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   Chapter 8 Don't Frighten Me With That Thing Anymore From Now On (Part One)

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Standing not far away from her, Geoffrey looked at her with a smile and asked, "what did you just say about me? Huh? "

Olivia's face was burning. Why did Geoffrey frighten her with a snake? Seeing that Geoffrey was approaching with the snake in his hand, Olivia panicked and reached out to block him. "Don't get close to me. I will go out!" After saying that, Olivia didn't dare to stay any longer in the reed marsh. She buttoned her clothes in a hurry and walked out.

The moment Olivia stepped out of the reed marsh, Aiden, who heard her scream, ran over. Seeing her pale face, he asked worriedly, "Olivia, what's wrong with you?"

"No... Nothing... " Olivia shook her head. Thinking that Geoffrey was still behind her, she walked forward. Seeing that her looked a little flustered and Aiden was about to ask more, they suddenly saw Geoffrey coming out of the reed land with a big snake in his hand. He asked in surprise, "Wow, brother, is this an eye snake?"

Olivia's scalp tingled, so she walked faster and faster. When they got back to the land, Jacob and Flora had finished their meal and cut the wheat on the land, which was less than half of the land. Olivia hadn't eaten yet, and she was eating alone with a pair of chopsticks. Then, Geoffrey walked to her, sat down beside her and asked softly, "are you angry?"

Olivia ignored him and continued to eat quickly. Geoffrey moved a little closer to her, and Olivia also moved a little outwards because of angry. Then, Geoffrey moved a little inward, and Olivia moved another little outwards as well. Geoffrey silently glanced at her, picked up the sickle, stood up and walked to the land.

Olivia stopped eating and looked up at Geoffrey. "You don't want to eat?"

Geoffrey stopped and looked at Olivia. his dark eyes flashed, and he slowly turned around and sat next to her. "I'm afraid you'll be angry with me. I'm next to you and you won't be able to eat!"

Olivia lowered her head and ate. She said in a low voice, "don't frighten me with that thing from now on!"

"Okay!" With a smile, Geoffrey put a piece of meat into Olivia's bowl and said meaningfully, "we were interrupted on the way. That night..."

"What night?" Aiden came closer.

Olivia's face turned red. She put the bowl on the ground and said, "eat quickly. The food won't taste good when it gets cold! I'll go back ... " Then Olivia stood up and left in a hurry. Not far away, Olivia heard Aiden ask in surprise, "brother, why is Olivia blushing?"

A cheerful voice came from behind, "Olivia said that she had prepared a gift for you in the morning and a big gift for me in the evening."

Olivia's face was as red as a tomato. She bit her lower lip and walked faster. When she got home, Bid was feeding the chicken. It was still early in the day and she was about to take the quilt out to bask in the sun. Suddenly, she remembered something and went out again. She hurriedly walked out.

Bid asked "Sister in law, where are you going?"

"I suddenly remember that I left something in the field to take it back." Olivia stepped out of the door and quickened her pace towards the entrance of the village.

If she remembered correctly, on the second day she married Geoffrey, the s

even year old daughter of Aunt Fay, who lived at the entrance of the village, waited for her father at the intersection leading to the town. On the way, she encountered a rapist and murderer, she was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death. Aunt Fay was so sad that she became crazy from then on.

Although Aunt Fay was not familiar with her, saving a life was better than building a level seven pagoda, not to mention the two lives of Catherine and Aunt Fay? After rebirth, Olivia definitely didn't want to see the tragedy happen again.

The more she thought about it, the more anxious she became. Olivia was in such a hurry that she didn't notice her feet. She didn't see a small hole caused by the hoe in the vegetable field in front of her and fall into it.

"Ouch..." Olivia couldn't help but exclaim, her eyebrows frowning.

Massaging her aching legs, Olivia endured the pain and stood up from the ground. There was still a long way to go from here to Fay's house. Olivia knew that she couldn't delay any longer. So she hurriedly patted the dust on her legs and buttocks and ran forward, which surprised Bid who was eating behind her.

After swallowing a mouthful of food, Bid was still wondering what important thing Olivia had forgotten. At this moment, Geoffrey walked up to her and saw her figure fading away.

"Olivia What is she going to do? " Geoffrey asked in a low voice, frowning and staring at Olivia who had become a moving figure in the distance.

Bid looked up at her brother, and then lowered her head with a smile and continued to eat, "brother really likes Olivia. Don't worry. She seems to have forgotten something, so she hurried back." After saying that, Bid couldn't help smacking his lips. The food cooked by Olivia was especially delicious. she wanted to eat more today!

Hearing Bid's words, the frown on Geoffrey's face smoothed and a smile appeared on his face when he thought of his intimate relationship with Olivia not long ago.

Perhaps Olivia was just too shy, so she found an excuse to go back first. Maybe Maybe she planned to go home and prepare a surprise for him!

Thinking of this, Geoffrey smiled and scratched his head as he walked away. It seemed that Olivia was sitting on the bed uneasily, as well as the shyness on her flushed face.

Today, Olivia would rather others say that she was thoughtless and unruly as soon as she just got married to a new family than let a person's life be disregarded.

Olivia remembered that Catherine had an accident at the entrance of the village, so she immediately rushed to the entrance. When she finally arrived, Olivia saw Catherine in a daze. She thought she had frightened her.

"Did I scare you?"

Seeing that Catherine still didn't say a word, Olivia couldn't help asking with a flustered look in her eyes.

However, after hearing Olivia's question, Catherine suddenly shook her head and said with a smile, "No. you won't scare me. I'm so bold!"

"Sister, where are you from? It seems to be the first time I see you! There is no girl as beautiful as you in this village! "

The crimson clouds floated over Olivia's face. She was a little embarrassed, but she couldn't help but ask, "really Am I so beautiful? "

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