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   Chapter 10 You Are Here, Geoffrey!

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In order not to let the man notice Catherine, she had to run to another more sparsely populated path.

But her feet seemed to be filled with lead, and every step Olivia took was suffering.

Seeing that Olivia was no longer able to struggle, he stopped running and began to approach Olivia bit by bit. As the man got closer and closer to Olivia, Olivia became more and more afraid. Her heart kept pounding.

"You Don't come over. My husband used to be a soldier. He is much stronger than you. He will kill you! "

"Then let him have a try and see who can satisfy you better between the two of us!" The man in front her laughed wildly, and his ugly face made Olivia sick.

Seeing that the man had already walked up to her, he extended a hand towards Olivia, his eyes filled with greed and lust.

"Don't touch her."

Olivia closed her eyes in fear. She didn't dare to think about what might happen next, but she didn't expect to hear a familiar voice.

This is Geoffrey!

Olivia opened her eyes excitedly and saw that the man who had tried to put his hand into her clothes had stopped.

At this moment, Olivia almost burst into tears. Looking at Geoffrey's handsome face behind the man, she trembled and couldn't help but shed tears.

"Here you are, Geoffrey!"

She wiped the tears off her face with her dirty sleeves. The mud and tears on her face mixed together, turning Olivia into a little kitten. Even in such a serious atmosphere, Geoffrey's heart softened when he saw his petite and pitiful wife.

"It's okay, Olivia. I'm here." Geoffrey answered in a low voice, bringing Olivia a sense of security."I'm here to save you. Don't be afraid."

The man who had just spoken wildly was now like a small mouse in front of the tall Geoffrey. Olivia wasn't a heartless person, but when she thought that the man had insulted Catherine in her previous life and then killed her, she was furious.

Geoffrey punched the man again and again who had an evil thought about Olivia.

Seeing that Geoffrey wanted to let go of him, Olivia, who was still unable to stand up, was anxious. She immediately folded her hands around her mouth and shouted at Geoffrey, "honey, don't let go of this man. He's a big bastard!"

When Geoffrey heard Olivia's words, he was slightly stunned. Then he turned to look at her. She was looking at him excitedly with a pair of black and white eyes, as if she admired him very much.

In the face of such a lovely wife, what else could Geoffrey say? Looking at the man who had an evil intention in his hand, Geoffrey started to attack the man even harder. Not knowing how long it had passed, the man's head was broken and bleeding by Geoffrey. It was not until then that he threw the man to the ground as if he was throwing garbage. His black eyes were filled with coldness.

"You're awesome, Geoffrey!"

How arrogant Geoffrey was at this moment! she wanted to throw herself into his arms! Olivia's heart was filled with love for Geoffrey. Olivia's face turned red. When she saw Geoffrey walking towards her, she lowered her head shyly.

This scene would be the favorite play of young girls in the next few decades, wouldn't it? Olivia giggled.

"You can still laugh. Does it mean that you are fine now? right?" Just as Olivia was immersed in her own fantasy, the voice of Geoffrey rang out above her head. Olivia originally wanted to act like a spoiled child, but when she raised her head, the smile on her face froze.

It was not her who ruined the atmosphere, but Geoffrey in front of her. Somehow, his face changed. His dark eyes were deep, and he was staring at Olivia. Olivia could clearly see anger and seriousness in Geoffrey's eyes.

She couldn't help swallowing. After hesitating for a while, she smiled awkwardly. "I lost my shoes. I guess I can't walk."

As Geoffrey looked down at Olivia's hand, her white, tender little feet naughtily trembled. Many tiny wounds were scratched by the rubble, and some parts of Olivia's blood had already solidified.

In this era, ordinary girls would not use nail polish, but Olivia was different. Because of her rich family, she had been exposed to these things three or two years ago.

Although her white and tender feet were covered with scars, with red nail polish, Olivia looked indescribable charming.

It seemed that it's more seductive.

An inexplicable impulse came to Geoffrey. Looking at Olivia in front of him, who had no room for resistance, he wished he could immediately throw her down and made love with her.

However, this thought was instantly dispelled by Geoffrey. Olivia was a clean freak. He'd better punish her after returning home.

he must punish her as much as possible Let her cry and apologize to him!

Thinking of this, Geoffrey couldn't help but sigh slowly. He took out an embroidered shoe from his pocket, squatted down, and immediately put on Olivia's foot, carefully as if it was a treasure in the world. The color was the same as Olivia's other shoe, and they were a couple. Seeing such a big man Geoffrey bending over to put on shoes for her, Olivia suddenly felt a little sad.

In her previous life, Geoffrey had treated her so gently that he didn't have the heart to let her suffer any grievance. However, Olivia gave a heartless kick at the bottom of Geoffrey's heart. She felt that a man like him who was always obedient was really a coward.

Olivia felt that there was probably no woman in the world who was more asshole than her!

Although Olivia knew that things were different now, she couldn't help reaching out her hand to Geoffrey's sturdy and broad chest.

"Geoffrey, does it hurt here?"

Hearing this, Geoffrey was stunned. He raised his eyes to look at Olivia, only to find that her eyes were already red and she was looking at him sympathetically. His heart sank. He couldn't bear to see a woman cry, let alone Olivia. After putting on her shoes, Geoffrey tightly held Olivia's hand that was reaching out to him and instantly pulled her into his arms.

The sweet breath invaded Geoffrey's nose. Before he could suck it, he heard a cry of Olivia with regret.

"I'm sorry, Geoffrey. I shouldn't have hurt you in the past. I'm a bastard!" As she spoke, Olivia's hand hit on Geoffrey's chest restlessly. Although Olivia was only a girl, her strength was not small at all. However, only three hit made Geoffrey almost out of breath.

"I'm just a bastard!"

Olivia scolded herself again, but she reached out her hand to [陆之念]'s chest again.

In order not to be beaten to death by Olivia before returning home, Geoffrey quickly grabbed her hand and comforted Olivia in a low voice, "it's all right now. I'm not injured. I'll take you home now."

"But I'm really angry with myself. I can't forgive myself!"

If you can't forgive yourself, why did you hit me? On the other hand, Geoffrey felt sorry for Olivia, who had cried so hard that her face had been messed up, but he was also very helpless about what she had said. What a horrible baby!

Geoffrey carefully took out a handkerchief from his pocket. Before Olivia could speak, he carefully wiped the tears and dust off her face for Olivia. The doting look in his eyes could not be concealed.

"Well, it's all right now. Let's go home." Geoffrey comforted Olivia in a soft voice. Originally, he wanted to scold her, but his words were all washed away by Olivia's sudden tears. Now, there was only helplessness in his voice.

This time, Olivia obediently nodded to Geoffrey. She then stretched out her hands to Geoffrey and sobbed, "carry me on your back..."

Looking at the willful look on Olivia's face, Geoffrey kept silent for a long time. Then he squatted down and held her tightly in his arms.

This is A princess hug?

Olivia was overjoyed. She didn't expect that there would be such a romantic time for the wooden man like Geoffrey. But she had completely forgotten that in this era, there was no such concept as "A princess hug".

"I can't carry you." Geoffrey said to himself "I have to make you appear in front of me and make sure that you are safe."

Olivia stared at the resolute expression on Geoffrey's face and listened to his concern for her. A smile unconsciously appeared on her face, and her eyes were lowered with a thick smile.

That's good.

Olivia's body was petite, and she didn't have much weight when she was held by Geoffrey. Since Geoffrey easily held her, Olivia was naturally happy. Her two legs were shaking, and her eyes were filled with happiness.

This had never occurred to Olivia before. She could actually get along well with Geoffrey, and she liked him more and more, unwilling to leave his arms. They walked toward the village together, Olivia never had such a moment of peace of mind.

"Geoffrey, you should be still in the land. Why did you suddenly come to save me?"

Now that Olivia was in the arms of the one she loved, her emotions had already returned to normal. She couldn't help but gossip. It was a hot day, and beads of sweat began to form on Geoffrey's forehead, which made Olivia's heart ache. She immediately picked up the handkerchief Geoffrey had just given her to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

Who knew Olivia just came into contact with Geoffrey's forehead, he instantly hid.

As Olivia was surprised and at a loss, thinking that she had somehow provoked Geoffrey, Geoffrey whispered, "This handkerchief is for you, don't use it on me."

Olivia was a little stunned and hurriedly asked, "why? Why can't I use it on you?"

"I'm afraid you will dislike me because of this action."

Just five words, but let Olivia silent, ashamed of the heart.

Obstinately, Olivia stretched out his hand again, trying to wipe the sweat off Geoffrey's head no matter what he said.

"Geoffrey, you are my husband, is I want to spend a lifetime together of person, how can I abandon you?"

In a fit of pique, Olivia tightly held Geoffrey's thin waist and pursed her lips, "so from now on, don't say that again. I won't allow you to say that again!"

Olivia tightened her grip on Geoffrey's waist, causing him to pause for a moment. He lowered his head and looked at Olivia who was suffering from anger. A faint smile involuntarily appeared on the corner of his mouth.

"That's not what you used to tell me."

Olivia was inexplicably flustered when she heard what Geoffrey said. She shook her head hard, afraid that Geoffrey would not see her. "That was in the past. Now I only belong to Geoffrey, you!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Olivia immediately buried her head into Geoffrey's arms. Olivia was afraid that her blushing face would be laughed at by Geoffrey. The unhappiness that had just disappeared, and he walked towards the village step by step with Olivia in his arms.

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