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   Chapter 9 Don't Frighten Me With That Thing Anymore From Now On (Part Two)

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Catherine stared at Olivia again and nodded. She almost raised her hand to swear, "yes! You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. If the only person who can match you must be Geoffrey in our village! "

After saying this to Olivia, Catherine suddenly lowered her head and said with a sad face, "I originally planned to marry brother Geoffrey when I grew up, but he has already been married, so you and I have no chance."

Catherine suddenly looked up at Olivia, her eyes full of shock. She pointed at Olivia and asked Are you the woman who just married Geoffrey and stole my brother! "

Hearing Catherine's words, Olivia couldn't help raising her head and said proudly, "little sister, you're right. Geoffrey is my husband!"

Although she had found Catherine, it didn't mean that the two were out of danger.

The top priority is to leave here as soon as possible!

So Olivia immediately held Catherine's hand and said to her in a soft and serious voice, "little sister, I know you are waiting for father. Why don't you go back with me? There's no one here. It's not good if we meet bad guys."

"It's not the first time I've been waiting for my father here. How could I meet a bad guy this time?"

"you haven't met bad guys before, but it doesn't mean that you won't meet him this time!" Olivia tried her best to persuade Catherine. She was afraid that she would frighten her. "Look at me. I am so beautiful. Will I lie to you?"

After all, Catherine was a child. Hearing what Olivia said, she looked her up and down, and then nodded with hesitation Well, I believe you this time. Let's go home together! " Then Catherine stood up from the ground.

But that's good. The earlier we go back, the less danger we will encounter.

After walking for a while, Olivia felt that something was wrong behind her Something made a sound.

Thus, she stopped and couldn't help but look back. However, this single glance was enough to cause cold sweat to seep out from Olivia's back, and her face suddenly turned pale.

What a small world!

Olivia had thought that everything would be fine as long as she took [张如玉] back to the village.

But she didn't expect that danger had always been around her.

Perhaps as soon as Olivia arrived, the previous criminal had already arrived. But when he found that Olivia was here, he hid in the haystack aside and waited for an opportunity to move.

When he realized that there were only two people, Olivia and Catherine, he began to take action. She looked at the man who was approaching her. His face was sallow and oily, and he had yellow and black teeth. He didn't look like a good man at all.

"Two girls, are you lost?" The man smiled obscenely and slowly approached the two people.

Now that Olivia had found him, he didn't need to hide anymore in such a sparsely populated place. Olivia's heart tightened. She held Catherine's hand and couldn't help but retreat. "We're not lost. We're about to go back. My husband is waiting for me not far ahead."

"Well, let me drive you home. There is no one on the way. What if something happens?"

Something happened?

If she was caught by this man, something would really happen! Olivia just wanted to roll

her eyes at the man in front of her and ask him to get out of here as soon as possible. Although Catherine was still young, she had already understood many things. The obscene man in front of them was about to drool. Who knew what he wanted to do.

"Sister, should we run away?"

Hearing Catherine's words, Olivia no longer hesitated. She immediately pulled Catherine and ran away, but the man behind her immediately chased after her, making her even more afraid to stop.

"Run! Run!" Looking back at the ugly monster, who were still shrinking the distance, Olivia frowned and said, "this ugly monster must not be good people. If we are caught, then everything will be over!"

"But But sister, I can't run anymore! "

Catherine's exhausted voice came to her ears. Olivia looked down at her, only to find that her face was as pale as paper. It seemed that she wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

But there was still a long way to go from here to the village. When Olivia was hesitating whether she should pick Catherine up and run, Catherine suddenly fell to the ground. The dry earth was covered with dust, and Catherine and Olivia's clothes were covered with yellow mud.

It was the ugly monster behind them. It took Olivia a lot effort to pull Catherine up from the ground, but she fell down on the road again.

With tearful eyes, Catherine shook her head at Olivia with a pitiful look. "Sister, why don't you go by yourself? I really can't run anymore. You find someone to save me."

To find someone to save Catherine?

This idea was completely dispelled by Olivia before it could appear. By that time, it would be too late for her to do anything. If Catherine still failed to escape this time, Olivia would only let herself live in pain for the rest of her life. Therefore, no matter what, Olivia would let Catherine escape at all costs.

With all her strength, Olivia helped Catherine up from the ground again. This time, she looked at her seriously and said, "Catherine, go back now and find brother Geoffrey to save me! I'm older than you. Maybe I can get rid of him, okay? "

Catherine cried and nodded at Olivia. But Olivia couldn't wait so long. She immediately pushed Catherine towards the village.

"Hurry up!"

After saying that, [张如玉] immediately ran away. Olivia turned around, only to find that the ugly monster behind her were still chasing after her. The distance between the two of them was getting closer and closer. Soon, Olivia would be unable to escape.

But that's not going to work.

Olivia wasn't ready to save Catherine, but she was about to fall into the trap.

She would spend the rest of her life with Geoffrey, not to be humiliated and die miserably here! Therefore, no matter what, Olivia had to run away.

"Girl, don't run away. You are so beautiful. Why don't you play with me? No one will know it!" The man's obscene laughter reached Olivia's ears, causing her to tremble with fear.

It was so disgusting, even more disgusting than Andrew!

She spat in the man's direction, making no effort to conceal her disgust. "The devil wants to play with you, just buy a mirror and see how ugly you are!"

After saying that, Olivia immediately ran away.

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