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   Chapter 11 Prove Innocence (Part One)

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However, just when they arrived at the path beside the village, a large group of people immediately rushed over to the two of them, causing Geoffrey and Olivia to stop and look at the villagers who were running towards them in panic.

"Geoffrey, why are you back?" It was an uncle with a cigarette in his mouth. He asked immediately when he saw Geoffrey come back with Olivia.

"I was worried about her, so I went back home to look for her. But I heard that she went to the entrance of the village, so I followed her." Geoffrey explained to the group of villagers in front of him in a low voice. It seemed that his mood was not affected by what had just happened.

The villagers nodded their heads to show their understanding. Catherine also came out from a crowd of adults. She looked at Olivia in the arms of Geoffrey and cried in the blink of an eye.

"Sister, are you fine?" Catherine wiped her tears and explained to Olivia, "listen to sister. I didn't find out brother Geoffrey when I came back, so I had to ask the villagers for help. We are about to go there..."

In fact, if Catherine hadn't suddenly called her, Olivia wouldn't have raised her head. The reason why she asked Catherine to go to save her was that she was afraid that if the villagers knew about it, White will also be smeared into black, they will surely spread gossip. the rumors would spread.

But to save her, Catherine not only told this to others, but also almost 1/3 of the villagers.

It wouldn't be long before this news spread throughout the village. The hand of Geoffrey that was holding Olivia tightened. Before Olivia could answer, Geoffrey replied to Catherine, "Olivia is fine. By the time I rushed over, she had already shaken off that person."

Olivia was a little stunned. She raised her head and looked at Geoffrey. He was still calm. Geoffrey was trying to protect Olivia, and he was also afraid. If this matter was spread, Olivia's reputation might be damaged. Since Geoffrey had already made an excuse to use this excuse to help Olivia, of course Olivia couldn't not cherish it.

She immediately turned around and smiled at Catherine. Although it was a little reluctant, there was no better way.

"Now that Geoffrey has brought me back, of course I'm fine. It's difficult for you. You've been desperately looking for Geoffrey, but in fact, he has been following me all the time. "

"It's okay as long as you are fine."

Catherine didn't feel relieved until she heard Olivia's answer. She lowered her head and wiped her tears with her sleeves.

Seeing that Catherine was no longer bothered by this matter, Olivia immediately let out a sigh of relief. Just as she was about to tell Geoffrey in a low voice that they should leave, uncle heard her words.

"Geoffrey, is your wife really okay?" Obviously, the man still had some doubts. "If anything happens, just tell us. We will never spare that bastard."

when did this group of people stop!

Olivia didn't know what to say. She had finally escaped from the disaster, but when she came to the villagers, she couldn't get through it anyway.

"There's no need. I'm already satisfied that Olivia can come back safe and sound." Geoffrey re

plied politely, but Olivia couldn't help but roll her eyes in her heart.

Of course, Geoffrey wouldn't say anything at this time, because he didn't need the villagers to help him at all. He had already beaten the ugly monster to a pulp by himself.

"If there's nothing else, we'll leave first. Olivia needs a rest." Olivia was not the only one who wanted to leave now.

At this time, Olivia couldn't help but secretly turn her face to look at the villagers, but her heart couldn't help but feel a sense of cold. Some of the villagers were really worried about Olivia, and of course, there were also people who watched the fun and took pleasure in her misfortune. Undoubtedly, this was a kind of harm to Olivia.

She knew something bad would happen, so she tried her best to pull Catherine out of the quagmire. Unexpectedly, Olivia fell into the quagmire again in an instant. If she said something, people would think that she was trying to hide, and it would be more difficult for her to protect herself.

Olivia was very smart. Although she was angry, she could only remain silent and continue to bury her head in the arms of Geoffrey, letting him lead her through the crowd.

"We can talk about it when we go back. It's not good here."

Geoffrey understood the grievance in Olivia's heart, so when Geoffrey passed through the crowd with Olivia, he immediately reminded her in his arms.

After a long while, Geoffrey heard Olivia say yes in a low voice.

"We are home."

The gentle and intimate voice made Olivia a little stunned. She looked up and found that she was already home. At the same time, at the door, Bid was looking at her confusedly.

"Brother, why are you back?" Then she looked at Olivia in the arms of Geoffrey and was about to ask what her sister-in-law was going to take from the ground. When she saw Geoffrey winking at her desperately, she covered her mouth with her hand in a hurry, "Geoffrey, Olivia, I'll take the quilt out to bask in the sun." Then she covered her eyes and was about to leave. Feeling sorry for Olivia's feet, Geoffrey shouted at her sister, "boil some hot water first."

Hearing that, Bid turned around and smiled sweetly, "okay!"

Olivia's face immediately flushed. It was not until then that Olivia realized that she was still in the arms of Geoffrey. She wanted to let go of Geoffrey's neck and get down, but was held more tightly by Geoffrey. Olivia pouted to express her dissatisfaction to Geoffrey, but she didn't expect Geoffrey to laugh more happily. Geoffrey lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead before carrying her into the house.

Being carefully put on the bed by Geoffrey, Olivia was still in a low mood. She had died once, so she cherished her life, and even everyone around her. But she was kind-hearted to save other's life, but in the end she fell into the mire. Although Geoffrey defended her, in the eyes of some people, she was inevitably a talk. She was really in a bad mood.

Aware of Olivia's grievance, Geoffrey wiped the dust off Olivia's face and her hands with a towel, she had been washed several times. The wounds on her feet needed to be cleaned. Then he brought in the hot water boiled by Bid.

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