to prove her innocence to Geoffrey in person. The next moment, she pushed Geoffrey away.

"No, no!"

It was just when Geoffrey was in high spirits, Without precaution, he was pushed and almost fell off the bed. It was not easy for his body to calm down, but his heart could not calm down at all.

Olivia didn't know why she pushed him away at once. However, she didn't want herself to be unclean in the heart of Geoffrey because she was slandered like this.

She opened the bedside cupboard and began to look for the white cloth. She remembered that there was a white cloth here before, and it would only take a while to find it.

Looking at the figure who kept turning things in a hurry, Geoffrey only felt a basin of cold water pouring down his head.

she still refused him?

He felt depressed and his accumulated desire disappeared. Her wife was still unwilling to let him touch her.

"What are you doing?"

The calm voice was cold. Olivia had to turn around.

She looked at the disappointed and sad eyes. A moment ago, he was still affectionate. How could he be like this in a flash. She was a little flustered, "With this, it's enough to prove my innocence."

Looking at the disappointed look on Geoffrey's face, she didn't know why she felt that her explanation was powerless.

She finally found out a white cloth and spread it on the bed. Suddenly, Geoffrey pulled her and said, "go to sleep. I'll go to take a shower."


Why did he take a shower for no reason? Didn't he just take a shower?

Looking at his broad arms with his back to her, Olivia was confused.

For the whole night, Geoffrey didn't touch her again, and she also didn't sleep all night.

Jacob and Flora, who were listening outside the window and in the corner, could only go back to their rooms with their shoulders down. They were in a worse mood than Geoffrey. they worked so hard against the wall to get this result.

Flora said with dissatisfaction, "why is my daughter-in-law so ignorant here? Do you think it's really like what the villagers said? "

Jacob was also confused, but when he thought of his daughter-in-law returning all the betrothal gifts in full and her attitude was good, he still had a little hope, "Go to sleep. we can't force them to do that."

The two of them kneaded their numb legs and went back to their own room dejectedly.

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